Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 23

Prisoner Handover

“I’m the squad leader of the Kate Squad over there, Lieutenant Bruce of the Second Inspection Squad under Akkeshi.”
“I beg your pardon. I am Lieutenant Guz of the First Inspection Squad of the First Patrol Fleet flagship, Akan.”
Speak to me with respect, Lieutenant. Respect.
That’s impossible.
Since we’re both lieutenants, the one who was commissioned first should take command in situations like this.
The senior officer or something.
This doesn’t just apply to the military, right?
Surely not just the Coast Guard… That’s impossible.
“Um, Lieutenant Guz, why are you using honorifics with me? I think Lieutenant Guz should be the senior here…”
“Indeed, Lieutenant Bruce. However, Lieutenant, you are from the military… and from that elite training school, aren’t you?”
Oh, I see.
That’s how it is now.
I graduated from that school, so I’m considered a career officer in the military, so it’s natural for me to take a higher position soon.
That’s unnecessary.
Indeed, if Maria and the others hadn’t interfered, I would have been promoted to captain by now.
And I would have saluted you with a rank two levels higher, floating around without legs. Unfortunately, due to Maria’s, no, Sister Meyrica’s interference, I’m still just a lieutenant.
Damn it, that’s meddling.
“Indeed, I am from the military, but if it bothers you, please refrain from using honorifics since you are the senior here. When I return to the military, I will be a warrant officer, so you will be the superior officer.”
“Understood. Let’s keep it equal then. I apologize for bringing it up so suddenly, but may I ask for an explanation?”
“Yes, I will guide you to the bridge and explain on the way.”
I accompanied Lieutenant Guz to the bridge.
Along the way, as promised, I explained the situation up to now.
By the time we reached the bridge, I had finished explaining about the prisoners and bodies on the destroyer, and I got Lieutenant Guz to commit to handing them over.
Rejoice, Kasumi. We were able to hand them over without much trouble.
As soon as we arrived at the bridge, Lieutenant Guz immediately asked me.
“Lieutenant Bruce, sorry, but can we contact the other ship?”
“Yes, it’s fine. We can talk using the ship’s internal phone. Please wait a moment.”
I replied and then called Kasumi on the other ship.
“Kasumi, can you hear me?”
[Yes, Captain. I can hear you. What is it?]
“Lieutenant Guz of the First Patrol Fleet on this side wants to talk to a colleague on your side. Can you catch him?”
[Yes, right next to me is Lieutenant Daryl of the Second Inspection Squad. Would he do?]
“Lieutenant Guz, did you hear that?”
“If it’s Daryl, that’s fine. Sorry, can you switch?”
“I heard you, Kasumi.”
[Yes, I heard you. Lieutenant Daryl, Lieutenant Guz from the frigate is calling you. Can you take over?]
With that, Kasumi switched the call to Lieutenant Daryl on the other side.
After some discussion between Lieutenants Guze and Daryl over the phone, it seemed they reached a conclusion.
“Lieutenant Bruce. Regarding the prisoner issue you mentioned earlier, indeed, we’ll take over the handling. However, it’s also a fact that it went significantly beyond what I can judge. I’ll leave most of my subordinates here, but I’ll return to the flagship for now. It might take a while for me to be here, but is that acceptable?”
“Yes, in cases like this, inspections don’t end so easily. We’ll wait for the squadron leader’s instructions. Could you convey that to the squadron leader?”
“Lieutenant Bruce. It would be greatly appreciated if you could say so. Also, about the storage where the prisoners are, we’ll send soldiers from our side to monitor it, so rest assured. If you want, we can also bring up your soldiers who are over there. We can also take over the ship.”
“I’m very grateful for your proposal. I’m sorry for the sudden request, but it’s a bit pitiful to have only a few of us there, so could we move them here? Would that be okay?”
“Oh, it’s fine. The entire Second Inspection Squad over there is on standby, so it’s no problem. I’ll inform Daryl right away.”
[Captain, we’re allowed to go over there. We’ll go there right away.]
“Oh, Kasumi. I’ll be waiting.”


