Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 16 part 3

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121: Hero and Anonymous-san
Video was released, and some crazy stuff came out.

Was this filmed by Red and the others’ transformation items and drones?

Their appearances are obscured by edits and processing, but… To think this was happening.

122: Hero and Anonymous-san
First monsters, now aliens?! Don’t mess with me. And they seem fully intent on invading too.

123: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun….

124: Hero and Anonymous-san
No way…!

125: Hero and Anonymous-san
He protected the Earth…

126: Hero and Anonymous-san
No one will speak ill of Black Knight-kun anymore, so please come back.

127: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun’s spirit will be carried on by Justice Crusader…

128: Hero and Anonymous-san
Do you guys really think Black Knight-kun would die from that level of thing?

129: Hero and Anonymous-san
I sobered up in an instant. That’s right, there’s no way he’d die. It’s Black Knight-kun we’re talking about.

130: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s no mere lifeform who would kick the bucket from getting sucked into some wormhole.

131: Hero and Anonymous-san
Yes yes, enough with the superficial condolences.

132: Hero and Anonymous-san
Take this backhand!

133: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s because his usual conduct is too extreme.

134: Hero and Anonymous-san
What Black Knight-kun did this time:

-Instantly neutralized 3 invading enemies in Protosuit state

-Destroyed 2 entirely

-Forced out of transformation by enemy cheat, in pinch

Subjugated mysterious transformation item and transformed

Beat the hell out of invader, boarded giant robot alone and destroyed it for payback

He likely then charged into the enemy base. Still not back yet.

135: Hero and Anonymous-san
Yup, it’s the usual Black Knight-kun. (Stupefied)

136: Hero and Anonymous-san
Justice Crusader tried hard too.

It’s just the enemy was cocky, then forced them out of transformation when they were about to lose.

Forced transformation isn’t unfair.

The problem is fighting like a game from the start instead of doing that from the beginning. That’s infuriating.

137: Hero and Anonymous-san
But really, how would Black Knight-kun die? (Innocent)

138: Hero and Anonymous-san
His expression was mosaiced and blacked out, but Black Knight-kun really was a child.

And because of that the enemy managed to do something terrible to him…

139: Hero and Anonymous-san
Something terrible (No exaggeration)

140: Hero and Anonymous-san
With a development of forced transformation and brainwashing, how does it become that?

141: Hero and Anonymous-san
The transformation belt is obviously alien-made lol

Did they gift it to Black Knight-kun?

142: Hero and Anonymous-san
Never thought Protosuit-chan would get Black Knight-kun snatched away.

143: Hero and Anonymous-san
A rival inorganic heroine, Dust Driver-chan, has appeared!

144: Hero and Anonymous-san
The abnormal situation where Dust Driver-chan is already anthropomorphized and illustrated.

It hasn’t even been a week since the announcement right?

145: Hero and Anonymous-san
That Dust Driver the aliens mentioned is probably the same type as Protosuit-chan right?

Parts were censored with beeps, but I can make out they tried to brainwash Black Knight-kun using it right?

146: Hero and Anonymous-san
Normally this would be an agonizing situation where he’d rampage or get hypnotized and kill each other with Justice Crusader after forced transformation.

That’s if Black Knight-kun was a normal human.

147: Hero and Anonymous-san
He got the alien belt put on him!!

Nothing really happened and he just transformed perfectly after fully adapting!!

What is going on…

148: Hero and Anonymous-san
He seemed in pain for a moment, but adapted and transformed instantly. Black Knight-kun really is something huh.

Does he emit some kind of wave that makes inorganic things like him?

149: Hero and Anonymous-san
Hearing he’s actually an alien feels convincing rather than surprising.

150: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s a natural-born perfect match from Earth!

151: Hero and Anonymous-san
Stop saying all Earthlings are like Black Knight-kun!!

152: Hero and Anonymous-san
The transformation sound and abilities are way too crazy lol

153: Hero and Anonymous-san
It’s awful how fast Dust Suit-chan fell from being a sacred maiden.

154: Hero and Anonymous-san
PERFECT!! (Love it!!)
Or was that just my imagination? It sounded that way to me.

155: Hero and Anonymous-san
Anyone would hear it that way.

156: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun, who captured even the unassailable Protosuit-chan. No matter what alien suit, it’ll quickly submit to Black Knight-kun.

157: Hero and Anonymous-san
You’re right, but that analogy is too much!

158: Hero and Anonymous-san
The Dust Suit name itself is questionable.

It probably means it either ruins the life of the user, or is trash-like.

Most likely it was a sorting or execution tool.

From their speech, it seems no one has worn it before, so they tried it on Black Knight-kun who has the similarly dangerous Protosuit equipped.

159: Hero and Anonymous-san
It also seems to have some will, so perhaps it was waiting for the chance to equip someone while sharpening its fangs.

It just hadn’t found a suitable wearer until now.

160: Hero and Anonymous-san
Aren’t those invaders stupid?

Just bring a ship and brainwash normally. Giving random power-up items is idiotic.

161: Hero and Anonymous-san
Changing the transformation sound partway and making new standby audio means this is probably something that hadn’t existed until now.

The invaders’ confusion made that clear.

162: Hero and Anonymous-san
From the solemn standby audio to the finale…

Black Knight-kun became White Knight-kun huh.

163: Hero and Anonymous-san
I was also surprised he thoroughly beat the hell out of the invader leader.

