Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 1

hapter 5: Void Bite

Before Astrid’s eyes, the old man’s biwa underwent a transformation.

It elongated into a slim shape, resembling the body of a human woman.

The neck extended, taking on the form of a female youkai. When the old man gently plucked the strings, a scream emitted from its mouth. Plucking the strings forcefully produced a piercing shriek.

Neither Duke Dragnote nor Astrid could move in the face of the old man playing that dreadful biwa in human form. They were being pressed by the old man’s power, but they remained cautious.

Over time, the fundamental magic techniques of earth, water, fire, and wind could reach the ninth grade. As the grade increases, the required magical power becomes enormous, making learning more difficult.

Those who practice magic and master ninth-grade magic earn the title of “Lord” and etch their names in the history of magic, but such individuals rarely appear.

In the history of Canaria, the appearance of someone like that would be considered fortunate. At least, that was the case until now.

The magic the old man performed, “Grand Fortress,” was eighth-grade earth magic, very close to the ninth grade. Furthermore, the old man achieved that powerful magic without chanting. Astrid had never seen a user capable of such a feat.

Only the court mages of the Kingdom of Canaria could achieve up to the seventh grade, and even then, they required chanting. To discard the chant and reach seventh-grade magic was already rare. The old man’s claim of being level “73” carried a genuine sentiment.

Large beads of sweat formed on Astrid’s forehead.

Then, Duke Dragnote, who stood beside her, spoke with a strained voice.

“…Did you mention ‘soul equipment’? Are you a user of the Illusory Sword Style?”

“Hihi, that’s correct. It seems you know, Thunder.”

“The Onigashima Guardians, who have been sealing the demon gate for 300 years. Of course, I’m aware. But why is one of the guardians here in our country?”

The Illusory Sword Style was a martial art created 300 years ago by the master swordsman who sealed the demon god. Its power was immense, and the Adastera Empire, which supported them, had expanded since its inception. The Duke himself had witnessed their fighting style during his childhood, and the greatness of the Illusory Sword Style was etched into his memory.

If users of the Illusory Sword Style were to lead an invasion, the empire’s continental unification would become a reality.

However, that was something that should never happen. At least, according to Duke Dragnote’s knowledge.

The reason for this was that the Mitsurugi family, which united the users of the Illusory Sword Style, adhered to a principle of “not invading unless invaded” in their conflicts with other nations. They would fight if the empire were invaded, but they would never lead an invasion.

Even the emperor could not use the Mitsurugi family for an invasion.

The Mitsurugi family did not permit it. The Illusory Sword Style users’ opponents were limited to monsters.

If the enemies were youma demon entities, they could assist other countries. In fact, about 40 years ago, the Kingdom of Canaria borrowed the power of the Mitsurugi family to annihilate the kijin. It was then that Duke Dragnote witnessed the Illusory Sword Style firsthand.

Currently, there was no intention to invade the Adastera Empire from the Kingdom of Canaria. While Duke Dragnote considered the empire’s invasion philosophy dangerous, there was no intention of launching a counter-invasion.

In that case, why was a user of the Illusory Sword Style baring their fangs in the Kingdom of Canaria?

If he had to come up with an idea, it would be…

“Is it because of the Kijin girl’s protection?”

The image of the Kijin girl named Suzume flashed through his mind. For the Mitsurugi family, the demon god and the kijin who worshipped it were their most hated enemies. Duke Dragnote wondered if they had incurred the wrath of the Mitsurugi family by honoring a kijin and allowing her to stay in the country. However, the old man’s response to this was straightforward.

“Hihi, I can’t deny that. Those who serve the demon god must be exterminated. But, in this case, it’s merely a coincidence. My sole target is Claudia Dragnote.”

“Are you attacking the royal capital to kill Clau?”

“If she had quietly died from my curse, it wouldn’t have come to this. I don’t know how they did it, but they broke the curse. Even though it gradually eroded her body and shattered her engagement over the course of a year, it’s a problem that she has recovered to this point, hihi.”

The old man continued speaking, exposing his yellowed teeth.

“The wedding ceremony between the prince and Lady Sakuya will take place in two months, once Lady Sakuya reaches adulthood. There is no time to cast another curse. Therefore, I had to resort to a little brute force. If you want to hide a tree, you have to put it in a forest. If you want to hide a corpse, you have to create a grave incident. By covering the royal capital with corpses, they may not pay attention to the death of a duke’s daughter.”

“So, you cursed my daughter for over a year to avoid suspicion of the empire’s involvement, and now, you involve the people of the royal capital to divert attention from my daughter’s death. Is this how the Mitsurugi family operates? Aren’t the Onigashima Guardians supposed to be a symbol of national protection?”

“Hihihihi! The country we protect is Adastera. And when the reign of Adastera illuminates the continent, the people of the world will be saved. This is national protection. Some will be crushed along the way, but when elephants walk, ants die. No one accuses elephants of being cruel for this.”

Claudia, who had remained silent until now, spoke up in response to the old man’s laughter.

“…Ojisan. Was everything you told me in the cemetery a lie?”

The old man looked at Claudia with a solemn gaze, his expression changing. This demeanor was clearly different from the mocking attitude he had displayed earlier.

“No. What I said about purifying untrustworthy spirits was true. Claudia Dragnote, I was genuinely impressed by your actions.”

The old man continued with a calm voice.

“Music is used to calm the god of devastation, and it is my duty to purify and cleanse the evil spirits that harm others. There is no falsehood in those words. However, that is not all there is to me. As a member of the Mitsurugi family, one must obey orders at any cost, even if it means becoming a despicable person who curses and kills a young girl.”