After a while, everyone over there gathered on our bridge.
Since there was nothing to do on the bridge, I assigned some people to Maria and the others, but I kept some in the engine room and sent the rest to the officer’s mess to rest.
“Are you okay, Captain?”
Meyrica asked me, so I answered.
“Oh, well, I wouldn’t have a chance to sit in the captain’s seat otherwise. And although there’s nothing to do, we can’t leave the bridge unmanned. There’s the option of taking shifts if there are no officers, but since there are officers present, officers should remain. As for those officers, there are only me and Maria here, so we might have someone else take over, but since I’m here at first, feel free to rest without hesitation. Oh, Sachi will stay on duty and remain on the bridge. Maria will decide who stays in the engine room. Right, Maria?”
[Yes, yes. I’ll stay here, so don’t worry. Leave the engine room to me. Although there’s not much we can do here.]
[Captain, it’s okay. I’ll stop Maria if she goes out of control, so please rest assured.]
[Oh, come on, Kaori. I won’t go out of control.]
“Okay, okay, I’ll leave it to you. Let me know immediately if anything happens.”
[Yes, yes, understood, Captain.]
That last conversation was somewhat worrying.
Oh well, we’ll just have to wait.
Then, three hours later, there was finally some movement.
Surprisingly, the two frigates blocking our path started moving.
Slowly, very slowly, but they were heading towards us.
What are those two ships planning by approaching this ship?
I should probably inform the crew via the ship-wide broadcast, just in case.
He said, [Um, this is the bridge. There’s a change in the situation outside. Two frigates are approaching the main ship. I don’t think there will be a collision, but be prepared for impact just in case. That’s all.]
That should do it.
Those pirates must have damaged their engines.
If there were a sudden impact, Maria wouldn’t know what to do in the engine room, and there could even be an explosion if we’re unlucky.
We want to avoid that at all costs.
After my announcement, everyone gathered on the bridge.
Honestly, everyone seemed bored.
[What’s going on?] [Captain, did you hear anything?] [No, nothing.]
Then Sachi, who had been crowded on the bridge until now, calculated the courses of the two approaching ships and informed us.
[The two ships are approaching, sandwiching the two ships, including the main ship. They’re probably preparing to come alongside.]
[Come alongside?] [Did you figure something out, Captain?]
[If the two ships are coming alongside, there are limited reasons. Well, it’s probably to pick up the prisoners. That destroyer isn’t likely to go far from here.]
[It seems that way. The two ships will come alongside soon.]
Boom Boom Boom
It seems both ships have come alongside.
About twenty minutes after the ships came alongside, Ensign Guz, who had just come to the bridge, came back.
[Lieutenant Bruce, I apologize for surprising you. Since we couldn’t use the radio, this happened, and I apologize.]
[Ensign Guz, I’m sorry to bother you, but could you tell us why the ships came alongside?]
[Ah, it’s to transport the bodies of the pirates on that ship and accommodate the prisoners. Due to the number of people, they came alongside. We don’t have a tube to use. We had no choice but to come alongside to transport the people.]
Indeed, there were more prisoners than the capacity of the ship’s boat.
If we were to transport them with an escort in the ship’s boat, we wouldn’t know how many round trips we’d have to make.
If we could use the rescue facilities’ tube, it would be more rational to quickly connect the tube and move them.
However, if we could use the tube, why did it take so long to implement it?
As I wondered, Ensign Guz apologized to me.
[I apologize for the delay in the operation. After all, we couldn’t make a decision with just the patrol squadron and had to inquire with headquarters, so we waited for their response.]
“[I see. Then we’ll be released soon too, won’t we?]
[No… I’m sorry, but I’ve heard that the overall commander of the First Mobile Fleet, which is about to arrive here, will be responsible for your treatment. We will leave this airspace once the transfer is complete, but Lieutenant Bruce is asked to wait for the arrival of the First Mobile Fleet. Here’s the order. It was issued by the commander of the First Patrol Squadron, but it’s a formal order, so please follow the instructions.]
With that, he took out a single order from his chest and handed it to me.
Once again, it was a formatted order with the commander’s signature, printed using the ship’s printer.
With this much effort, we have no choice.
I read the order, saluted Ensign Guz, and conveyed that I accepted the order.

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