Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 18

XVIII The Princess of Cadonia

“The princess of Cadonia is in Mos?”
“Yes, we were protecting her.”
Georg brought me peculiar news after I’d inadvertently subjugated southern Cadonia.
The King of Cadonia naturally had some children, and they seemed to be fighting over the succession, but most of them escaped from Mos during the stampede. They each took refuge with their maternal noble families it seems, but the princess Rubis was the only one who remained in the castle.
“Princess Rubis said [When there are still citizens remaining, we alone can’t run away] and remained in the castle.”
“I see, that’s admirable.”
To remain for the citizens in Mos when most nobles escaped, that’s impressive since she’s royalty.
“However, about saving Mos…even if it’s King Mars, meeting with the king of another country…she wants to meet without anyone knowing.”
Well, I can’t say I don’t understand. The remaining princess, after all, it’s uncertain how another country’s king might exploit her.
“Why inform me of this now? There were plenty of opportunities to escape, weren’t there?”
“It’s the will of Lady Rubis. After witnessing King Mars saving the people of Cadonia, she expressed a desire to meet him.”
Ah, well, if that’s the case, I can’t really complain.
“I see. Then, shall we meet?”
“Also, to keep the meeting confidential, Lady Rubis wishes for it to be a private dinner with King Mars alone. Would that be acceptable?”
“That’s fine but…”
No matter how secret, Frau knows everything through the contract seal anyway.
“Thank you very much! We will arrange it that way then! “
Saying this, Georg briskly withdrew.

The princess Rubis of Cadonia was worried about the country. Because of her father the king’s death after fleeing Mos and abandoning the citizens, the hearts of Cadonia’s citizens were leaving the royal family, shifting instead to King Mars of Faloon who saved them.
Moreover, King Mars generously gave gold to the areas damaged by the stampede, winning over the hearts of southern Cadonia. Why did King Mars visiting Cadonia have so much gold? It was compensation that her father the king had demanded from Faloon.
It’s too well-crafted. Maybe everything was planned from the beginning, Rubis suspected.
In the first place, it was unreasonable for Cadonia to demand compensation from Faloon. Yet they readily accepted, which is odd.
Faloon caused the stampede.
If she thought that, everything made sense. It fit together, but her father the king was the one who requested monster subjugation from Faloon, and also the one who demanded compensation.
Faloon just carried out what was requested of them, so there were no grounds to condemn them.
Even if she denounced “It was all Faloon’s plot!” now, she had no definite proof, and would only sound like an excuse by the Cadonia royal family who fled the castle.
No, even if there was evidence, considering the current widespread knowledge of Faloon’s strength and generosity, the people may not believe it.
If this is truly King Mars’s scheme, it’s a formidable strategy. Exploiting Cadonia’s demands, he advances the invasion. And currently, there’s no feasible countermove.
…No, there was one. Only one option remained. A method that has been used in emergencies since ancient times – assassination. As a result of constantly reporting King Mars’s actions, it was found that he doesn’t have a food taster. Perhaps not having a taster is to demonstrate his own boldness, but as a member of the royal family, it can only be seen as a lapse in caution.



Assassination was the only choice—after consulting with Georg, Rubis reached that conclusion.

