Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 7

So first, sorry about this, Netsuhara Eien.
“I’ll have to make you taste humiliation.”
Netsuhara lets out an displeased voice.
“Let the match between Netsuhara Eien and Amamori Yuuto begin.”
The female student judge calls out.
Everyone is certain I’ll be instantly killed.
Even the judge student seems to be bracing herself to stop things immediately.
I hear Asahina-san screaming from afar.

I step right up to Netsuhara.
A surprised voice comes out.
Netsuhara stands still with a look of shock on his face.
–So I just casually punch his face.
Together with an ugly scream, Netsuhara’s body spins vertically several times.
His momentum carries him crashing into the ground.
No more screams can be heard from around.
Everyone has their eyes open wide, frozen, as they watch.
The only ones moving are me who punched him and Netsuhara who was punched.
“Wha-, what the, what is…”
Netsuhara mutters in confusion and frustration.
Like he had done earlier, I step on his head with my dirty shoe sole.
Netsuhara opens his eyes wide seemingly unable to comprehend but.
When I put strength into my trampling foot, anger surfaces in his eyes.
“I held back… Can’t you tell, Netsuhara? The force wasn’t real.”
I lower my voice so only he can hear.
I went easy on purpose. If I win, see, it’ll stand out right?
If things end here, it’ll look like you were just weak.
Come on, do your best. Strong Netsuhara.
There’s still work I need you to do.
“I’ll let you win properly so go on, stand up.”
I can see his body clearly trembling, loud teeth grinding can be heard.
He sweeps my foot away with strength and takes a few steps back to glare at me. Netsuhara somehow stands but his body sways, clearly still damaged.
Anger and frustration surpassing that.
Various emotions mixed together show in his eyes.
I briefly glance Kurotsuki’s way.
Won’t say much. See it.
I’ll show proof that a mundane person has surpassed you.
“Come at me seriously, Netsuhara.”
I’ll declare it.
Today, I’m destroying your concept of [Genius].



