Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: The Mother and Daughter Next Door Turned Out to be the Evil Leader and Top Henchman We Defeated

That day. The day of the final battle with Cleared.
After a fierce battle, Banshokuger defeated the last high-ranking member, Ailsherad, and finally reached the lair of the supreme leader.
“Let’s go, everyone! Lend me your power!”
“Red! Please…!”
“Finish this, end this long battle!”
“Do it, Akashi-kun!”
After intense combat, the Absolute Annihilation Cannon, detached from the damaged combined battle robot Milliocolor, is activated with the support of the team’s power.
“Green! Please!”
“─Fire it, Red! Final Boost!”
I pour the last push into it. The flow of power, like a waving grassy field of emerald, is absorbed into Red’s back, and the Absolute Annihilation Cannon he holds emits a brilliant light.
(We can do this…!)
With the immense energy appearing at the muzzle, I am convinced of victory.
The last opponent I saw before firing it was…

[Will you defeat me, humans…]

A giant face with an innocent expression, floating alone in the void.
The leader of the sinister organization Cleared, who controlled thirty percent of the world. Revered as the Abyssal Great Mother and the Mistress of the Deep.
Like a god, like a Buddha. Her expression is pure and innocent.

[Will you choose to live a life of uncertainty, betrayal, and disappointment?]

It’s a question. The face tilts slightly.
(Have I been seen…?)
Closed eyes, an illusion that they turned towards me. Red’s powerful voice dispels the restless thoughts.
“We will not accept the peace stolen from human hearts! This is the end, Cleared!!!!”
Yes, focus on defeating the opponent in front of us and ending the battle.
I send the power of green──my power to vitalize life──once again.
“Burn with our flames! Absolute Full Color Cannon!!”
A myriad of colors is released. It is absorbed straight into the center of the supreme leader, and a colorful explosion fills the surroundings.

“It’s over…”
At Red’s voice, I open my eyes that had been closed in the extreme light aurora.
What remains is a gaping hole piercing through Cleared’s secret base and the blue sky visible through it.
The supreme leader is gone without a trace. Everything at the deepest part of the supreme leader’s quarters has been blown away.
“We won, huh?”
Someone’s murmur echoes in the blue sky.

I desperately thaw my frozen thoughts in my memories.
“Huh? Green? You came over?”
The fact that she calls me Green means she knows my true identity. I’ve managed to keep the secret of the person inside hidden from the Banshokuger organization, revealing only my transformed appearance to the media.
So, it can’t be someone related to Banshokuger… That’s impossible. I don’t recall seeing this young girl’s face anywhere in the world branches.
Except for that final battle, where she appeared as the distorted form of the supreme leader.
“You are… Who exactly?”
Having a vague idea of the answer, I temporarily release my arms around Ashella-san. It’s then that I notice she’s trembling intensely. I shift my gaze to her in my arms.


Ashella san face turned pale and she was shaking half-crying.
I put my hand on her shoulder again and called out to her
“What’s wrong!? I understand that it might be shocking to be seen by your daughter, but…”
“A-ba-ba-ba… Ah!”
The light of reason returned to her bewildered azure eyes. Immediately after, I was pushed in the chest with a thud.
“Ah, Ashella-san?”
In stark contrast to the sweet atmosphere just moments ago, she separated herself from me and pressed her own chest while glaring at me.
Furthermore, the color on her face was that of fury.
“Midori-sa… No, no way! You, bastard! Banshoku Green!!”
In response to Ashella-san’s outburst, I once again find myself in bewilderment.
(What? How she know about me? Why is she angry?)
With a question mark on my face, I look back at Ashella-san, who is now shaking in anger. She abruptly separates from me and clutches her chest, glaring at me with an expression of intense emotion.
“What’s wrong with you!? I get it if you’re shocked to be seen by your daughter!”
She remains calm. In fact, I’ve thought this before, but she possesses a composure that doesn’t match her age of ten. She walks into the living room confidently and comes right up to me.
With a poke to my chest, she playfully wiggles her fingers.
“Hey, we were supposed to be passionately clashing, you know? For the past month or so, I’ve been wondering when I’ll meet my end.”
There’s a suspicion that the rising doubt might stand up again. The doubt that I once believed was a mistake.
The moment she showed that fleeting innocent expression, Ashella-san’s blue eyes.
“No, no way, you guys—no, you…”
Smirking, Taratat lifts the corners of both her mouths.
“Yes, indeed. I never introduced myself properly. Former Clearord Great Leader, Taratat.”
To my trembling self, Taratat smoothly points behind me.
“And that’s Chief Ail Sherad… but well.”
Caught off guard, I turn around. I am at a disadvantage. I turn around in panic.
“The one who tempted Green, who had clashed with us, seduced our sworn enemy, and ended up sucking on the lips of an opponent I couldn’t get enough of—was me, me, me!”
With hands on the floor, sweating like a waterfall, Ashella-san… no, Chief AilSherad, mumbles in a daze.
“No, well, AilSherad is like a code name, and Ashella is my real name, so it’s the same.”
“Don’t say it in first person as if it’s a narrative!.”
“I left you alone because your lovey-dovey moments were amusing.”
“Cut it out.”
I unintentionally continue the conversation. I shake my head vigorously, pointing my finger at Taratat.
“No, not that! How you guys alive…? What are you planning!”
As I speak, I consider my retreat. Dealing with these two alone. There’s no way I can match them. Somehow, I need to get through this and confront Banshokuger with all of us.
(But can we really win…?! The Milliocolor, the decisive battle machine, is still under repair…)
However, Taratat lightly waves her palm, showing a casual gesture.
“No, no. We lost to you, our power is almost gone. We somehow survived and are just living a normal life now.”
“Normal… Is it even believable…?”
Suddenly, the thoughts when I tried to believe in them come to mind. They could have easily killed me if they wanted.
(If they still had their original power… But)
Shrugging her shoulders as if to say “oh well,” Taratat looked at me.
“I thought you surely had figured it out by now. But well, we’re the losers here. We’ve resigned ourselves to being teased, humiliated, and finally killed.”
“What do you think you’re taking me for, huh? “
I couldn’t help but retort calmly. Surely, their tastes weren’t that extreme.
(However, I wonder if these guys won’t cause any trouble from now on.)
“We won’t do anything.”
Once again, Taratat says as if she knows my thoughts.
“We declared war fair and square for world domination, fought against you, and lost. There’s no point in seeking revenge now.”
The defeated girl declares boldly, as if she’s the ruler of this place.
“If that makes you uneasy, well, you can kill us now. If our humanoid form is destroyed in our current state, we’ll surely disappear.”
Shrugging, Taratat opens her pajamas, revealing her heart—her strikingly white chest.
“Eh! I won’t allow it, Taratat-sama!”
Rising from her previously prone position, Ashella san or Ail Sherad jumps up, inserting herself between me and Taratat.
“I allowed him into this stronghold, which was my oversight…! I will handle this, so please escape!”
She shouts primarily at me, and her eyes, which were not so guarded before, now show a strong sense of caution.
(This is bad!)
After all, a few minutes ago, I had thought that I would be responsible for her in the future.
Even if I’ve known her true identity and tossed aside those concerns, being seen like this—
Ail Sherad’s torn scream brings my consciousness back. Light, the power field of color, gathers around her body, taking shape.
“Ail Sherad! Stop!”
“My apologies, Taratat-sama! Please Forgive me for bringing shame upon you! “
As the dialogue unfolds, a radiant glow suddenly emanates.
“All right…! Combat form deployment successful!”

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