Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 53

Mob No.53: [I see. Then I’ll hang up now. I need to go pick some eggplants from the yard for dinner or mom will scold me.]

It was good I left the victory celebration early and got back quickly but the reward still wasn’t paid.

A bit shocking but understandable.

Not that the count was hesitating to pay, there was coordinating security in the region and restarting the energy plant, government relations and such leaving things pretty chaotic I guess.

He doesn’t seem the type to ignore mercenary payment so I can wait patiently.

Then I’ll take it easy for 2-3 days.

Returning to my room past noon, the first thing to do is clean.

No trash but dust accumulates and I want it neat feeling-wise.

Once that’s done, next is shopping.

Dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow, water and softdrinks and coffee to stock on my ship, portable rations and such need buying.

When shopping I ride the resident-use three wheeled motorized carts to the nearby market.

I buy necessities there but sometimes buy new products out of curiosity, or feel down if favorites are gone, so it’s quite stimulating.

Just as I finished buying necessities and was leaving the market, a small boy entered holding his parents’ hands.

Seeing that, I suddenly recalled my own parents.

I’ve contacted them many times and seen them on video calls even after graduating high school and becoming a mercenary but haven’t met directly.

I do think about visiting but if I, unable to make an honest living, go to the rural town, who knows what rumors I’d cause among the neighbors.

So I just do the remittances and occasional calls.

“Maybe I’ll call…”

I went to the market parking lot and called from my bracelet terminal.

These bracelet terminals show video so you can see the other party’s face.

[Yes, this is Uzos.]

What appeared on screen was my dad, Jack Uzos.

Unlike me, dad is slender with high stature.

When he worked at a company, I get the feeling he was popular with the female employees.

Conversely, my mom Stella Uzos is on the shorter side, not fat but giving a rounded impression.

In other words, like me.

“Hey dad. You good right now?”

[What’s up? Rare call.]

Seeing dad after a while, he seemed the same calm as ever.

When working he always looked tired, seeming possessed somehow, and didn’t even have energy when falsely accused.

But after quitting and starting agriculture in the countryside, it was like whatever possessed him left and he became tranquil.

Probably thanks to losing various entanglements and responsibilities I guess.

“Well, I was a bit worried how the debt is going. Should be close to fully paying it off by now right?”

[Ah, with what you sent last time, around 1 million credits left.]

“That’s good. I’ll have a job reward coming in soon, so let’s clear it completely then.”

[We can manage that much with what we’re earning here. Had cabbage harvest income too.]

“Still, let me pay it off. Better to clear it ASAP right?”

[That’s true. Got it, thanks.]

It was debt from false accusations to begin with.

No telling when they’ll make more false claims to increase the balance.

People at the company who supported dad redirected that debt to a proper bank that wouldn’t do such things, so I think the possibility is low, but who knows what could happen.


So no mistake paying it off quickly is best.

Understanding that, dad silently bowed his head and accepted my proposal.

“By the way, where’s mom?”

[After finishing afternoon work she went to karaoke with friends. Something called karaoke diet. I was taken along before but…just got tired…]

Somehow embarrassing so I changed topics, and he told me of aggressive mom’s recent obsession with a sigh of resignation.

If he got tired does that mean it’s reasonably effective?

“As lively as ever mom is.”

[What about you? You can do slimming treatment right?]

While exasperated at mom’s dieting pilgrimage, dad made an unexpected point.

Slimming treatment refers to taking slimming medicine to force fat burn and lose weight.

However, the heat continues for around 2 full days, and including the period of skin contraction after fat is gone, you’re hospitalized for about a week.

The treatment cost is a fair sum but affordable for commoners.

But the issues are needing hospitalization, and high chance of nobles snatching commoner reservations.

There are even rumors of the fee itself being robbed at nasty places.

“Don’t really feel like doing it now.”

So I had no interest.

[You’re like your mom there.]

“I took after you in height though.”

Dad is around 180cm but I fall short at 170cm.

Really wanted to take after dad in height.

[You doing okay over there?]

“Well, avoiding reckless jobs and all.”

[I’ll contact you once the debt is cleared, so come back for a bit. Don’t worry about neighborhood rumors.]

Looks like he realized I don’t come back because I’m worried about the neighborhood rumors.

As expected, no defeating dad.

“If I’ve got plans here.”

[I see. Then I’ll hang up now. I need to go pick some eggplants from the yard for dinner or mom will scold me.]

“I should go too, it’s dinner time.”

Saying so we both ended the call.


Phone calls like this make me tense as expected.

Right to call from the market parking lot rather than my room where an awkward mood hangs.

Returning to my room and eating dinner I made, I got a rare video call from Gonzales while eating.

Funnily the opposite situation from before departing to subdue terrorists.

[Yo. Seems you made it back alive.]

“Well, yeah. So, rare for you to call.”

He doesn’t look grim so shouldn’t be bad news.

[Actually ran into Kruzz today. We talked about meeting up since we’re free tomorrow. So I thought you might be back and contacted you, what do you think?]

Oh right, tomorrow’s a day off.

You lose sense of days of the week doing mercenary work.

“Happen to have taken time off so no problem.”

[Then at [Placetar House] in front of the station, 10 AM tomorrow. I’ll contact Kruzz.]

“Got it.”

We occasionally run into and work together but it’s been awhile since all 3 gathered.

“Come to think of it, how’d that meeting thing go?”

Recalling the call for intel before departure, I lightly asked about it, and

[Listen bro, total sexual harassment~]

Seems he was thoroughly oppressed, venting complaints.

He helps out a lot so I’ll listen to complaints occasionally.

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