The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Ice

A night passed since the Royal Palace Murder Cookie Incident.

I miraculously survived from the afterlife, pondering the beauty of life with the victims.

“Tomorrow isn’t something to take for granted, huh…”

“The sunlight feels so warm in the heart…”

The sunlight streaming in from the corridor window is dazzling. The scenery I saw after eating the cookies was more, well, dark, cold, and chilly… Ah, let’s stop thinking about it. This is absolutely not good.

“Well… it’s been a while since I had Luche-sama’s murder dish, but it’s still quite something. I almost ended up going to the other side.”

“You’ve been avoiding Luche-nee’s cooking all this time. You still lack experience.”

“You’re a regular victim, Al-sama.”

“Yeah… I’ve eaten Luche-nee’s cooking more times than anyone else.”

“Even if you boast about your near-death experiences…”

Hey, cut it out. Don’t look at me with such pity.

“But, thanks to that, I survived this time. I came up with a way to avoid going to the afterlife.”

“Was there a way to deal with that murder cookie!?”

“There was. Basically, all you need to do is survive without getting lost in the afterlife.”

“Is this about food?”

“That’s when I thought… if you want to return to the mortal world, just follow someone who knows the way back to the mortal world.”

“I see…”

“In other words—my decision to follow the kindly person with a scythe wasn’t wrong!”

“Al-sama. That’s the Grim Reaper.”

…Let’s not dwell on the details. For now, let’s savor this warm thing called life.

“But that damn old man… even though he always said to let him know when Luche-nee is coming back…”

“It was really sudden this time. It’s typical of Luche-sama, though.”

“Thanks to that, I couldn’t prepare my stomach and mind.”

“Ah… it’s certain that we’ll be eating murder dishes…”

The maid’s pitying gaze is painful.

“Ugh… it’s all that father’s fault for not saying a word when Luche-nee was coming back! …Hey, father! I don’t know why you called me, but let me give you a piece of my mind!”

In retaliation for the surprise attack of the murder dish, I opened the door to the office and—-


The silent corpse (father) lay sprawled on the desk.

Incidentally, next to the corpse were what seemed to be fragments of cookies, and in passing, Luche-nee and Charlotte stood with curious expressions.

“Oh, you two. You’re late.”

“Good morning, Al-kun. Makina-san.”

“Oh, uh… good morning… Huh. Father, what happened?”

“We were just about to eat cookies made by Luche-sama…”

“Perhaps father is getting old. His stomach got full and he fell asleep suddenly.”

“I see… he fell asleep…”

“Ahaha. If he fell asleep, there’s nothing we can do. Ahahaha.”

While I was inadvertently looking distant, Makina was shaking her body without changing her expression. Apparently, the fear of death was etched into her body.

It’s understandable. We barely returned from the brink of death.

(Probably, he thought it was made by Charlotte-sama and let his guard down…)

(Rest in peace, poor father…)

Charlotte’s cooking process is so clumsy that it stirs up a storm of death, but it’s also mysterious. Strange as it may seem, the finished dishes are very delicious. But when Luche-nee gets involved, it turns into poison.

Let’s pray for father’s peace for now.

(However… how did Charlotte manage to stay safe?)

(She probably didn’t taste it. That’s how she unknowingly escaped danger.)

The tricky thing about Luche-nee is that she tastes it herself. And yet she thinks it’s “delicious,” which is despairing.

But the possibility of anyone other than Luche-nee surviving after eating that poison is almost zero. If Charlotte had tasted it, there’s no way she’d be alive and here.

Indeed, unless we make the impossible possible…

“It might be that, like yesterday, Luche-sama’s homemade cookies were too delicious. When I tasted them, I was amazed by the innovative seasoning.”

You’ve got to be kidding me!!

(…What in the world?)

Makina seems unable to process the shocking statement. I understand her feelings.

I never thought there would be anyone besides Luche-nee who could survive after eating that potent concoction. And especially someone so close by.

“Perhaps using such ingredients in cookies opened the door to an unknown world of taste.”

Close that door.

“Hehe… Looks like I gave Charl-chan an electrifying experience. Is it okay to admire me?”

“I admire you!”


“If there’s another opportunity, I’d like to ask for another lesson.”

Don’t ask.

(I’ll make sure to keep track of Charl-sama and Luche-sama’s schedule from now on.)

(Please do. It’s for the sake of protecting our lives.)

It’s strange. I feel like our bond with the subordinates has deepened. Makina must also value her life dearly.

“……………………Looks like everyone’s here.”

After managing to revive Dad (it seems like the electric shock Luche-nee gave him did the trick), we could finally get down to business. I’ll refrain from complaining about his near-death experience.

