Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 2 Prologue


I always felt like I was moving forward into the light.
There was never any doubt in the path I was running on, and I believed that a brilliant future lay ahead. I had always believed that.
It’s not like I wanted to become a solitary figure.
I thought that if I followed the path I believed in, others would naturally follow me.
And indeed, I had many companions.
Those who followed me did so naturally.
So I could still believe in my own path.
I felt strongly that this path was not wrong.
But two years ago, I came to realize something.
The future ahead of this path was definitely not bright.
When I could no longer believe in the path I had been following, there was no one behind me anymore.
Before I knew it, I was left alone.
The companions who followed me had long since drifted away from me.



(…I see.)

I suddenly realized that there was a part of me that had grown cold inside.
I had come to realize that I had been spinning my wheels.

(What’s the point of trying so hard… that’s just lame. It’s okay to be moderate…)

Since no one would follow me anyway, there was no point in trying hard alone.
I decided to abandon my own path.
The path I had believed would lead me to the light beyond.

So, I came to hate basketball.

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