Ambushing him while he sleeps, catching him off guard—those were options, but the strength Mars displayed during the entry into Mos was extraordinary. Even with several assassins, success seemed unlikely.
Starting with the hundred guards accompanying him, they were literally a thousand heroes. Physical force wouldn’t work.
In that case, poisoning was the only option. However, Mars’s wife, Frau, is a powerful magician. If she is present, there’s a risk of the poison being detected through some magic. Therefore, they needed to wait for a moment when Mars was alone to administer the poison.
There was no other choice but to lure him into a meal.
Moreover, if the assassination happened by an unknown hand, Cadonia might retaliate against Faloon, and the scale of that retaliation was uncertain. It was better to make the culprit clear.
Above all, the remaining north of Cadonia is a region where her maternal grandfather, Duke Gordon, holds significant influence. She didn’t want to cause trouble for her kind grandfather.
She wanted to settle everything with her own life. Rubis made a desperate decision. Despite being 14 years old, she was a noble princess. Georg, who had been close to Rubis since childhood, tearfully accepted her resolve and served as a messenger to King Mars.
And the day of the meeting arrived. The location was a room in Mos’s royal castle.
Mars came alone without any guards,
surprising Rubis and the others. But for Mars, it was just a secret meeting, so coming alone was natural for him. He was accustomed to acting independently since childhood, and those around him were accustomed to such behavior. Moreover, practically no one thought that Mars needed guards.
Traditional Cadonia court dishes were arranged on the table in the room.
After exchanging greetings, Rubis took the first bite of the dish. It was to emphasize the safety of the food, but Rubis had already taken an antidote beforehand, and the amount of poison in the food was not too significant.
The poison wouldn’t take effect immediately unless a certain amount was consumed.
The poison was evenly distributed in all the dishes.
There was a possibility that Mars might suddenly demand to switch dishes with Rubis. Such actions were a natural means of self-defense for royalty.
Actually, Mars didn’t make such a demand.
“So, you wanted to meet me. But what exactly did you want to talk about?”
Mars inquired.
“Yes. My grandfather, Duke Gordon, is a powerful noble in the north of Cadonia. If he can form an alliance with King Mars, who is currently pacifying the south of Cadonia, it may stabilize the chaotic Cadonia… “
Rubis deliberately brought up a topic that might catch Mars’s interest. The goal was to naturally progress the conversation while encouraging Mars to eat.
However, although Mars said “I see,” internally he thought, “Political discussions are tiresome.”
Yet, Cadonia’s court dishes were unexpectedly delicious, and he was enthusiastically eating while listening to the conversation. The spice added a delightful kick.
Actually, Cadonia cuisine was spiced not only for traditional reasons but also to conceal the poison in this case.
On the other hand, Rubis, despite hinting at the unification of Cadonia, was bewildered by Mars’s lack of interest in the conversation. However, since he was actively eating the food, she was confident in the success of the poisoning.
Despite Mars eating a lot of food, there was no change in his condition at all.
On the other hand, Rubis was drinking antidote, but no matter how much she drank, if she ate a certain amount, the effect would be weakened.
The longer the mealtime was prolonged, the worse only Rubis’s physical condition became one-sidedly.
Rubis looked at Georg waiting next to her. Georg conveyed with his eyes, “There is poison properly put in King Mars’ cooking too!”
It had been confirmed in advance investigation that Mars was not wearing the accessory that had the effect of detoxification.
When they had magicians appraise Mars’ accessories from a distance,
“King Mars is not wearing any ornament with the blessing effect. However, the bracelet and ring he is wearing seem to have the effect of ominous curse rather than blessing…”
they said.
Rubis was a little uneasy about Mars wearing cursed accessories, but in any case, it was certain that there was no detoxification effect.
Nevertheless, Mars, who was eating the dishes with gusto, was in good shape, while Rubis, who pretended to have little appetite and did not eat much, was gradually getting dizzy.
“By the way, how old is Lady Rubis?”
Mars got tired of political talk and changed the subject.
“I’m… 14 years old,”
Rubis answered calmly so as not to attract attention to the change in her physical condition.
“Fourteen, huh. I knew it. My younger brother is 14 too. When I look at Lady Rubis, I feel you must be about the same age.”
Hearing this, Rubis tensed up. The development of this talk was undoubtedly based on the premise of marriage. King Mars must be trying to make his brother marry her.
There was only one purpose for that. By marrying the princess with powerful northern nobles as her grandfather, he would get his brother to become the King of Cadonia and integrate Cadonia amicably.
Was that the purpose from the beginning?
Rubis shuddered. King Mars had seen through their scheme and was freely manipulating everything in the palm of his hand.
She had to avoid that somehow.
“How about it? My younger brother is well-versed in political matters, and I believe he could get along well with Lady Rubis.”
Refusing is unavoidable, but directly declining is out of the question. Politely and indirectly declining is the proper way. It’s the expected behavior as a member of the royal family.
However, even with the renowned intelligence of Lady Rubis, the poison’s effects were clouding my thoughts. Rather, I wanted to conclude the meeting quickly and detoxify myself.
I was prepared to die, but dying here would not only be a wasted death but might also lead to chaos on the Cadonia side, resulting in bloodshed.
“…Yes. I will consider it positively.”
That was all Rubis could say.
On the other hand, seeing the 14-year-old Rubis trying her best as royalty, Mars had a certain idea flash in his mind.
Since his brother Nicol was also 14 years old, why not have him work as royalty too?
He was getting rather fed up with things related to Cadonia, but he didn’t have anyone suitable to push the tasks onto until now. The nobility in Faloon was too scarce and there was a shortage of talented people who could take on important roles.
However, the princess of Cadonia, Rubis, was behaving splendidly as royalty despite being only 14 years old. Then wouldn’t it be natural for his brother Nicol to be able to do the same?
He decided to have Nicol come to Cadonia as his substitute and have him manage Cadonia in consultation with Rubis.
Mars thought so. That’s why he asked Rubis “I think you two will get along well.” He wasn’t considering marriage or anything like that at all. Mars just wanted to dump the troublesome things onto his brother and return to Faloon as soon as possible.
Since he also got a reply of “I will consider it positively” from Rubis, after the meal ended, he contacted Gamaras in his home country via magic.
Of course, Gamaras, who had proper noble thoughts, judged that “This is a talk of marriage” upon hearing the course events had taken, and made preparations for marriage and sent Nicol off to Cadonia.
Since his grandson was to become the King of Cadonia, Gamaras was very much in favor of this talk.
“As expected of King Mars. When he ascended to the throne, the reason he didn’t kill Nicol wasn’t just mercy, but to give him this kind of role in the future!”
He was impressed with Mars’ foresight.
And so, without Mars realizing it and while Rubis was bedridden due to poison, the outer moat kept getting filled up more and more.

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