“—Well, that’s correct.”

The old man spoke again, as if to prevent Claudia from saying anything. His mouth twisted into an expression of twisted pleasure.

“Oyakata-sama’s instructions were to break off the engagement between the prince and you, while avoiding suspicion of the empire’s involvement. They left the method up to me!”


“In other words, it was my idea that subjected you to the curse and prolonged suffering! That’s also why I attacked the royal capital tonight! Hihihihihi! Your screams and agony that I relished for a year were truly heavenly! The screams from last night were the best!”



“Pleasurable! Wonderful! Life truly shines when faced with predicaments. Agony, worry, despair, and crying! Ever since the day I strangled and killed my wife, I have found amusement in listening to the screams of girls, Claudia Dragnote. And now, I will make you scream even more!”

The old man forcefully strummed the transformed biwa, which had become his soul equipment.

Instantly, the biwa quivered and emitted an indescribable sound. The sound, coming from an invisible source, immediately seized both Duke Dragnote and Astrid, causing excruciating pain akin to nails being driven into their brains.

As the father and daughter writhed in agony, the old man turned around and calmly inquired, “But there’s something I’d like to know first. How were you able to break my curse? It was my masterpiece, crafted with my soul equipment. I was convinced that it couldn’t be broken, not even with an elixir.”

“…..Don’t you know, oji-san? A princess’s curse can be broken with a prince’s kiss.”

“Hihihi! If a curse could be broken so easily with just a kiss, sorcerers would be out of a job. Well, if you’re not willing to tell me, I’ll just take my time until you do. It’s a characteristic of the strong to savor the anticipation—”

Just as the old man attempted to speak and revel further, something unexpected occurred.

It was as if the sound had become distant and muffled, and a pitch-black flash erupted within the Duke’s mansion, releasing a silent shockwave.

The impact even shook the black barrier of “Grand Fortress” that the old man had erected.

“…..What’s happening?”

The old man narrowed his eyes, holding back the words on the tip of his tongue.

A daunting sensation clung to his skin, accompanied by a suffocating dryness in his throat.

He could sense a fear within the mansion that he had never experienced before.

The old man, who had been about to kill the Dragnote father and daughter, experienced a sudden shift in consciousness. He realized he needed to change his course of action.

Soon, a young man emerged from the Duke’s mansion.

There was something familiar about his figure. He was the young man who had visited the cemetery, treating the old man with respect despite his beggar-like appearance.

And there was something else that felt familiar.


Claudia called out the name. It held significant meaning for those who served the Mitsurugi family.

“Sora(ソラ), Sora(ソラ)………. Sora(空)? Ho, HooHoo”

Upon hearing Claudia shout the name, the old man’s eyes narrowed with interest. That name was etched in the old man’s memory, having served the Mitsurugi family for many years.

Mitsurugi Sora, the unremarkable son of the esteemed master swordsman.

“So, you were in Canaria? I see, that’s why you seemed familiar. But…”

Doubt laced the old man’s voice.

Sora exuded an energy akin to a torrent, pulsating power that reverberated through his body and shook the atmosphere.

It was difficult to fathom that this was the same person who couldn’t overcome the trial ceremony. This overflowing energy undoubtedly belonged to someone who had mastered soul equipment. If the old man were to guess, the black katana in Sora’s right hand was likely his soul equipment.

The Illusory Sword Style was an exceptionally rare martial art, and soul equipment was inaccessible to those outside its purview.

If that were the case, this Sora must be Mitsurugi Sora.

However, Sora, who had failed to progress beyond the trial ceremony, had never officially learned the Illusory Sword Style. If someone like him had independently mastered soul equipment, it was truly incredible.

The old man chuckled with a pleasantly low voice. He found it intriguing.

There had been no contact or fondness between the old man and Sora, the eldest son of the family head. However, if Sora had risen from obscurity, gaining power and mastering soul equipment, it deserved respect.

After all, it was a path the old man had once walked.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mitsurugi Sora-dono. I am Jijinbo, a senior member of Seirin. I apologize for not recognizing you earlier.”

Given the circumstances, with the Duke’s house in disarray and the perpetrator present, it was natural for Sora to perceive Jijinbo as a threat.

Indeed, it seemed that Sora shared that sentiment, merely looking at Jijinbo without offering a response. Undeterred, Jijinbo continued speaking.

“Claudia Dragnote’s curse was no different from her sister Astrid Dragnote’s—was the advice provided by this old man helpful?”

The sisters looked at Jijinbo as they heard that, and then looked at Sora. On the other hand, Sora shrugged.

“It was very helpful. The one with eyes as murky as a jailer accused Astrid-sama based solely on her name. In other words, it’s evidence of Astrid-sama’s innocence.”

“Hihihi! That’s truly perceptive. It appears you’ve grown despite your inability to even defeat a sparrow and being exiled.”

Sora responded with an equal amount of malice, much like the old man.

“Well, well. If we talk about exile, then we are quite similar. Your position isn’t much different from mine, is it?”

“Hihihihihihihi! Those are unexpected words. What does this old man, entrusted with a high-ranking order, have in common with you, who was exiled? If what you say isn’t mere delusion, I’d like you to enlighten me.”

“It’s quite simple. If the Mitsurugi truly needed you as a force, you wouldn’t have left the island in the first place.”

Saying that, Sora pursed his lips and gazed at Jijinbo.

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