The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Freeze, The Ice Prince

The heat. The wind. Everything was frozen as if bowing to the ground.

An aloof ice that repels everything around it. A frozen wasteland of rejection that seems to carve pain akin to burning upon touch.

At its center stood the second prince… Noelle-Noir-Iverpel, who sighed lightly.

“So, that’s the renowned [Ice Prince] of the Iverpel Kingdom.”

The power of ice is a superior attribute to water, and not many can wield it.

My elder brother Leo, whom I fought against, was jealous of Luche-nee’s magical talent.

Among the royal family, Luche-nee stands out for her exceptional talent in magic. She is a user of lightning, a superior attribute of wind. In terms of [magical talent] alone, the [Ice Prince] is on par with Luche-nee.

Even though they are allied countries, his name and talent have reached my ears.

“It seems like he’s freezing only the flames. It requires vast magical power and delicate magic control… It’s almost like a divine feat.”

“It’s natural for him to do this. Although he originally had talent, I personally taught him magic control.”

So he received instruction from Luche-nee. Indeed, Luche-nee excels in all aspects of magic. That includes magic control. She could forcefully lift up an entire desert and delicately thread each grain of sand through a needle’s eye.

” ………… “

Crack, crack. With each step Noelle took, a melody danced from the icy ground. A steady, unwavering rhythm. Even his footsteps felt cold somehow.

…I was saved, so it would be best to express my gratitude considering my position.

“…I owe you my life. Thank you—”

“No need.”

As I approached, he erected a wall with one hand, as if to cut me off. My feet reflexively stopped at this gesture of rejection.

“We merely acted in accordance with the request of an allied country. I have no interest in pointless pleasantries.”

His cold eyes showed clear rejection and aloofness, refusing to make eye contact. A freezing ice that causes pain to anything it touches.

Seriously, pleasantries? Did he really just use that word? I always thought it was the furthest thing from me.

To describe the little gratitude I just expressed as pleasantries is just downright prickly.

“And, one more thing, Third Prince.”

Ice gathered in Noelle’s right hand, forming a sword with a single swing. Immediately after, magic flowed seamlessly, and the blade was enveloped in a chilling blizzard.


A stab at absolute zero. Almost simultaneously, I also launched an attack in response, our blades grazing each other’s cheeks as our shadows intersected.

After a profound silence, another new ice sculpture had formed right behind me.

“I will defeat all [Fragments].”

Any [Fragments] lurking around were instantly frozen to the core by the ice magic unleashed in the stab by Noelle, aimed at my back.

“Do not interfere unnecessarily. Just watch in silence.”

An icy figure behind me. The eyes directed at the [Fragments] were filled with rejection and aloofness. And—hatred. I saw flames of burning hatred in his eyes.

“…Yeah, sure.”

But then again.

There’s no reason for me to listen to this guy’s reasoning.

To become a king. There’s a path I once dreamed of and resolved to tread again.

Not even for a second can I afford to stop.

“But sorry, I’m tired of standing still.”


Noel seems to have noticed by now.

He noticed the presence of the ‘Fragments’ that was about to strike him from behind, just as I did. And that ‘Fragments’ was pierced by the blade of magical energy unleashed by my sword.



Both of us are facing blades toward the threat named ‘Fragments.’

Even though the ice statue has already shattered and the one that was pierced has turned to dust, the two shadows, without crossing, show no signs of lowering their blades.

“All right, that’s enough. Both of you, sheath your blades.”

Interrupting the tense atmosphere, Luche-nee speaks up.

Upon hearing those words, we finally release each other from our spiritual armor. Witnessing the dissolution of the spirits along with the glow, Luche-nee sighs as if to say, “Oh well.”

“Jeez. With that attitude, I’m worried about what’s to come. Since we’ll be working together from now on, you should both be a bit more cordial. Both of you.”

“Huh? Working together?”

“That’s right. You and Noel. And… Charl-chan, too. The three of you.”

As she surveys the freezing surroundings, a magical light flickers from Luche-nee’s magic ring.

The raging purple electric wind shatters the ice and swirls, returning the area to a space where people can gather.

“…Let’s save the rest of this conversation for later. Not here.”


“I want you both to perform purification.”

After returning to the office, Dad broaches the subject of public duties, something I thought had nothing to do with me.

“Purification… That’s about the ‘curse’ that creates ‘Fragments,’ right?”

“That’s right. The ‘miasma’ generated by the ‘curse’ of the ‘Night Witch’ placed upon the world. ‘Fragments’ are born from this ‘miasma’.”

“Strictly speaking, ‘Fragments’ are formed as monstrous entities from the ‘miasma’ that has absorbed information from animals and living beings that the erupted ‘miasma’ on the surface of the earth incorporates… You understand that much, right?”

