Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 52

Mob No.52: “Then let your life senior treat you all! Everyone, to the stalls! All you can drink!”

After the terrorists were captured and the lively noble gang was apprehended, a grand celebration party started in the evening at HQ.

Especially the three, [Jet Black Devil], [Crimson Goddess], [Feathered Helmet], were surrounded by loads of media.

Lambert Riagras aka Ikari-kun was extremely nervous but the latter two seemed used to it.

Arthur also had media swarming him with Sayla clinging tightly, appealing herself.

Amidst that, I finished refueling and ammo resupply, and was going to have the proton torpedoes I left in their care returned but….couldn’t.

Apparently those lively folks had taken the proton torpedoes me and others left, so they said they’d return them after checking in case sand got in when they crashed in the wilderness.

I think sand getting in is unlikely but seems it’s just in case.

Proton torpedoes are basically consumables so replacing them with new ones is fine, but they’re fairly pricey so I decided to wait for their return.

I’m sure the maintenance soldiers would like to join the celebration party too for their safety inspections and maintenance but I’m truly grateful to them.

The reward will be sent to the mercenary guild later so I had planned to return before the celebration started.

If I joined and got caught up with some weirdos, especially not knowing [Blue Hornet], it’d be awful.

So I moved my ship to the very edge of HQ, and decided to stay put quietly inside.

Listening to the faint cheers, after finishing checking the roster of participants, I had the meal of skewers, coffee, and hardtack bought at a stall on the way home, firmly locked the door, then laid in the makeshift bed and started reading light novels.

Protagonist Side: Arthur Lingard

Finally freed from the media, fatigue came crashing down.

To be frank, dealing with media is tougher than shooting down enemies.

“Are you alright, Sir Arthur?”

“Feeling a bit exhausted…”

Worried, Sayla suggested we return to the tent early.

Just as we were about to return, Mr. Bernard, Ms. Morise, and Levin came over.

“Yo kid. Looks like you got swarmed by the media.”

“More tiring than combat…”

Mr. Bernard had a cup seemingly containing alcohol in hand,

“Still with her huh? How ’bout me instead sometime?”

Ms. Morise suddenly put me in a headlock.

Having her chest hit my face and getting whispered to makes me feel odd.

“Urgh…it’s hard…to breath so let…go…”

“Ms. Morise! Don’t cling to my Arthur!”

“Whoa, kidding, kidding.”

When Sayla yelled at Ms. Morise, she immediately let go.

To avoid getting caught again, I spoke to Levin.

“Hey. Seems you got some big results.”

“Could say that. No match for [Black] [Red] [Blue] [Yellow-Green] though.”

I fist bump Levin in greeting.

He taught me this greeting.

“Those four huh…. Especially [Yellow-Green Helmet] is on another level.”

“And [Red]’s amazing too. Making sure those crazies could only crash land while disabling combat ability isn’t easy I’d think.”

“Mr. Uzos could probably could manage it.”

The outstanding Mr. Uzos could probably pull it off.

While thinking that,

“Had some nice skill huh. Hit missile pods perfectly into the bunker gunports from 2km away after all.”


Ms. Morise reported Mr. Uzos’s accomplishments.

Hard to instantly believe but Ms. Morise has no need to lie so it must be true.

“With skill like that, I wonder why he’s staying at Knight rank? I sort of understand it’s troublesome but…”

I asked Ms. Morise something I’d been wondering for a while.

“Same for me. Bishop rank and up, troublesome stuff increases and responsibility too. Knight rank is more carefree and better.”

Her answer was the same as what Sayla had heard before – Ms. Morise is also someone staying at Knight rank.

“What about the man himself?”

“Probably went home already. And I was gonna treat him!”

“Isn’t it normally you who treats as senior?”

When Levin asked Mr. Bernard about Mr. Uzos, quite a convenient response came back.

Latching onto that rationale, Ms. Morise jumped on it.

“Then let your life senior treat you all! Everyone, to the stalls! All you can drink!”

“Hold up! I heard you’re infamous for freeloading! Stop! We’ll lose our rewards!”

Mr. Bernard desperately tried to stop Ms. Morise heading to the stalls with a desperate expression.

Well, exchanges like this are one form of comradery between mercenaries.

Protagonist Side: End

The next morning, while the sun hadn’t fully risen yet, I went to maintenance, got the proton torpedoes, then asked what happened to those lively folks.

The noblewoman had protested invoking her father’s name but that didn’t work on the count, and she was disowned by her father it seems.

Her gang was in a similar state, and along with the noblewomen, as they were proper military personnel (the noblewoman was a captain, the others lieutenants and sub-lieutenants), they’ll be court martialed it seems.

Furthermore, looks like they tried to flee dissatisfied so their crimes became even more severe.

Well, the obvious result I guess.

While early morning, quite a number of people were already moving about.

People making food at the field kitchen, people running the stalls selling food.

Especially the stall folks intend to sell as much as possible it seems.

Either way, once breakfast service is over they’ll start packing up.

I got breakfast since I had the chance, and was eating at one of the tables when someone sat across from me.

I thought it might be hero boy for a moment but it was someone else.

Someone else, but an outrageous person had come.

Are you familiar with supremely hot guys?

Even someone like me completely disinterested in entertainers or actors can tell [Ah, this guy’s a hottie] – someone at that level had sat across from me.

By the way, supreme beauties exist too but I haven’t met one.

He looked around high school age, unlike the lively folks in casual clothes he was properly dressed in a military uniform so I could tell he was garrison or one of the count’s troops.

“Rough yesterday, huh…”

Huh? Why’re you suddenly talking to….doesn’t seem like it though.

As someone slightly introverted, getting abruptly spoken to by a stranger is extremely tough for me, so I’m grateful he doesn’t seem to be addressing me.

“Our whole clan’s military family, and the old men like my dad and uncles are all heavy drinkers with nasty drunk temperaments…so cleanup and nursing them is really awful…. Can’t yell at the people I respect either…sigh…”

After spouting some incomprehensible complaints, the mystery hottie made an utterly exhausted expression and deeply sighed.

I can somewhat understand the reason for his sigh.

Being underage at a drinking party must be boring, and he probably couldn’t escape since they’re relatives.

Most of all they’re probably higher rank in the military so he can’t reprimand them either I guess.

But why did he start complaining about that to me, a complete stranger?

Oh, is he waiting for me to ask [What’s wrong?]

If so, that’s extremely annoying.

Or maybe he’s just spouting complaints he can’t tell anyone here?

If that’s it, I wish he’d lower his voice, and think he should go to a hospital soon.

Well, he’s here so must have participated in the operation, and seems to be having some troubles, so I’ll let it slide.

After around 5 minutes I finished eating, leaving the hottie as is, and left the area.

I was worried about getting caught by someone but most were passed out drunk in the early morning, not waking for minor things.

So I swiftly moved to my ship, quickly boarded, and left planet Taura.

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