I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 2

“…Huh? We can’t enter the country?”
I blurted out in a stupid voice when I heard the shocking news at the reception desk.

“We apologize…while we can only allow entry into the [General District], entering the [Special District] where the Magic Library is located presents difficulties, so we cannot allow you all in…”
The receptionist bowed deeply and looked apologetic.
We can’t enter the land…? But Aldi contacted them magically and got permission, didn’t he?
“Um… I’m pretty sure I got permission properly.”
“Yes. We received a message from Mr. Aldi through the Magic Institution, so we can grant permission to enter the Magic Library. However, we cannot allow you to enter this district.”
No matter how much Aldi asked in confusion, the answer was still no entry allowed. Moreover, we could enter the library, but not “this district”… what did that mean?
“In other words, in order to reach the [Special District] where the Magic Library is located, you have to pass through the [Restoration District], but with your lack of self-defense, we cannot allow it due to the high risk of you all being harmed as ‘Hero Party Members’.”
“And… excuse me, but even with Mr. Aldi’s verbal favor, considering your D rank, we cannot guarantee your safety compared to them…”
The receptionist explained simply. Oh, I see…
“How annoying…”
Understanding why we couldn’t enter, I shrugged my shoulders, too lazy.
“In short, since we have to pass through the [Restoration District] to reach the [Special District] with the Magic Library, and since we have no self-defense, we could easily get hurt there, you cannot allow us to enter. Is that correct?”
“That is correct. In addition, the [Restoration District] is home to many demi-human races with deep-seated grudges from being enslaved and mistreated by humans during past wars… Without proof of your abilities, we cannot casually allow you in.”
When Rafine asked, the receptionist bowed her head in apology.

This land, Rivulhilo, was under the protection of the [GrandHelt Empire], a nation that prioritized supporting the hero.
The Great Helto Empire occupied thirty percent of the territory of the Helto Continent.
As one of its protected states, Rivulhilo naturally supported the hero.
The hero and his party received ninety percent discounts at practically every inn, restaurant, weapon shop, and various other places, and were welcomed with open arms by most of the populace.
To give you an idea of how welcome they were, the hero could freely break into houses, rifle through dressers and other places, and the country wouldn’t bat an eye. Oii, Arrest them like common criminals!
Rivulhilo was basically divided into three districts:
The [General District], the [Special District], and the [Restoration District].
As the name suggested, the [General District] was ordinary, open to anyone with an entry permit, and occupied eighty percent of Rivulhilo.
Most of the residents lived here. The crime rate was low, and the city was well-developed and livable.

Looking at this area alone, Rivulhilo seemed to be a pretty nice country. Thanks to the low taxes, the standard of living was indeed high and comfortable.
However, the other two districts, the [Special District] and the [Restoration District], were different.
As the name suggested, the [Special District] was special, closed to the public, and only those with licenses were allowed to enter. It was unsuitable for living, and it was forbidden to stay there.
One of the [Doors to the Magic Library] existed here, and it also contained deep, bottomless valleys like the [Valley of Ordeals].
Rumor has it that it was an area used for experiments by the Grand Helto Empire… well, there are various shady rumors about this area. Even the name was changed from [Valley of Grudges] to [Valley of Ordeals].
And finally, the [Restoration District].
This area was devastated when a sudden “demon” attacked Rivulhilo a few years ago, and even now, years later, it is still under restoration.
Many of the residents are demi-humans who were brought here as slaves in past wars. Some hold a grudge against the hero who failed to save their families and friends when the “demon” attacked the city, arriving one step too late.
“This timing sucks…”
When I came to this land before, I just got permission to enter the [Restoration District] and went in normally.
At that time, there were certainly some demi-humans who did not like humans, but most of them were friendly to me. I could also enter the General District normally…
“If it were only Lady Letinoa from [Attack], we could allow you to enter…”
The receptionist looked at Leti. Leti could defend herself, so there wouldn’t be a problem.
“Then, Leti. We’ll part ways here. I’ll enter the country alone-“
“Nooo! I don’t want to go without you!”
When I tried to sneak into the [Magic Library] without permission, Leti clung to me and stopped me. Damn it… let go! Let go, I said!
“Now hold on, Jirei. Leave it to me.”
As I tried to pull Leti away, Aldi stepped in with a confident look on his face.
Looks like he had a plan. Although it’s your fault for not contacting her properly and getting the details first.
“Hey Missy. Do me a favor, ‘kay?”
“I’m very sorry, Mr. Aldi, but even the headmaster of the academy cannot grant entry.”
“But you’re not saying we can’t enter at all, are you?”
“I cannot allow you to enter on my own judgment without guaranteeing your safety.”
“It’ll be fine! Jirei is D-rank but super strong, and I think those two black-haired and blue-haired girls are too. I’ll even escort them myself!”
“Yes, but…”
“C’mon, please! I’m begging you!”
When she tried to refuse, Aldi moistened his round eyes and begged desperately in a spoiled, pampered cat voice. His manner was so adorably feline that I saw the receptionist falter.
A few minutes later:


