About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 5

The historical context was also thoroughly documented in the research. Naturally, with Zeke, who knew the situation well, their research included convincing data, making good use of his status as a reincarnated individual. There seemed to be no need for a resubmission.
“All right! We’re free now!”
“We can study carefully during the summer break!”
“Ah, it’s a relief that the worries are resolved. Plus, we can take it easy for the remaining summer break.”
“Yeah, it finished smoothly.”
The four members of this team successfully completed the challenging summer research project and enjoyed their summer break.
The high quality of their research project became a double-edged sword.

“In the research project competition… the Judges’ Special Award, huh?”
A little after the summer break, the four were summoned to the faculty room.
“Oh, you guys know that we selected a few of our summer research projects to submit to the research project competition within the school, right?”
“Congratulations. Your work was submitted, and it received the Judges’ Special Award.”
They were told so by their homeroom teacher in the faculty room. The magical music box was an unfamiliar old item to Anya and the others of their generation, but for the people of the age group responsible for judging this competition, their work was a nostalgic piece that evoked deep emotions. Zeke and the others’ research project tickled the hearts of the judges, leading them to receive the Judges’ Special Award for the memorable research project.
“And, well…”
The teacher who explained to Zeke and the others cleared his throat.
“As for the research projects that won awards, an exhibition will be held at the community center… and there’s a request for you.”
“The request is to remake the actual music boxes for exhibition.”
The bodies of the four stiffened.
“It’s common for adjustments to be made to the exhibited works in the competition, but in your case, it’s the actual music box. They want a bit of refinement in the craftsmanship, and they also want you to create three separate pieces with different songs.”
“Wa-wait a minute, Sensei!”
Paris waved his hands as he spoke.
“Isn’t that quite time-consuming!?”
“…I understand what you guys are saying, but once a work makes it to the competition, there’s nothing we can do. You can get some help, but well, good luck.”
The teacher waved his hand, casually giving that response. It was impossible for them to say they aimed to create a simple research project with minimal effort in front of the teacher. The four were left dumbfounded, and reluctantly, they had no choice but to accept the additional task.
“Hey, welcome to the labor-intensive world!”
Sophie turns around as her shoulder is tapped, finding Costas behind her.
“…Costas, are you also taking on additional work?” Sophie asks.
“I am,” Costas replies.
Costas’s research project also won an award.
Thus, the five of them found themselves burdened with busy additional tasks.


“Waaaaah! It was already troublesome enough with one, but three?! Three!”
“Hey! Don’t do it carelessly, Anya! We’ll have to resubmit it again, you know!?”
“Ugh! As long as the music plays, that should be enough! Kueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! …….”
In the classroom after school, there was a frantic team working on making music boxes. Despite calling for help from others, they now had to make three magic-powered music boxes instead of just one. As they used the leftover time after school, unlike the freedom of summer vacation, they were in a frenzy.
“I wanted to do an easy research project! This isn’t how it was supposed to be!”
“Waaaah! I thought it would be easy!”
They worked while crying out in despair.
“This is all Zeke’s fault!”
“Hey! It’s not my fault!”
“It’s because the quality was too high!”
“This isn’t how it was supposed to be!”
This would later be remembered as the “Magical Music Box Incident” among Anya, Sophie, and Paris.
Despite decades passing, Zeke, the person in charge, still denies his own involvement in the incident.

The day of the exhibition arrives.
In the largest community center in the surrounding area, numerous entries for a research competition targeting middle and high school students were displayed. Large posters were created and hung everywhere. Visitors marveled at the research achievements of promising young students and nodded in approval.
The winning middle and high school students looked a bit tired. They had worked hard to revise their projects for this day and improve the quality of their research. However, the students who had won awards were filled with satisfaction for their completed work.
On the other hand, the music box team was utterly exhausted. Originally lacking motivation and forced to work reluctantly, they were now burdened with fatigue. Slumped over in their chairs, the four of them couldn’t help but feel disappointment seeping through their expressions.
“Ah, you’re the music box team, right?”
As they slumped in exhaustion, someone approached Zeke and the others.
“…Are you one of the judges?”
“Yes, I’m Luciano Marcherno, one of the judges. Nice to meet you.”
The person who spoke to Zeke and the others was a well-built man in his sixties. He wore a suit without a single wrinkle, presenting himself impeccably.
“I’m Zeke, and this is Sophie. We received the Special Judge’s Award for our research on magic-powered music boxes. Thank you very much.”
Zeke and Sophie stood up from their chairs to greet the man. Meanwhile, the other two, who were impolite, remained seated and cast hostile looks at the man, as if to say, “Is this guy the root of all evil?”
“Hey, both of you, stand up and greet him properly.”
“Haha, no, it’s fine. Please relax,”
the judge said, smiling gently and waving his hand.
“Your research on magic-powered music boxes was very well-received among the judges. Everyone said it brought back nostalgic memories.”
“Thank you very much.”
The judge, who was in his sixties, was supposed to have been a teenager when Zeke from a previous life was working on making magic-powered music boxes at a company.
“Looking at this music box and hearing its melody, it reminds me of those days. It’s like the memories of my youth are coming back.”
” ………… “
“…I see,” Zeke quietly swallowed the words “I understand,” knowing that if he said them, he would be pitied.
“You may not understand now, but…”
The man’s tone slowed down.
“As time goes by, one after another, things from the past disappear. In the present era, we are surrounded by countless things, but just as much, things have vanished. When living in the moment, you might not notice, but when you look back, you might be shocked by the multitude of memories that have faded away.”
“There are times when it becomes sad…”
Zeke wanted to say that he understood, but he couldn’t. From the perspective of the era he lived in, Zeke had lost more things.
“The changes in times make things vanish, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But the will embedded in those things should not be forgotten.”
“The melody inside that music box, it’s a traditional children’s song, isn’t it?”
Zeke had chosen a children’s song to play in the magic-powered music box. The song was popular during the era of magic-powered music boxes and aligned well with the historical background of that time.
“Though the history of magic-powered music boxes is old, the history of that song is even older.”
“Children’s songs are like oral traditions, sung by children as they play. This particular song has been passed down for a long time along with children’s games. It’s an ancient song that has been handed down for generations in some regions, and it spread along with the popularity of magic-powered music boxes. Unfortunately, it’s not heard much these days.”
Like magic-powered music boxes, the song had also faded away in recent times.
“Do you know when that song was born?”
“Well, there might not be records for that. According to historical research papers, it’s speculated that the song was created around 300 years ago, during the time of the witch trials. The details aren’t well known, though.”
“That’s…very old…”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
Zeke wasn’t aware of that information.
“…Things disappearing due to the changes in times are inevitable. Not everything can stay in the mainstream of its era. It’s impossible.”
The male judge lifted his face a little to begin speaking.
“However, everything carries the will of people. Even many items that disappeared without anyone knowing had the will of their creators, and the memories of those who used them.”
“Even that very old song, born out of someone’s desire to create and passed down by someone who wanted to sing and share it, has survived to the present. The flame might be faint now, but it hasn’t gone out.”
Zeke’s thoughts drifted to the history of children’s songs that had been handed down by people’s hands from an era much older than his own.

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