Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter One: Extracurricular Activities with S-Class Beauties

The scorching sun’s heat dominated the entire classroom.
Despite opening the windows for ventilation, many students were using their hands as fans. Some female students were even delicately fanning themselves with notebooks.
Although it was the season when the signs of the rainy season were in the air, today was an unusually hot day.
Haruya Akasaki pretended to be asleep on his desk, a hint of sweat glistening on his forehead.
As he struggled with the oppressive heat, three lively voices echoed near his seat.
“Ugh, it’s so hot. Yuna, can you give me some air?”
“It’s a hassle, but… oh well. Sara, aren’t you hot?”
“Thank you for your concern, Yuna-san… um, I’m okay.”
Despite her words, Sara modestly fanned herself with her hands.
Unable to bear seeing Sara like that, Rin spoke up.
“Sara-chan, you don’t have to hold back… You know what, Yuna, let’s all fan each other!”
“That might actually be a good idea.”
Yuna fanned Sara, Sara fanned Rin, and Rin fanned Yuna.
The three of them, the S-class beauties of the class, looked picturesque as they fanned each other.
In reality, some of their classmates, regardless of gender, couldn’t help but admire their casual scene.
Voices of students excitedly commenting, “They’re so radiant today,” “Nice figure,” “Can you see through? Can you see through?” could be heard around Haruya’s seat.
While feeling exasperated by the students’ remarks, Haruya closed his eyes, only to be lightly tapped on the shoulder from behind, prompting him to turn around.
“Hey, Akasaki, what’s with you staring at those three?”
Yūki Kazamiya from the back seat flashed a toothy grin.
“I’m not staring at them. I was just about to take a nap.”
“You’re so suspicious… Hey, look, Himekawa-san is looking over here.”
Haruya unintentionally blurted out in surprise.
—Sara Himekawa.
Lately, Haruya had become overly sensitive to her name.
Due to certain circumstances, Haruya pretended to be aloof in class, but inadvertently ended up getting closer to Sara.
Moreover, she had discovered his true identity, and Haruya found himself leading a nervous school life. Sara’s presence was a headache for him.
Haruya immediately glanced at Sara, but her gaze wasn’t directed at him.
She seemed to be happily chatting with the other S-class beauties. Apparently, she had noticed something.
“Haha, got you. Akasaki, you really care about Himekawa-san, don’t you?”
Haruya felt irritated by Kazamiya’s smirk.
Despite repeatedly denying it, Haruya couldn’t help but feel that Kazamiya had a sharp intuition.
It was dangerous to continue this conversation further, so Haruya turned back, just as their homeroom teacher, Meika Tokoyami, entered the classroom.
With her tall stature and stern gaze, she exuded authority, making her a formidable teacher.
The students quieted down, holding their breath as they listened.
After confirming that the students’ attention was on her, Tokoyami began speaking.
“Good morning, today we’ll have an early homeroom.”
It was a slightly earlier time than usual.
There must be some important announcement.
Upon hearing Tokoyami’s words, the students returned to their seats one by one.
Meanwhile, Haruya placed his hand on his pounding heart, secretly sweating profusely.
(…Whenever Himekawa-san’s name comes up, I can’t help but feel nervous. I almost messed up earlier… Seriously.)
Thanks to that, his drowsiness disappeared instantly. It was a sensitive topic for Haruya. He didn’t want anyone to delve into it too deeply.
After all, why did Kazamiya keep meddling like this…
Haruya couldn’t be described as particularly friendly at school.
Even when spoken to, he responded curtly,
emitting an aura that seemed to say, “Leave me alone.”
He intentionally kept a low profile, his bangs covering his eyes, avoiding eye contact with others.
Despite this, every day, a male student from the back seat, Yūki Kazamiya, continued to talk to him.
(Although Kazamiya doesn’t stand out in class, he must be an oddball… Otherwise, why would he take an interest in me? Huh, could he possibly like me? No, that’s impossible.)
It had to be something else.
With a laugh at the absurd joke, Haruya glanced briefly at the teacher’s podium,
where Tokoyami was delivering her message.
Haruya absorbed the information without paying much attention.
“…. It seems like there are fewer new club members than usual. It’s still June, so it’s not too late. Students who aren’t in clubs should consider joining one. We can’t force you, but remember, youth is fleeting. You wouldn’t want to regret not joining a club later, would you? If only I could go back to those days…”
Meika muttered, her voice tinged with melancholy.
It seemed like their homeroom teacher was quite envious of their youth.