“Of course. Even if I’m rotten, I’m still royalty, Luche-nee.”

“It’s quite an achievement to be able to say, ‘Even if I’m rotten, I’m still royalty.’ Well then, now that I’ve confirmed that my little brother understands the basics… Charl-chan, how much do you understand about these matters?”

Luche-nee shifts the topic to Charl, probably to ascertain her understanding since knowledge about ‘Fragments’ is basic education for royalty.

“It’s said that the appearance of ‘Fragments’ is preceded by signs of ‘miasma.’ Therefore, if we can purify the ‘miasma’ that erupts on the surface with the magic of the ‘Fifth Element,’ we can prevent the appearance of ‘Fragments’… That’s what I’ve heard.”

“That’s right. In essence, if we can purify the ‘miasma’ before it takes the form of ‘Fragments’ on the surface, it’s okay. So, as soon as ‘miasma’ is confirmed, we, the royalty with the magic of the ‘Fifth Element,’ must purify it.

“However, we’re only human. We can’t oversee everything in the country, so oversights are unavoidable, which is the current situation. The Fragments you encountered on your way back from Mt. Itoel were also born from that oversight.”

The battle at Mt. Itoel happened recently. It’s still fresh in memory.

“In my case, I possess the same Sixth Attribute magical power as the miasma. Until now, I’ve had nothing to do with purification duties… So basically, it’s a request for Charl to purify the miasma, right? I understand that as a royal fiancée, I’ll accompany her… but why bring Prince Noel along?”

“There are two reasons. First, Charl-chan is new to purification work. I’ll accompany her, but I’ll be flying around doing various things… So, it’s better to have someone who can ensure purification is done properly. And secondly…”

After a pause, Sister Luche continues,

“This time, a Land Spirit is involved.”

“The Land Spirit… are you talking about the spirits rooted in each land?”

“Thanks to the unique magical power of the spirits, they constantly purify the miasma in their respective territories. That’s why there are no Fragment outbreaks in villages and towns… But is there a need to perform purification in places where the Land Spirit’s power is at work?”

“The Land Spirit’s purification covers a wide area, but there are strong and weak spots. So, while there may be leakage of miasma in weak spots, it’s possible to perform purification there. But this time, it’s a different story.”

The common factor among me, Charl, and Prince Noel is our ability to counter Fragments with our magical power. If it were just purification, it could be considered excessive force. Frankly, Charl alone would suffice for mere purification.

But Sister Luche is taking the three of us. And if a Land Spirit is involved…

“…Is the Land Spirit contaminated by miasma?”

Almost like a muttered soliloquy. Normally, this would be unthinkable. It shouldn’t be possible.

It’s ridiculous, and it wouldn’t be surprising if someone laughed at it.

But instead of mocking, Sister Luche’s lips curl into a smile. Not a mocking one.

“As always, you’re quick to catch on.”

It was affirmation.

“Unfortunately, you guessed right. We received reports that the Garland Territory’s Land Spirit has been contaminated by miasma.”

“…………! [Land Gods] are spirits. Spirits with the power to purify miasma can become contaminated by miasma? Could such a thing really happen?”

“Normally, it wouldn’t be possible. But, reality is already showing abnormal occurrences. In fact, there are already casualties among the subjects, and the miasma that has ceased to be purified is beginning to spread. It has become a matter that needs to be addressed with lightning speed.”

“Abnormal occurrences are already happening, huh…”

Suddenly, the image of a girl named Lucille, who had dealt significant damage to the capital, flashed through my mind.

She summoned numerous large [Fragments] to detain her father and even summoned multiple giant [Fragments] simultaneously, plunging the capital into crisis.

It’s a feat that couldn’t be done without the ability to manipulate miasma, something that wouldn’t normally be possible.


It seemed Charl had been thinking along the same lines.

A faint unease tinged her expression.

“Lucille, was it? The woman who deceived Leo and severed his arm. According to what I heard, she’s capable of freely commanding [Fragments]? The possibility that she caused the contamination of the [Land Gods], which is something abnormal, can’t be ruled out. That’s why it’s necessary to be cautious and deploy such a force. …Well, even without that incident involving Lucille, the three of us wouldn’t be able to resolve the situation without being involved.”

The woman who deceived Brother Leo, took advantage of his weakness, and even severed his arm.

If she’s involved… then there’s even more reason not to back down.

“We’ve discussed various things, but the bottom line is that your official duty is to go to the Garland Territory and purify the [Land Gods]. …Sorry for involving you in our problem, but we’re short on forces. Noel, can we count on your cooperation?”

“No problem. That’s what my study abroad was for from the start. …If the discussion is over, I’ll take my leave.”

Prince Noel turned his back on Luche-nee, but his warning gaze was directed at me.

“Remember this. I will defeat all the [Fragments]. Third Prince, your power is not needed.”

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