A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 10 part 1

Chapter Ten: Warrior Tournament”

Several days had passed since Fei and his group completed Sargento’s special training. Fei was diligently training as usual, with Yururu accompanying him.
“Fei, if someone gets close, make your movements more compact! Distance is crucial for a swordsman, so be mindful of your positioning!” Yururu, his mentor, spoke briskly.
“Got it.”
Fei absorbed what Yururu said into his body and mind. He generally followed what his mentor advised.
After training for a while, they took a break. During the break, Yururu showed Fei a certain paper.
“Fei, can you take a look at this?”
“What is it?”
“There’s going to be a warrior tournament held in the city of Ned soon.”
“I see.”
“It’s a chance for practical experience and to see how strong you’ve become. Would you like to participate?”
“I’ll register you then. Arthur, Bowlan, and True are also participating, so do your best! I’ll be cheering for you the most, Fei!”
“I see.”
With a sunny smile like a sunflower, Yururu encouraged Fei. To meet her expectations, Fei vowed to undergo even harder training for the tournament.

Several days passed, and the day of the warrior tournament arrived. Early in the morning, Fei and Yururu woke up and headed to the city of Ned by carriage.
“Good morning, Fei.”
“I made ham lettuce sandwiches for breakfast in the carriage. Would you like to eat together?”



She had packed sandwiches in a lunch bag made of wood. Thinking that Fei would be pleased to have breakfast with her, she used ham, which he had mentioned liking before, for the sandwiches.
Fei didn’t know that Ector, a holy knight, had secretly instilled in Yururu the idea that to conquer the opposite sex, one must capture their stomachs.
As Fei and Yururu were about to board the carriage to head to the city of Ned…
“Oh! Teacher!”
“Fei is also…”
Bowlan and Arthur spotted the two. They, too, were leaving the capital early in the morning to participate in the warrior tournament.
“Oh, hello. Are you two heading to Ned too?”
“Yeah! But, you see, Arthur forgot to reserve a carriage!”
Since carriages were limited in number, reservations were necessary. While Yururu and Fei had reserved one in advance for the tournament, Arthur and Bowlan hadn’t.
“Oh no! If Arthur had reserved, we wouldn’t have had to run!”
“…Sorry. But everyone makes mistakes.”
“…Um, would you like to get in? It’s a four-seater carriage, and only Fei and I are getting in.”
“Really? Is it okay? You’re amazing, Teacher!”
“No, please, Arthur and Bowlan, get in too.”
(Actually, I wanted to ride alone with Fei… But I’m a teacher, and they’re both very good students…)
While regretting not having the carriage to themselves with Fei, she decided to let Bowlan and Arthur get in. Bowlan naturally sat next to Fei when he jumped in.
Seeing Bowlan sit next to Fei, Arthur and Yururu couldn’t help but let out a sound. However, Fei himself didn’t seem to mind. He sat down in the carriage seat, crossed his arms, and closed his eyes as if to say he didn’t care.
“What, Arthur?”
“Let’s switch seats.”
“Why? It’s a hassle. Let’s sit down and head to the city quickly!”
Because Arthur received a straightforward response, she reluctantly sat down, and Yururu also gave up and took her seat. Once the four were seated, the carriage began to move. There were windows in the carriage, and Fei was looking out.
“Come to think of it, what about that guy True?”
Bowlan brought up True, who was also participating in the tournament.
“I don’t know.”
“I’m sorry. I haven’t… heard much about True participating either.”
Bowlan mentioned it casually and didn’t delve further, seeming uninterested. However, another carriage was seen outside the window, with True and two girls riding in it.
“There? Isn’t that True?”
“Looks like it.”
“Yeah, I think so. Are the two riding with him from the same orphanage as Fei?”
True was accompanied by Ray, a girl he had been childhood friends with from the same orphanage, and Iris, a girl he had met since entering the orphanage. This was actually an event from a novel game.
True, along with Ray and Iris, was heading to the warrior tournament, but they happened to forget to reserve a carriage. Bowlan and Arthur were inadvertently taken along, and they all headed to the tournament venue together.
True, Ray, Iris, Bowlan, and Arthur squeezed into the carriage. In the cramped space, Arthur didn’t get jealous of having his time with True interrupted by Ray and Iris, as nothing like that happened.
“Oh, they’re eating! True, those sandwiches look good.”
Seeing Ray and Iris feed True, whom they liked romantically, made Bowlan drool. She hadn’t had breakfast either. Watching True and the others, Yururu remembered that she had made breakfast for Fei too.
“Oh, right. Fei, here’s your breakfast.”
Fei, handed a lunch bag by Yururu, opened it. He took out a ham lettuce sandwich and took a bite.
“How is it?”
Yururu asked a little anxiously. If Fei said the ham lettuce sandwich was bad, she wouldn’t be able to recover. She might even burst into tears on the spot, lacking maturity.
“It’s… decent.”
“Really? Uh, good. I was worried about what to do if you said it was bad…”
It was usual for her not to change her expression before and after eating coolly.
“Did you change the sauce? It seems different from before.”
“Oh, did you notice!? Y-Yes, I thought I’d try to change the taste a bit, so…”
Yururu, who had made sandwiches for Fei as breakfast during morning training before, wanted him to taste something different from usual.
She had worried that it might be unpopular, but Fei’s positive response made her happy.
(He noticed the small change… Yes!)
While internally celebrating, she continued to watch him eat the sandwich. And Bowlan, who was watching Fei with drooling eyes next to him, leaned over to Fei.
“Well… it’s nothing, but… what does it taste like?”
“No need to say.”
“…Looks delicious. That’s all.”
Bowlan was eager to eat. He was an insatiable eater. He didn’t openly say he wanted to eat, but he made it clear that he did.
“Fei, since you said that, would you mind giving some to Bowlan?”
“If you say so.”
“Really!? Thanks! I’ll take it!”
Bowlan eagerly began eating. Yururu urged Arthur to eat too. Arthur also started eating the sandwich.
“Delicious! It’s great!”
Both Bowlan and Arthur seemed to have no complaints about the taste. Bowlan ended up eating the most sandwiches and became full. Then, being rocked in the carriage, she became sleepy and leaned on Fei, falling asleep.