to summarize Meika’s speech… it seemed like most clubs were struggling with a shortage of new members.
So, she was encouraging first-year students to join clubs like this.
Originally, since The High School was an academic school, they didn’t have any particularly outstanding clubs, but it seemed like the school wanted students to be active in clubs.
(…I’m only feeling darkness from the teacher)
(She’s probably desperate because she’s missed her chance for marriage… That’s it. She’s resentful of her youth, Miss Tokoyami.)
As the students, regardless of gender, sensed the darkness emanating from their homeroom teacher, Meika deliberately cleared her throat loudly before continuing.
“…Well, anyway, those of you who aren’t in clubs should consider joining one. It’s not too late even at this time of year. That’s all for the announcements. Please prepare for your first period.”
With the sound of her heels echoing, Meika left the classroom.
Once the students confirmed that their teacher was out of sight, they started chatting.
“…Clubs, huh? It’s impossible for me to join a sports club.”
“Come to think of it, you were in the tennis club, right? How many new members are there?”
“I might join a cultural club if anything.”
And so on, whether they were interested in clubs and whether they would join.
It seemed like the students were influenced by Meika’s remarks. The classroom was filled with talk of clubs.
As they continued preparing for the first period, the students began chatting.
Among them, a particularly clear voice rang out near Haruya’s seat.
“…Clubs, huh. Sarachin and Yuna, are you interested?”
“I’ve never thought about it. What about you, Yuna-san?”
“…N-no, I’m not interested either.”
Rin Kohinata, Sara Himekawa, and Yuna Takamori were three girls known as “S-Class Beauties” in the class, possessing extraordinary beauty.
Haruya listened absentmindedly to their conversation while burying his face in his desk.
He wasn’t eavesdropping intentionally, but since it reached his ears, he couldn’t help it.
(…But still, clubs?)
He had no intention of joining any club.
The answer was clear from the beginning.
Memories of his middle school days came to mind.
As bitter memories flashed through his mind, Haruya bit his lower lip.
He shook his head to shake off the unpleasant memories, but the conversation about the S-Class Beauties continued.
“…Everyone seems uninterested in joining a club. I can’t afford to do that because of my part-time job, and Sarachin doesn’t have the luxury either because she’s in love, right?”
Rin teased Sara while clinging to her.

scene transition

Blushing slightly, Sara tried to divert the conversation to Yuna.
“…I-it’s not like that. Yuna-san, have you ever been in a club?”
“Ahh, totally dodged the question. You’re still cute as ever! Sarachin.”
While hugging Sara, Rin focused her attention on Yuna.
Sara and Rin both turned their gaze to Yuna, something seemed off about her.
Yuna had been wearing a somewhat melancholic expression and wasn’t very enthusiastic about the conversation.
Indeed, after taking a deep breath, Yuna smiled sadly and said, “I played basketball a little in middle school. But I lost interest and haven’t done it since…”
(…Ah, it seems like I shouldn’t touch on this too much.)
(Yes, clearly Yuna is upset.)
Rin and Sara nodded to each other.
Yuna’s words made Sara and Rin realize that Yuna’s untouchable topics are directly connected to her club activities.
Based on Yuna’s current demeanor, it was clear to them that something in her past was directly related to joining a club.
As Haruya listened to the exchange, he felt a tap on his shoulder from behind.
There was no need to confirm the identity of the person.
He reluctantly lifted his heavy body and turned around.
“Whoa, you look really disgusted, Akasaki.”
Yuki Kazamiya, his classmate from behind.
“In that case, there’s no need to approach me.”
“No, I can’t do that. I’m happy to.”
“Unfortunately, was that not a mistake?”
“Haha, well, getting to the main point, doesn’t Akasaki want to join a club or something?”
Haruya thought she might question my connection with Himekawa-san again or ask about the S-class beauties, but it seems he was mistaken, letting out a relieved sigh.
“…I’m not interested in clubs.”
“Didn’t you do anything in middle school?”
Asked with a hint of suggestion in the voice, Haruya unconsciously clears his throat.
“…Not really.”
Without answering Kazamiya’s question directly, Haruya gave an ambiguous reply.
Seeing his reaction, Kazamiya simply mutters, “Well, whatever.”
Frankly, Haruya didn’t want to touch on the subject of club activities.
Because the club was the very reason that had shaped Haruya into who he was now.
It was tied directly to family, friends, and the things that tore them apart.
Unpleasant memories were embedded in the word “club”…

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