Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 39

Mob #39 “[He said going up is a hassle.]”

“[Big bro, this time it’s at 5 o’clock direction – ascending 30 degrees – distance 700.]”
I followed the old man’s instructions, moving at an almost landing speed, just like during the previous gate.
The polymer coating applied, and the anti-debris measures were spot-on.
Working efficiently, we quickly filled up the collection container and transferred the accumulated debris to the cargo ship.
Occasionally watching the towing of asteroids big and small, the disappearance of rocks and stones, and the cleaning up of space somehow felt satisfying.
“Alright, next is that. 10 o’clock direction – descending 24 degrees – distance 600.”
Briefly opening the throttle, slowly approaching the target, I precisely stopped where the old man instructed.
It seems I have a really good compatibility with this job.

☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Arthur – Lingard]

Listening to the debris collector’s instructions, I carefully manipulated the control stick.
“Alright. This should be good around here.”
I stopped the ship at the signal from the debris collector.
However, I ended up quite off from the ideal stopping position.
Despite multiple attempts, it wasn’t going well.
“Sorry. I ended up quite off.”
“This is normal. Even for us, it took quite some time to stop in a good position.”
Seemingly trivial to the debris collector, he didn’t mind my mistake. With a light tone, he moved away from the ship and began approaching the asteroid to start the work.
Over there, Uzoss-san’s ship was perfectly stopped at the ideal position.
Impressive. I wouldn’t be able to do it so easily.
While admiring the precise movements, I made small adjustments to position my ship more conveniently for the debris collector.
“Why doesn’t Uzoss-san get promoted? Considering both skill and personality, she could even be in the Queen class…”
“He said going up is a hassle.”
Seira responded to my muttering,
and I couldn’t help but think that her answer made sense.
“Indeed. Becoming a Bishop-class in the Mercenary Guild would come with more duties and obligations.”
In the Mercenary Guild, as you climb the ranks to Bishop-class, not only do the types of jobs change based on your rank, but even for similar jobs, the amount of compensation varies.
In cases like the current one, the compensation is uniform regardless of rank. However, for tasks like escort missions, the reward for a Bishop-class could jump up by 30%, and the facilities and services available also change.
But along with the perks come downsides, such as special summoning orders for all guild members – commonly known as the “Red Notice.” In addition, there might be requests that cannot be refused, or mandatory attendance at the guild’s year-end party. There are even rumors of factional disputes within the guild.
Considering all these factors, I can’t help but feel a bit fed up.
“Moreover, there are rumors that the recent upper management of the guild has been promoting only those with potential ties to influential nobility for strategic image reasons.”
While it may be disrespectful to Mr. Uzoss, considering the personal experiences he shared, it’s not an implausible story.
“That’s troublesome… truly.”
Corruption within an organization tends to spread, and there’s a growing sense of helplessness.
I feel like something needs to be done, but at the moment, there’s not much I can do.
“All right. Next one, please. Heading 9 o’clock, upward 15 degrees, distance 300.”
As we continue the conversation, the debris collector finishes its work, and the instructions for the next point come in.
This time, determined to park in a better position, I grip the control stick tightly.

★ ★ ★


The work proceeded remarkably smoothly.
Old man Jones and I worked from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a one-hour break around noon, totaling 10 hours a day. No overtime.
Considering Old man Jones’s stamina, we had a rotation where he took a day off every five days, and we were already on the 13th day.
We had already surpassed the minimum required hours.
Although finishing within the 100-hour minimum was impossible, the work progressed at a good pace.
There were only about 10 more asteroids to tow, but collecting them all would still take some time.
By the way, this operation is getting attention from the media, with TV crews filming the work scenes from their ships and reporters roaming around the colony for interviews.
Naturally, the media focuses on the attractive individuals like Arthur and Seira, or the big shots who don’t do any actual work.
However, they also show footage of mining operations near satellites and the extraction of rare metals on planets, which is quite interesting.
But what caught the media’s attention the most was the participation of a royal mercenary in this seemingly mundane job.
Her name is Marie Lehto-Ruichen-Fariner.
Her ship is named Red Albatross. (TL Note : the Kanji can also be read as Stupid Bird)
Her nickname is “Crimson Blaze” or “Scarlet Goddess”.
With pigeon-blood-colored hair, golden eyes, fair skin, and a tall, stunning figure that could make models jealous, she’s quite the sight.
Why she took this job is unclear,
but it’s a welcome subject for the media.
Arthur and Seira are often seen doing interviews with her.
No doubt, her fanbase is growing rapidly behind the screens.
Furthermore, yesterday, a nobleman came to visit the site.
He’s the Lord of Planet Brosland, apparently a Count named Circlus.
Apparently, they have a similar asteroid belt on their estate and want to use this as reference for their collection efforts.
Well, leave the VIP treatment to the important folks. I’ll stick with Mr. Volbard and focus on asteroid retrieval.
And so, on the 14th day, after finishing work, the first thing to do back at the colony is to remove the polymer attached to the ship.
Naturally, stones and sand stuck in this polymer are also to be extracted.
After that, it’s inspection time and refueling, then the workday is done.
Having dinner at the restaurant, grabbing a few things from the tenant’s convenience store, and then heading back to the hotel area.
Some folks in the lobby are already getting the party started with drinks, but I’m not much of a drinker, so I steer clear.
Don’t know anyone there anyway.
On the way back to the hotel area, I spot a crowd gathering at the café area.
There seems to be some sort of interview going on, judging by the presence of the interview crew.
Taking a casual glance, I see that gruff-bearded guy who seems to be the nobleman, passionately giving some speech or another.
“…And thus, we are recruiting talented individuals for our domain. Those who aspire to greatness…”
Seems like he’s making a job appeal at the end of the interview.
I have zero interest because I don’t believe in serving under nobles or anyone like that.
Quickly making my way back near the hotel area, I notice another crowd forming.
Turns out, it’s all because of the royal “Scarlet Goddess.”
It’s not like she did anything wrong herself.
But folks who wanted to get close to her surrounded her as she came out of her hotel room.
Of course, I don’t want anything to do with that, so I ignore it completely and head to my own room.
It’s a single room, business hotel style.
I prefer capsule hotels for the peace and quiet, but all the accommodations in this colony are of this type, so there’s no choice.
Once I’m comfortable, I grab my light novel, flop onto the bed, and start reading where I left off yesterday.

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