Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 1 

Chapter Three: Hypnosis apps are the best, man!

“What are you?”
“Who are you?”
The two people men and women, snuggling together, looked at me suspiciously.
The man was Aisaka’s ex-boyfriend, and the woman was his mistress… I have no idea what their names are, so I’ll just call them that for now.
” …………… “
Honestly, facing these two, I can’t help but wonder why I’m here.
I only wanted to use the hypnosis app to do naughty things with Aisaka, but now, I’m here, learning her hidden secrets. I’m standing here when I should be a complete stranger.
(This is just self-indulgence… I just want to feel better.)
Or maybe, I just want to feel good with this power.
“Hey, why are you sighing like that?”
“You’re so creepy.”
Well, it’s only natural to sigh.
I know these two are scum, but unlike me, the man is handsome, and the woman is quite beautiful… I can’t help but feel envious and resentful towards these bastards.
(But… my preference is definitely Aisaka.)
I thought that, but my preference doesn’t matter in this situation.
Ignoring the woman’s creepy grin, I directly asked the visibly upset man,
“Hey, do you know Aisaka Mari?”
“Huh? What about Mari?”
Alright, this isn’t a case of mistaken identity; he’s the right person.
Before I could ask more about Aisaka, he smirked.
“What, are you in love with her or something? Did you hear something about her? Like, being cheated on?”
“…You’re confessing that easily?”
Apparently, he’ll talk without me saying anything.
“It’s surprising to see someone like you coming to ask about Mari. I don’t know how you heard about it, but it’s too late now. Her parents trusted me because I acted nice to them… Haha, Mari’s crying face is always funny.”
“Ugh, that’s disgusting. Poor girl…”
Despite saying that, the woman was laughing.
I was speechless at their audacity, but he continued without pause.
“Seriously, she dreams too much about love. I don’t care about her childhood friend anymore, and I don’t care how much she suffers. If she disappeared because of this, it would be fine with me… Though she probably doesn’t have the guts.”
I couldn’t find any words.
People who can speak like this usually don’t consider the possibility of the other person actually ending their own life… That’s why they can say such irresponsible things and hurt others without hesitation.
“…You’re scum, aren’t you?”
“What did you say?”
Well, I’m scum too.
When he heard someone he just met calling him scum, it seemed to strike a nerve, and he approached me, leaving the woman behind.
Seeing him come closer, I oddly remained calm.
“Say it again.”
He grabbed my collar, making it hard to breathe.
“Alright, alright! Let go!”
The woman cheered him on, and his grip tightened.
( I never imagined… never imagined I’d be talking to someone like this…)
I’d never encountered someone with such evil tendencies.
While there were incidents resembling bullying in middle school, it was unusual for both parties to resolve things peacefully as we did.
“She… she cut her own arm, you know?”
“So what?”
“She didn’t intend to die, but she was pushed that far, you know?”
“So what? You gonna lecture me, you piece of trash?”
He punched me in the face.
Ouch… Did he cut my tongue? There’s a metallic taste in my mouth… Ah, damn, why am I letting myself get beaten like this?
I’d never been in a fight before, and I’d never been punched, so my body wasn’t used to the pain… Maybe that’s why tears started to flow naturally.
“Eww, you’re crying!”
“That’s what happens when you trash challenge people. You should know your place, you little fish.”
Perhaps no longer interested in dealing with me, they walked away.
“…Wait a minute.”


Of course, I can’t let that slide… First of all, my goal hasn’t been achieved, and secondly, I’m a bit pissed off after getting punched.
“I’ll kill you, you bastard.”
“Ugh, annoying.”
When they turned around, they looked at me with contempt, but I didn’t flinch at all.
As the man approached again and reached out, I activated the hypnosis app.
” …… What? “
The hypnosis app that targeted the two of them worked perfectly, and just like Aisaka earlier, they transformed into a dazed state.
“…I got so caught up in the conversation that I forgot about the app.”
To remember after getting punched… I’m such an idiot… Well, now these two are my puppets—alright, let’s accomplish the original goal.
I commanded them.
First, explain to Aisaka’s parents what you did and what you were thinking about her… And for the grand finale, I said this.
“As payback for punching me, you’ll… no, I’ll spare you full nudity. Run at full speed through the neighborhood in your underwear while shouting your lungs out.”
They hesitated for a moment, but when I urged them to “hurry up,” they started walking and disappeared from my sight.
“…Phew. I really am despicable.”
I should have just demanded an apology to Aisaka and an explanation to her parents… but the latter part was more of a personal grudge for being punched and made fun of.
I’ve already given the command, so I can’t take it back. If that guy faithfully fulfills my orders, he won’t be able to walk around outside with a straight face and will have to endure miserable days.
“Man… I’m starting to feel scared now that I’ve actually given orders. Let’s go home.”
I feel a little guilty for giving such a dangerous command, but the feeling of satisfaction at getting back at them is stronger.
Whether they suffer in some way, I’ll still have a sense of superiority because of this power… See, I’m just as hopeless as they are.
“Alright, I’ll start fresh tomorrow!”
Let’s forget about today and take it easy for a while.
After forgetting everything, I’ll use today’s events as a lesson and do whatever I want with girls… Yes! That’s fine for me.
Chuckling to myself, I head home.
“Hey, what happened there?”
But… My sister and parents were very worried about my red and swollen cheeks as a matter of course.
They were really worried since nothing like this had happened before, so my sister quickly took me and gave me some treatment.
“You’re so cut up… Were you punched? Who’s the jerk who hit you, Kai? If you don’t know his name, do you remember his face? Tell your big sis everything—I’ll make sure he pays!”
She not only gently strokes my swollen cheek but also applies medicine with a cotton swab to the cut on my tongue… Today, my sister was really kind, but at the same time, she was really angry at the guy who hit me.
“Sigh… That wasn’t like me at all.”
Alone in my room, I think again.
Even though I wanted to do something for Aisaka, doing something like that was really unlike me.
Well, forgetting about the existence of the hypnosis app aside, I gave those orders because I had the upper hand with that power, and I was able to punish them in my own way.
“…Haha, this power is really amazing.”
Even though my cheeks still sting a little, this was a good opportunity to show me that this power is absolute.
I might still hesitate… but I’ll definitely use this power for my own desires—yeah, I’m fine now. I won’t hesitate anymore.
“So… what should I do tomorrow?”
What will tomorrow bring for me, who has the hypnosis app? I’m really looking forward to it.
I feel like I can sleep well tonight… with that feeling, I got into bed. But for a while, I couldn’t sleep.
“…I can’t get Aisaka’s naked body out of my head.”
Yes… her underwear-clad figure wouldn’t leave my mind.
The more I remembered, the more beautiful it seemed… but at the same time, I regretted wanting to do whatever I wanted.
Was it because she was a classmate that I felt such overwhelming lust, rather than the older woman I met in the city?
Of course, I’m also curious about what happened to her ex-boyfriend who were hypnotized after that.
Although my phone’s battery was almost dead, they ran off, so there should have been plenty of time and things to do… for now, when I find an opportunity tomorrow, I’ll hypnotize Aisaka and check on them.
After a big yawn, I felt like I could sleep.
But the memory of Aisaka, which continued to linger in my mind, was like a sleep inducer, and I fell asleep feeling such a miserable comfort.

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