“Fei, isn’t Bowlan’s head heavy?”
“Annoying, but not heavy.”
“Fei’s surprisingly good at taking care of others.”
“I just thought that waking her up would be more troublesome.”
Arthur might think Fei looks cute when he’s being praised, but he’s really just annoyed by Bowlan, so he’s not waking her up. He truly feels Bowlan is annoying from the bottom of his heart.
After sleeping for a while in the carriage, Bowlan woke up just as they arrived at the city of Ned.
Ned was a large city surrounded by outer walls.
It was a peaceful place where holy knights resided, maintaining peace and order. However, there wasn’t much else different about it except for one thing…
“I heard this city has a big arena. And here, warrior tournaments are held!”
“Wow, really!”
“I knew that.”
” …… “
Bowlan, Arthur, and Fei each reacted differently to Yururu’s explanation. They finished registering for the tournament at the reception in front of the arena and were told they had free time until the match.
“We have time until the match.”
“I do too! Let’s grab something to eat!”
“Sure. What about you, Fei?”
While Arthur and Bowlan seemed content to spend their time leisurely until the match, Fei had already run off from them.
“Huh? What’s up with him?”
“Hey hey, Fei’s fine, so let’s go eat! I’m hungry!”
“You just ate a bunch of sandwiches, didn’t you? And I, being with Fei…”
“No no!! Food food! I want food! It’s lonely alone!!”
“Fine… since you’re being like this, I’ll come along.”
Reluctantly, Arthur agreed to accompany her since Bowlan was throwing a tantrum.

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