“I-I understand. Then, with Mr. Aldi escorting you… I can approve your entry under that condition…”
Thanks to Aldi’s persuasion, or maybe she just couldn’t resist his cuteness, the receptionist spoke.
“Oh! Thank you so much! You’re really helping me out…Hehehe…”
Turning away so that the receptionist couldn’t see, Aldi smiled a most evil grin, as if muttering, “Just as planned. Really shady, seriously.
…Well, whatever. If we can enter the country, that’s enough.
Only I have business with the Magic Library. Rafine and the others don’t have to come. For now, we’ll enter, then I can somehow go to the [Special District] by myself later… Probably dangerous though.
With the approval granted, we went to get our entry permits, but–
“Don’t allow it. Don’t allow it.”
A cold male voice came from behind us.
At the same time, the immigration people around us began to murmur uneasily.
“But with Mr. Aldi escorting them, there shouldn’t be a problem…”
“Didn’t you hear me? I said no. Don’t talk back.”
Red hair, golden eyes.
His features were elegant, with long lashes and sharp eyes that even gave off a sensual impression.
He was a very handsome man. Maybe as handsome as me.
The man walked towards us with a dignified posture and spoke in an arrogant, commanding tone.
“Be grateful. I, the [Genius] Hero, command you all. D-class, white mage, black-haired woman, [Attack]. Get out of my sight immediately.”


“…Well, suddenly appearing and greeting us like that is quite something. As I recall, the hero has no right to order others around, right?”
“So what? I’m telling you useless little fries to disappear. Hurry up and disappear.”
I protested his rude attitude, but he glared icily and continued ordering in a tone that brooked no argument.
Silently I watched the man.
The first thing I noticed was the pure white body armor he was wearing.
At his waist was a [Holy Sword] with a red sheath. His gauntlets, armor, grieves… they were all of the highest quality.
But more striking than all of them was this:
“What is it, D-rank? Don’t look at me with your muddy eyes.”
When I saw the beastly wolf ears on his head, which don’t exist in any race, I understood. And my eyes aren’t muddy, thank you.
A wolf demihuman.
Their characteristic features were wolf-like appearance, highly developed sharp claws and fangs that could easily scale high walls, and excellent physical abilities. They lived in various places on the continent far north of here, the [Vestia Continent], which was mostly inhabited by demihumans.
However, the man in front of me had no claws or fangs, and he looked completely human except for the ears on his head. …He was probably a half-demihuman who had strongly inherited human traits.
“Oh, I see. You humans are really insufferable.”

The man clicked his tongue in irritation and complained bitterly. Huh, why is he mad at me?
“Ah, that’s not what I… I’m sorry if I offended you. I just thought you looked unique.”
“Hmph…thoughtless words.”
Realizing my mistake, I apologized. I did something bad.
Even now, years after the end of the war, there were still some humans who looked down on demihumans.
Half-demi-humans were ridiculed by demi-humans for being “neither human nor half-human, just defective,” while humans also despised them as “tainted beings. It had improved from the past, but there were still some heartless people who discriminated.
He probably felt that I was looking down on him. But I really hate those things.
“The [Genius] Hero,” you say? We have no reason to obey your orders. Besides, we’ve only just met, so you’re being way too rude. Please take back your words.”
“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s a natural law that the weak obey the strong. You should just shut up and obey.”
“That’s not right. We don’t obey just because we’re weak.”
“Oh? That is a brave front. You powerless little fries claiming your rights as if you were first class citizens. Ridiculous.”
When Rafine and Eve argued back, the man dismissed them with a contemptuous shrug, as if making light of them. No matter what we said, his attitude didn’t change, and the argument grew more heated with tit for tat. Annoying…
…At this rate, there would be no reconciliation of opinions, only parallel lines. We were also attracting attention and I felt uncomfortable. Time for me to step in firmly and settle this amica–
“Hey, let me talk–“
As I moved toward the man, I felt a tug that made me stop my foot.
When I looked back, Leti was clutching the hem of my clothes.
She seemed somehow frightened, head down, lips parted, eyes wavering uncomfortably. What’s wrong?
“Leti? What’s wrong?”
When I asked, she just shook her head quickly from side to side without saying a word.
The usually loud, boisterous Leti was silent, just bowing her head.
Now that I think about it, Leti had been acting strangely ever since that man showed up. She was hiding behind me, not saying a word.

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