“First, Luche. Your studies abroad were quite a trial. I read all about your achievements in the reports.”

“It wasn’t that much of a trial. Life over there was quite stimulating and enjoyable.”

“…It seems you caused quite a commotion.”

“A commotion? Excuse me, Father. I’m a royal, you know? The first princess? I don’t recall doing anything as barbaric as ‘causing a commotion.'”

“Hmm. I heard you dueled with students there shortly after starting your studies and sent over fifty of them to the infirmary.”

“Shaking hands. It’s nostalgic now… It was quite an electrifying experience.”

“…It’s also been said that the students who were sent to the infirmary are now all your followers?”

“How rude. They’re not ‘followers,’ they’re fans who support me. Don’t get it twisted.”

“…There’s also a report of you occupying the auditorium and causing a disturbance.”

“A disturbance? What an uninspired and tasteless expression. It was a ‘live’ performance. I recommend correcting that report with electrifying speed.”


Father seems to be desperately swallowing his complaints.

But Luche-nee, with a confident face, seems completely unaware.

“Phew… Father seems to be so moved by my electrifying achievements that he’s speechless. There’s no room for complaints, it seems.”


Father seems to be desperately trying to swallow those complaints.

But Luche-nee, with a face full of confidence, seems completely oblivious.

“…Well, reports also say that your study abroad significantly improved the efficiency of ‘Fragments’ extermination. Your accomplishments are outstanding. You were the quickest among the three study abroad locations to suppress ‘Fragments’ occurrence rates.”

“I don’t have a hobby of dawdling around. I’ve been wrapping things up in a electrifying flash. But more importantly…”

Luche-nee’s gaze shifts towards me and Charl.

“While I was away, it seems quite a lot of electrifying events happened here, didn’t they?”

A duel with Leo-nii. A massive ‘Fragments’ attack triggered by a girl named Lucille, and the theft of the ‘King’s Garment Ring.’

“I’m sorry, Charl-chan. My Leo caused you harm. Let me apologize on his behalf.”

“No… It’s also my responsibility for not noticing his suffering. I should have realized. I feel guilty.”

“You don’t need to feel that responsible. It was that idiot who tried to bear it all alone, and it’s the responsibility of our royal family for not stopping him. I’m not going to make Charl-chan bear that burden.”



“In that case, adorable little Charl-chan, feel free to become my sister-in-law. But I never expected you to become Alfred’s fiancée. It was quite a shock when I heard that news.”

While she seems to be having fun, Sister Luche is sharp. She excels at seeing through to the essence of things. Now, her eyes… eyes that seem to see through everything, are directed at me.

“…You seem different, Alfred. Is there something you want to tell me?”

She probably still doesn’t know about the duel with Leo. My determination that day. Yet, she seems to sense that something is up.

I didn’t intend to hide it, but as always… I can’t hide anything from her.

“Don’t hold back. Say whatever you want. No matter how electrifyingly shocking, I’ll take it calmly.”

Then, I’ll take you up on that offer and speak without reservation.

“Sister Luche. I’ve made up my mind. I’ll become king in place of Leo!”

“Huh!? Really!? That’s like, super electrifyingly shocking!”

There goes the calmness.

“Wow. You, a king… Hmm?”

Sister Luche gazes at me curiously, as if pondering over something strange.

“I see… So that’s why Father asked him to come over here.”

“That’s right.”

“Him? Who are you talking about?”

“Oh, right. You and Makina were sleeping until just now, so you couldn’t greet him. Well… it’s also a matter of whether these cookies are too delicious.”

There are many things I want to retort to, but let’s stay quiet for now. The conversation won’t progress at this rate. There are indeed many things I want to retort to.


Suddenly, a small bird flies into the room.

Covered in a faint light, it’s likely a familiar summoned by the power of the magic ring, a Fragment.

“It’s a Fragment. It seems to have appeared near the northeast outer wall.”

“There should have been a barrier on the outer wall of the capital to prevent Fragment outbreaks… Ah, it must have been destroyed during the attack.”

“The northeast outer wall hasn’t been repaired yet. But even so, nothing happened this past month… Well, I’ll go check it out.”

The curse left by the Night Witch—the Fragments.

Monstrous creatures of unknown origin that cannot be countered without the magical power of the Fifth Attribute possessed by royalty.

I possess the same magical power as the Night Witch, the Sixth Attribute. This detestable power is still a means to counter the Fragments.

“Al, I’ll accompany you.”

In the past month, Charl has been accompanying me more often when Fragments appear.