“Don’t get cocky…! I ain’t done yet!”
A clear superior. Negligence and arrogance. A match undertaken leisurely with confidence from easily bringing down Class C’s top. All that was shattered in an instant.
Netsuhara must be furious, trying to hide his agitation.
“I’ll kill you!”
Netsuhara unleashes a sharp fist… He trained in martial arts or something? It’s an amazingly crisp fist unlike an ordinary person’s. No wonder Sakuma got done in.
But you think something like that will work on me?
A one-shot counter at point blank range.
Blood spurts from Netsuhara’s face and he staggers back panting.
“Wha-, what is, happening–“
The flustered Netsuhara and Asahina-san who can’t comprehend the situation. I briefly glance Kurashiki’s way. She’s making a surprised expression but also sends eye contact my way.
‘Is this really okay, standing out this much?’
Well… No, it’s not good. But even so, in this situation, there’s no future where Class C wins unless I do this. It can’t be helped. Yeah, it can’t be helped.
Sending that feeling in response, I get ‘Liar’ through eye contact from Kurashiki.
I return ‘Back me up please’ with my eyes, and sensed her sighing.
“Maybe… Amamori-kun has really ‘good eyes’…or something.”
As Kurashiki utters those seemingly ‘reasonable’ words, attention gathers.
Now then, what kind of excuse will she give? I’m a little excited.
I can see Netsuhara is also focusing on Kurashiki. To gather information in front of the enemy… Has he started being wary of me to that extent? Well, doesn’t change the outcome so it’s fine.
“Just luck…is what I thought but maybe not. It could’ve been blessed good fortune from heaven! His true power being the divine eyes said to see all creation! Avoiding lethal blows from Kirido-san, dodging Kurotsuki-san’s attacks, it was not coincidence but inevitability! Something like that, yes!”
“U-Umm… Yeah! Probably!”
Tendou-san nearby picks up on Kurashiki’s explanation.
Receiving her explanation, the students focus on me.
So it’s gone from luck to kinetic vision huh. …It’s hard to adjust my position and stance as the character setting of [Amamori Yuuto] hasn’t quite solidified yet.
Also Kurashiki-san. You’ve been looking at me like ‘Are you sane?’ this whole time but please don’t worry about that.
Even after punching Netsuhara, in the end I won’t stand out.
I’m standing here after properly considering that much.
“I see… So you weren’t just a small fry.” Netsuhara’s unpleasant voice can be heard. “But! In this school, the strength of one’s power is paramount! No matter how excellent your ‘base,’ a small fry power like yours is lower than bugs to my [Blessing]!”
“A blessing… So it really was!”
I knew he was a blesssed ability user when he got Sakuma.
Netsuhara wipes the blood flowing from his nose and crosses both hands.
Sparks burst from around him as he does and he grins convinced of victory–
“I’ll praise you! You couldn’t make me use my pow-Guheh!?”
A dropkick to the face.
As he’s blown away, he holds his face in a squat and I look down at him expressionlessly.
“Don’t talk, just use your power.”
It’s not just him, but many first years still can’t use their powers properly.
Even if it looks invincible, there is always a standby time from ‘deciding to use the power’ to ‘the power manifesting.’ So aim for that opening.
Even if the ability specializes in speed, there are countless ways to deal with it.
…Huh, Kirido? Don’t say foolish things.
“Wai-, he was…that strong?”
I hear Karasuma’s amazed-sounding voice.
Were we able to clear away some of the despair, I wonder? The atmosphere felt a bit stifling so I think it’s about time we changed the air.
“Th-This…! I’ll kill you…!”
Netsuhara closes in on me with his anger on full display.
I promptly evade and seize one of his arms, twisting it to his back and stomping that back.
Commonly called ‘hyperextending the joint.’
“Don’t move. I’ll break your bone if you do.”
“…Kh, y-you…!”
Just as he’s squeaking, I crush the bones in his wrist.
Netsuhara’s entire body is drenched in cold sweat as he strongly bites his lip.
Looks like he didn’t scream. Admirable for a student.
He looks back at me over his shoulder…and fear dwells in those eyes.
“–Don’t worry. I’m serious.”
Say I’ll break it, and I’ll break it. Say I’ll kill, and I’ll certainly kill.
You’re my enemy right? Then there’s no hesitation or doubt.
From what he read in my eyes, he grinds his teeth forcefully.
And–I noticed something was off shortly after.
“…? This is–“
I release his arm and take great distance.
The roused students tilt their heads at my actions…and the next moment, open their eyes wide seeing Netsuhara stand up… Because the ground around him had gone muddy.
“…Tch, finally used it huh…”
“S-Sakuma! You okay!?”
Looking back, it seems Sakuma who had lost consciousness woke up.
“My power…was completely ineffective. In other words, his ability perfectly nullifies heat. Or…it has to be a heat power surpassing mine aside from that.”
The ground melts with Netsuhara at the center.
The heat singes my skin. My eyeballs tingle and dry up, inhaling makes my lungs scream. This is too much, so I cover my mouth with my clothes. Well, that’s like sprinkling water on hot stones though.
“You…made me mad. Amamori…was it? Your face is so small fry I can’t remember your damn name!”
“Netsuhara, excessive provocation just makes you look stupid.”
Or could it be you’re just bad at remembering names?
No, you have to properly remember other people’s names. It’s rude not to.
I was about to continue when in the next moment, I reflexively thrust out my right hand.
An ‘iron lump’ flies toward my palm at tremendous speed. I unconsciously tried to catch it but… I hear flesh burning and pain runs through me, so I quickly let go of the iron lump.
“This is…”
Looking at my palm, a large burn scar remains.
Steam gushes up intensely from the iron lump rolled at my feet, blocking vision.
Huh, isn’t this pretty dangerous? My sense of danger passes through my head and disappears.
Looking ahead, Netsuhara’s body has changed to a dull red color.
His skin is steel, the air around him is flames itself.
For me who can only punch and kick, that figure is like a nightmare.
Rarely see compound abilities but… I see. His power isn’t just heat, it seems. Even Kurotsuki would have a hard time with this.
“I’ll kill you–[Molten Iron Blessing]!”
From him as the center, tremendous pressure spills out.
The air quivers from the heat.
The heat blasts out as shockwaves, blowing back my bangs.
“Is this…something I should touch?”
“Go ahead and try, shitty insect!”
Netsuhara yells and charges out at the same time.
Compared to before…his movements are unchanged. No, they actually feel slower to me.
His whole body turned to iron. Of course his movements would dull. But this is–
(Ah, almost…!)

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