164: Hero and Anonymous-san
That guy is an arrogant alien.

Relies completely on his equipment’s performance and has zero combat experience.

165: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun and Justice Crusader are veterans honed through actual battle experience.

There are even suspicions Black Knight-kun could have won normally in Protosuit form.

166: Hero and Anonymous-san
Realizing the enemy is a ridiculous bastard loosened my chest.

Don’t fuck with us, this is reality not some game.

167: Hero and Anonymous-san
They’re cosmic hyenas.

From their declarations, they seem to be latecomers to the monster incidents.

168: Hero and Anonymous-san
Who do they think they are saying they’ll take control?


169: Hero and Anonymous-san
According to scholars and experts on them,

The invaders used monsters to make them do sinister things.

Then they would appear and the fight would bring honor if they won.

This strengthens mighty creatures to their side.

They would then enslave the beings of conquered planets…


170: Hero and Anonymous-san
Their arrogance while pretending to be justice is infuriating.

171: Hero and Anonymous-san
Adding on,

The monster incidents seem to stem entirely from the invaders.

Once monsters grew on Earth, the game would begin.

Well, there was a bug character in that game. (Delight)

172: Hero and Anonymous-san
Looking from the side, they truly are painful fellows.

And the monsters, the so-called outsiders, were defeated by Justice Crusader and Black Knight-kun who fought them. Yet these guys come afterwards prancing arrogantly.

173: Hero and Anonymous-san
Got pretty long-winded huh.

174: Hero and Anonymous-san
I think the ridiculous thing about them is the colors!!

Just looking like special effects show monsters!!

Gold, silver, purple, cyan, green, what the hell!!

Screw you, at least balance the colors!!

It’s like they chose whatever colors they personally liked without considering balance!!

But White Knight-kun is a super best match, so he’s forgiven!

175: Hero and Anonymous-san
And when they’re about to lose, those guys force transformation cancellation.

That’s how Black Knight-kun and Justice Crusader were defeated too.

176: Hero and Anonymous-san
I thought she was a special effects sis, but she fell hard and fast lol

177: Hero and Anonymous-san
Without that, Justice Crusader could have won alone I bet.

Their final weapon isn’t just strong, it’s egregious.

Black Knight-kun destroyed 2 in an instant, so their ability itself isn’t much.

178: Hero and Anonymous-san
Hunting mood coming to Earth, then cheating when they might lose. Utterly ridiculous.

179: Hero and Anonymous-san
Justice Crusader had them cornered in under a minute, they would have normally won.

180: Hero and Anonymous-san
Without transformation, Black Knight-kun is just a powerless human.

Well, that was a sort of human appeal!

181: Hero and Anonymous-san
The result came from foolish aliens arrogantly doing something foolish to someone they shouldn’t have touched.

182: Hero and Anonymous-san
Thought it was a loss event, but a power-up event huh. Unexpected.

183: Hero and Anonymous-san
Is it really okay for the new form to be a gift from the enemy?

184: Hero and Anonymous-san
Can’t conceal the hostility towards justice anymore…

185: Hero and Anonymous-san
“Enemy of justice” has connotations of evil faking justice, not Justice Crusader’s justice.

It’s clear from appearance too.

After all, each Justice Crusader color is incorporated into their suits.

186: Hero and Anonymous-san
It means Red and the others could change Black Knight-kun.

The abilities were also based on Red and their colors…

187: Hero and Anonymous-san
The 4th stage is UNIVERSE.

If the commercial toy voices are right, it handles Justice Crusader last huh…

So emotional.

188: Hero and Anonymous-san
It really was the ultimate friendship form.

189: Hero and Anonymous-san
Type Red: Energy Barrier, Power Up
Type Yellow: Speed Up
Type Blue: Gelatinous

Hey wait a minute!

One is clearly out of place!!

190: Hero and Anonymous-san

191: Hero and Anonymous-san
Gelatinous is the worst ability to get! Lol

192: Hero and Anonymous-san
The already strong guy shouldn’t get the strongest form!

193: Hero and Anonymous-san
Well, Blue definitely didn’t become gelatinous.

194: Hero and Anonymous-san
Blue’s personality has a gelatinous-like unpredictable feel (?)

195: Hero and Anonymous-san
Looking at it like this, Blue is pretty normal too.

Black Knight-kun said the same.

196: Hero and Anonymous-san
It was obvious after transforming.

The Dust Suit delightedly lending power lol

Explaining how to use the abilities diligently like a loyal dog.

197: Hero and Anonymous-san
White Knight-kun was already overwhelming before unleashing his power, then he started demolishing.

198: Hero and Anonymous-san
Mixing hard, fast, invincible, and strong is weird.

199: Hero and Anonymous-san
Protosuit: “…… (>_<)”   200: Hero and Anonymous-san Because it cherry picked the good parts…   Gelatinous is questionable, but the other two are also way too strong.   201: Hero and Anonymous-san Black Knight-kun! Protosuit-chan is crying now!   Good! Keep at it more! (Sudden change)   202: Hero and Anonymous-san I want Black Knight-kun to come back soon.   203: Hero and Anonymous-san I hope he can live a life unrelated to fighting, even if not in the public eye.   204: Hero and Anonymous-san That would have happened if the aliens didn’t come.   Thinking that, I don’t want him to fight anymore.   205: Hero and Anonymous-san Everyone’s waiting.

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