She possesses the magical power of the Fifth Attribute, and she’s also skilled in healing magic. Having someone who can provide swift treatment to the wounded is invaluable.

“Got it. And Luche, you—-“

“I know. Let’s see what skills my grown-up little brother has. But well… there may not even be a role for you, let alone me.”


“It’s nothing. Now, let’s go quickly. Protecting the people is the duty of the royal family.”


Leaping out of the window and into the sky, the ring glows in response to the name I uttered.

A special magic ring held by royalty… From the Ring of the Royal Garments, the spirit I contracted, Arsène, appears and dances in the sky.

Eventually, the spirit covers my body, forming clothes and equipment from its power—the Spirit Armor.

Arsène’s characteristics are its dual swords and speed.

After landing on a rooftop, I dash towards the northeast where the Fragment appeared.

The view of the capital under reconstruction passes by like a flowing river, and the distance to the scene shrinks rapidly.


The northeast outer wall, still under repair. The reconstruction site is being engulfed by black flames.

The screams of people and the unpleasant smell of civilization being burnt to ashes fill the air.

Lizard-like creatures clad in black scales.

A month ago, the [Fragments] of giants that ravaged the capital were also humanoid lizards. In the current situation where wounds had not fully healed, they were the kind that could instill fear just by their presence.


Close to the humanoid lizard.

There are people stumbling and falling on the ground. Perhaps the trauma from a month ago resurfaced, making their legs unsteady. At this rate, they’re just easy targets.


“S-Someone… anyone…!”

Kicking off the roof, flying through the air. Descending in an arc aimed at the humanoid lizard scattering flames, adding rotation to the body while falling… and slashing!


The blades of the twin swords struck, and a spray of miasma gushed out like blood from the cracked jet-black scales.

“A… Third Prince…?”

“Get out of here.”

“Y-Yes! Thank you…!”

Though entangled, the civilians who were falling behind began to move their feet again and ran away.

“Hmm? Looks like you’ve been keeping up with your training. Well, you’ve always been diligent in that regard.”

I thought I had moved quite a bit ahead… but has Luche-nee already caught up?

“It’s okay now. You’ll recover soon… [Healing]!”

Nearby, Charl was using healing magic to treat the injured who couldn’t move.

…Did Luche-nee carry her here? Despite carrying Charl while keeping up with [Arsene]’s speed, Luche-nee’s lightning-fast pace was still remarkable.


A beastly roar erupted. Simultaneously, heat swelled up.

“…………Uh oh!”

I realized too late. The humanoid lizard emitted flames from its entire body, scattering jet-black flames in all directions, burning everything to ashes.

Instinctively, I stood in front to protect Charl, who was focused on healing, slashing the jet-black flames with two swords… but with only two swords, the flames spread too fast, creeping around the surroundings.

The area was quickly covered in scorching jet-black heat, burning the skin. It was like a hellish inferno born in this world.

“Damn it! It’s hot…!”

Perhaps due to the ongoing reconstruction, materials had accumulated around, which was unfortunate. The fire quickly spread to the residential area with overwhelming speed.

This fire wouldn’t disappear even if we defeated the [Fragment]. Extinguishing it with water attribute magic was necessary, but we needed to cut it off at the source first.

“Luche-nee! Evacuate those around–“

“….No. It’s no longer necessary.”

Contrary to the raging flames around her, Luche-nee’s voice was terribly calm.

Before questioning the meaning of those words, the world changed.

“—-Manifest. [Undine].”

A voice echoed from somewhere. And with it, a raging chill.

In an instant, while my eyelids descended, all the scorching heat disappeared, and the entire area was filled with freezing glaciers.

“This is…!?”

A mist of cold covered the field of vision. After it cleared in an instant…


The humanoid lizard that had been spreading the rampage of scorching heat moments ago had turned into a silent ice sculpture.

“My father called for not just me from his study abroad.”

Luche-nee, who had somehow appeared next to me, spoke calmly along with her white breath.

“An alliance of nations ruled by royalty with [Fifth Attribute] magic. One of them is the northern superpower, the Iverpel Kingdom…”

As cracks spread across the frozen [Fragment], it shattered.

In the midst of the fragments being stirred by the wind, a young man stood.

“That one over there is the Second Prince of that place —- Noelle-Noir-Iverpel.”

The young man standing there exuded an atmosphere like a sharply chilled sword from his entire body.

A calm and ruthless expression. Yet, while his azure eyes resembled ice, somehow, they conveyed a burning heat within.

“The Ice Prince, pride of the northern superpower, and despite being the same age as you, the Second Prince who is currently considered the closest to the throne.”

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