Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Epilogue part 2 + afterword

(She makes expressions like this too…or have I never seen her face until now?)
Scarlet, Luna had never appeared so to Elena – or herself.
(But he wouldn’t have enthusiastically held her hand just because she’s cute, right!?)
It was possible enough to unsettle.
“Ugh, you sneaky thing. Going on a date, holding hands, getting gifts…”
When I’ve never had such experiences.
“W-While I was deceived regarding hand-holding…”
“You totally enjoyed it.”
“Not at all. It was normal.”
“Hmph. I could ask him about it too, you know.”
“And I could tell him of your rude questioning…”
“Th-That’s making things up!”
“Your questions held ill intent.”
“E-Enough…I meant no harm…”
Expressionless but leaving no openings, her feelings of wanting avoidance and past enjoyment came through.
Being able to read her feelings so easily must be because the topic is Byleth. I can’t think of anything else.
(So you really do like him too…)
One after another, those involved with Byleth are drawn in. Elena younger brother Alan is one of them.
“That bad reputation of his will surely disappear in no time.”
“I honestly can’t comprehend why such bad rumors spread and he came to be so feared.”
“Getting involved with him leads to that. Well. The biggest cause is probably how words got twisted about him being harsh on Sia for her growth… But a young lady he rejected may have had malicious intent in spreading the rumors about him too.”
“I mean, he has all the elements to be popular, right…? Ah, n-not that I think that or anything…He has good looks…a decent personality…and that status…”
Undoubtedly some young ladies approached trying to gain favor through his Marquis status.
Even I get many marriage meeting requests despite being one rank lower.
“So…it’s possible a lady who confessed and was rejected spread nasty rumors out of resentment? Since he’s secretive and doesn’t boast even when he does something praiseworthy, it makes it even easier.”
“I see. That’s not an unbelievable story.”
“Just take it as speculation, don’t swallow it whole.”
For some reason, I feel credence in Elena’s reply.
Just her saying [Understood] puts me at ease.
Glancing at the clock, it’s time we agreed to part ways.
“…Pardon my haste, but I should get going now.”
“You still have more to ask, don’t you?”
“That may be so, but it’s almost time for him to…arrive at school.”
“Is that so?”
(Ah, I want to disappear…who could expect to be asked that…)
It’s rude to lie when parting. Prompted like this, there’s no avoiding it.
To gloss over these feelings, I stand from my chair.
“…It must be nice being classmates.”
“Oh, thank you. And…let me say thanks for one more thing before leaving.”
“When you say…”
“Through our talk today, I realized being ignorant and forcing through lets me make him do what I want.”
“I think that’s unfair.”
“It’s f-fine just a little…right? Ah, let me at least hold hands too…”
My face suddenly feels hot.
Miffed by her [unfair] after probably holding hands the whole date with him, the words slip out.
“Oh, my apologies. Was that aimed at a political marriage?”
“It’s just an earnest wish…”
Hearing Luna’s stunned voice, I could no longer face her.
I return the chair and head for the stairs.
I remembered something I forgot to say.


“Luna. Just one last thing─”
“Even if there’s a status difference, there’s no need to be reserved with others or me. So…if you’re inclined, we could be more friendly by having a meal together sometime.”
Leaving those parting words, I descend the stairs. She’s clever so that alone should convey it.
Honestly, I didn’t want to say it. She’s such a lovely girl, it’s disadvantageous for me.
(…To match up to him, this much is necessary…I think.)
Imagining Byleth for a moment, a vexing smile surfaces.
I give myself a few light slaps on the cheek for now and head back to class.

“Oh, it’s Lady Elena!”
“Really, it is!”
After passing through the front gate and walking from the spacious courtyard to the classroom building with Sia, we spot Elena as she exits another building.
Seems she finished up some business.
“Yo! Elenaaaa!”
“Eek! …Hey, don’t call out so loudly. You startled me, you know.”
“S-sorry, sorry!”
The moment I called out, she flinched her shoulders─(with a sulky face) and came closer.
Of course, it’s me who got scolded.
“Haa… Poor Sia having such an insensitive master.”
“Th-that’s not true at all!”
“Oh! That’s right, that’s right! Say it louder, Sia!”
Happy to get support from my maid, I try again enthusiastically…but I’m mistaken again.
“Honestly…Giving orders like that to create conflict between close friends is why you’re misunderstood as a bad guy. You’re smart so learn some tact already.”
“I-it was just a joke…”
“The number of people who take your jokes as jokes can be counted on one hand, right?”
“Um, Lady Elena…”
“Go on, say it firmly Sia!”
Sensing she’s about to support me, I try once more but I’m still mistaken.
Elena gazed at her with a cold stare. Sia seemed to be forcing a smile that contained something.
“Hey Sia. Why is your master so clumsy? You don’t need to tiptoe around, I wouldn’t have a conversation that leaves Sia out like that. I mean, if I did talk about something Beret couldn’t understand.”
“Fufu, thank you for thinking of me, Lady Beret!”
“Uhh, if you knew that then I wish you would have stayed quiet. It’s super embarrassing…”
“I knew too, so that’s why I said something. I notice when the vibe gets weird.”
“What!? Sia knew too!?”
Sia’s smile that seemed to contain something, it was about this, Beret realized.
Beret was so embarrassed he scratched her cheek while looking up at the sky. Escaping reality.
“Oh that’s right. Because of a certain someone I forgot to mention earlier, but that hair ornament and necklace look great on you, Sia. I’m seeing them for the first time, did you get them new?”
“These were gifts from Master Byleth!”
“Oh~? Then why are you speed walking away, Byleth?”
Trying to escape but I’m quickly caught by Elena.
Sia also seems reluctant to part from her master and timidly catches me.
──The gifted girl, Luna watching that friendly scene from the library window loosened her expression as she observed.

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