Before the tutorial begins chapter 34

Chapter Thirty-Four – Jupiter, the Girl Who Will Be Called “Black Lightning of Wrath

Dungeon City City of Sakura – Dungeon #336 [Eternal Darkness] First Midpoint “Pleasure Quarter

This is big. I

can’t believe that the Artilleryman who just joined is the mid-boss of the Grand Route!

What a bomb you dropped on us, Szilard-san!

Jupiter is one of the craziest and most dangerous enemy characters in the world!

Don’t just dump such a huge problem on us! You pleasantly villainous Ikemen!

“What is it, Kyoichiro? You suddenly started scratching your head… Oh, I get it! It’s that Chuuni disease thing, right?”

“Absolutely not… I just felt a little dizzy.”

Calm down Kyoichiro. Now is not the time to be angry about the tactlessness of the Haruka Aono.

I was a little disturbed to meet her in person, but think about the efforts of the past two weeks.

Ever since Szilard-san confirmed her name on the documents, I’ve been working diligently with Al to prepare.

I have thoroughly considered the risks.

All the analysis is long over.

So now all I have to do is move forward without hesitation.

Okay, let’s start with a brief introduction!

“Welcome to our party, Jupiter-san. I’m Kyoichiro Shibicheeee!”

I screwed up.

I messed up saying my own name.


“Kyoichiro Shimizu. Please treat me well. And this is…”

I quickly finish my greeting and walk over to Haruka to hide my embarrassment.

Damn it! This wasn’t supposed to happen!

“Haruka Aono desu! Nice to meet you, Yupi, Yupi… Oh, is there any particular way you’d like to be called?”

“….Anything’s fine.”

“Got it! Then Yupi-chan (temp) ‘kay! Nice to meet you Yupi-chan!”

“….You too.”

Loud Haruka easily drowns out the fountain, while Jupiter greets with an almost inaudible voice.

They seem to be quite the opposite couple… No, as if there’s anyone else like the Haruka Aono. Oh well.

“Sorry to come right to the point, but let’s start with the briefing. Ah, this isn’t the best place, so let’s go somewhere else. Jupiter-san, you booked a hotel, right?”

“Yes, I have a reservation… But since I’m short on funds, it would be a great help if I could stay at Kyoichiro’s place.”

“Got it. Then how about a little welcoming-slash-housewarming party with snacks at my place?”

“….Thank you.”

The silver-twin-tailed girl bows deeply in gratitude.

It’s hard to believe she’s the Jupiter with manners like that. But the answer is certainly true.

No split personality or doppelganger, just different timelines.

Jupiter before she joined [the organization].

If you define her now, that kind of phrase fits best.

Dungeon City City of Sakura – Dungeon #336 [Eternal Darkness] First Midpoint “Residential Area

Now in the living room of the rented house.

We quickly settled the new resident in and held a simple banquet with ready-made side dishes and soft drinks.

“Let’s toast to our new party member moving in.”

We raise our glasses filled with amber liquid to each other with a “kanpai” (happy).

It’s ginger ale. Don’t worry.

It feels kind of childish, kids getting together at lunchtime for a junk food party.

But I love those times. Super love them.

“Jupiter-san, you’ve been an adventurer for a while, right?”

When I casually threw out the question, it came out polite for some reason.

Well, politeness is useful, especially with someone you just met. You can’t really go wrong.

“Wow, Kyoichiro’s serious speech pattern. Since it’s going to crumble quickly anyway, shouldn’t you just start being casual?”



I shove chicken nuggets into the mouth of the curious Haruka Aono and focus on Jupiter again.

Those ruby eyes look really villainous. Seriously, such a criminal face.

“You can drop the polite speech with me. I’ll do the same. If you prefer to be polite, I’ll correct it.”

“No, casual is fine. I’ll be frank too.”

Haruka nods knowingly, her cheeks stuffed with nuggets.

Why are you being so haughty…

“Anyway, back to my question – how long have you been an adventurer, Jupiter?”

I casually throw another light jab.

If I want to know more, this is the place to start.

“About two years. Since I came here when I was ten years old…all the time.”

Ten! Even though I knew this from game knowledge, hearing it from her is quite shocking.

A world where ten-year-old girls have to work is pretty twisted, right?

Having lived in a world without swords or magic, it’s not something I can just let pass with a “when in Rome” attitude.

Not that I’m going to become one of those misunderstanding types who yells “This world is wrong!” while exalting my own culture. I’m not planning on that at all, but it still feels awkward.

“So you joined Szilard-san’s group and have been partying for ten years… Yupi-chan, you’re amazing!”

“That’s not true. I’m a foreigner, so James took me in out of charity. To debut and immediately break records like Haruka-tachi, now you’re really amazing.”

Probably not just modesty.

“Burning Sword, Blazing Iceblade” has a strong aspect of mutual help between foreign immigrants.

So Jupiter probably joined under Szilard-san’s protection.

The Empire is strict with foreigners and demihumans.

Especially for the race called Beastfolk, some noble factions still hate them like snakes and scorpions.

Foreigners like Jupiter and Szilard-san are treated about a billion times more politely than Beastfolk, but still face harsher punishment if anything happens.

Well, most races are like that, and it’s necessary to protect their spirit stones and divine revelations.

If wanderers could just come in and take whatever Divine Revelation they wanted, adventurers around the world would be scrambling to raid each other’s dungeons.

Those who enter as adventurers will be forced to naturalize, while those who don’t will be banned from dungeons and related facilities-that’s the law of the land.

Moreover, even if one chooses to naturalize, one must register a KataCarne rendering of one’s original name.

Even with names, this is the state of affairs.

At ten years old, the foreign girl had little choice but to come to the Empire alone.

The treatment of the Beastfolk is another story.

“I was passed around numerous parties in James’ clan… probably because I can’t control my power well. Being transferred to your party was also probably because I was considered useless…I think.”

“I don’t think that’s true.”

I swallow a ginger ale for encouragement and address her negativity.

“Szilard-san was really worried about you. He said [contact me immediately if anything happens].”

“Just pretty words to assuage his guilt for dumping me.”

“You think that refreshingly villainous guy would say such pretentious things?”

“….A fair point.”

She must have some complaints about this pleasantly sneaky Ikemen scoundrel.

Jupiter nodded slightly.

“But it is true that I have been passed around. I’ve even wounded companions in battle. Objectively, I’m very difficult to deal with.”

“….What are you trying to tell us, Jupiter?”

I ask the silver-haired girl with all my strength.

“If you don’t want to join us, I’ll talk to Szilard-san to get you back into Blazing Iceblade. If you want to join us, you’re welcome, of course, and if you’re considering other options, I’ll advise you. So tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I…. “

A silver-haired girl, her voice thin and strained, drones on and on about her thoughts.

“…want to do my best in this party. I have nowhere else to go and I don’t want to cause James any more trouble.

But I’m dangerous. I don’t want to hurt you either. So I wanted you to know that.”

These were words of thoughtful goodness that spilled from the girl’s earnest heart.

How many people have the courage to tell new companions that they’ll be sharing joy and hardship with “I’m dangerous”?

It must have hurt, it must have been agonizing.

She could have played it off and still told the truth.

She’s very strong and kind.

I must respond to her utmost sincerity in kind.

“Thank you, Jupiter. I also want to have an adventure with you – ah, let’s drop the stiff talk – with you. It’s a party of eccentrics, but let’s do our best together.”

“….Thank you.”

With a slight bow, the silver-haired girl delicately takes a salad sandwich.

I’m forced to take an egg sandwich as well, while the Haruka Aono has an armful of mixed sandwiches.

…personalities really show through things like that, huh?

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