Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

After that battle, the awakened Al and Ray had grown stronger, and several others in the unit had also awakened, enhancing their might. Moreover, other soldiers were exhibiting signs of awakening as well, estimated to further raise combat power.
While it was a welcomed misjudgement, perhaps it was dangerous for that very reason.
But now I turned my eyes from the window back to the documents, pondering with head lowered.
Increasing the soldier count was good, but costs rose accordingly. Without funds, I could only take from what I had.
“Looks like I’ll have to negotiate with merchants after all.”
Listening to the soldiers training, I softly sighed before returning to work.
After grappling with the documents for nearly an hour, I finally sorted them out. Heading to the courtyard, the soldiers had just finished training too.
Though all were exhausted, one unit still seemed spirited. At the head of these overly vigorous troops, with bandages wrapped around him, was Al.
“Captain Romelia, training complete.”
Al straightened his back to report. Lately Al had been calling me Captain. I almost missed his earlier insolent tone.
“Is that so? What were the results?”
“Yes, Captain. The Romelia Unit achieved overwhelming victory.”
When asked, Al confidently reported. The soldiers behind also proudly puffed out their chests.
Al and the others called their own squad the Romelia Unit.
Since they preferred it themselves, I let it be. But because of that, their morale was high, movements sharper and livelier than the other troops. Even against veteran forces, they exhibited evenly matched strength.
“I see. Good work, everyone tried hard.”
The soldiers happily straightened up when I said a word of encouragement.
Their growth was remarkable. Especially Al and Ray’s performances were outstanding.
Al had an instinct for detecting the enemy’s vulnerabilities and then explosively decimating them.
While Ray was still about the same as a regular soldier, his swordsmanship grew sharper daily, his ability increasing by the day. Most importantly, his talent for commanding soldiers had blossomed.
He could grasp the soldiers’ actions in his head, not just his own troops but even manipulating the enemy’s at will.
Additionally, Al and Ray had awakened to magical power, standing above the rest.
Their companions beside them were also not one to fall behind, training tirelessly and growing daily.
Even from afar, it was clear. Right now they were shining radiantly, living a golden moment. This was welcome and congratulatory, but also worrying for that very reason.
Because Prince Henry who traveled with me had been like this too.
When we first embarked on our journey to defeat the Demon King, we suffered many setbacks. The Prince and I overcame adversity, striving to learn and grow.
Even faced with frustrations, our efforts bore fruit. The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from conquering challenges. Just recalling those wonderful times set my heart aflutter.
But along with the success, it also drew in calamity.
From a certain point, the Prince had grown accustomed to success, believing it was only natural. That he was blessed by the Heavens. Not only that, it was almost as if he thought he was God.
Perhaps love had blinded me, as I failed to notice the Prince’s changes at all.
I should have left his side when I realized he had changed. But thinking that my “divine grace’s” effects fading could lead to the Prince losing his life, I found myself following him uncontrollably.
I absolutely could not let a second Prince come about.
I still didn’t know how greatly the “grace” had acted. While it seemed to have some localized effects, the major impacts probably hadn’t come into play yet.
But Al and Ray’s awakening. That was doubtlessly the effect of the “grace”. The power to usher in propitious conditions possessed by the “grace” had likely prompted their awakening.
While it was thanks to that power that we still lived, relying on it was dangerous. Even if the “grace” granted us fortune, we must not depend on fortune to fight. I had to make sure we could attain the victories we should even without the “grace”.
“…I have a task for everyone next. But I have other work, so please complete the mission on your own.”
“Understood, leave it to me.”
Ray answered on behalf of the soldiers. He straightened his back to meet my expectations.
Just seeing Ray’s face made my chest hurt. But it wasn’t pain from the wound.
What I hoped for now was their failure. Precisely to prevent them from becoming complacent from continuous victories and successes, I wanted them to lose. But without the “grace”, deaths might occur if they were defeated.
“So Captain Romelia, what is the mission?”
Since I didn’t continue speaking, Al asked.
“Let’s see… The location is Kilie Ravine. Subjugate the demons inhabiting that land.”
I relayed their next mission.
Kilie Ravine was about three days north from here, barren land with only rocks. Many demons made it their habitat and though armies had repeatedly been dispatched to subjugate them, all returned futilely.
“I believe this will be a rather prolonged subjugation. So please go as the advance party to construct a bridgehead. Once I finish work here, I will bring reinforcements.”
“Yes sir! Leave it to us!”
Having heard my orders, Al and the other soldiers saluted strongly. Seeing him pained my heart again, but I pretended not to notice.


After sending off the soldiers to Kilie Ravine, I left Karulus Fortress by carriage, heading east to Miredo City.
Though it was to negotiate with merchants, I didn’t directly enter the city. Instead I took a day to detour, arriving at the Carresia Abbey.
“So this is Carresia Abbey?”
Alighting from the carriage, I looked around before the abbey.
The abbey was located by a lake. It had a small farm field and livestock pen. It was an ordinary abbey seen everywhere, with nothing particularly notable about it. In fact, even the people living in this land barely knew of it until recently. It was a completely obscure place.
But now, residents from the surroundings had lined up in a long queue before the abbey.
Looking at the queue, some had bandages wrapped around them while others coughed painfully. They were all injured and ill, gathered here to receive treatment.
It seems Carresia Abbey provided free treatment to the wounded and sick.
Glancing around the abbey, the abbots busily ran about between the injured, judging the severity of wounds and illnesses. While I waited nearby in line, a young woman noticed me and came over. She was probably a trainee abbess.
“You must be a noble, yes? May I ask your business at Carresia Abbey?”
The female trainee greeted me politely.
To put her at ease, I smiled and answered.
“A pleasure to meet you. Are you with Carresia Abbey? I am Romelia of the Grahm Earldom.”
“The earldom!? Um, what business does my lady have with our Carresia Abbey?”
She was quite surprised when I gave my lineage. She must find it odd for an count’s daughter to appear in such a place.
“I have matters I wish to discuss with Abbott Norte here. Please pass on the message if you would.”
“P-Please wait a moment!”
After my request to relay a message, the flustered female trainee rushed toward the abbey. Soon she ran back. Such a spirited girl.
“Abbott Norte said he will see you. However, he is busy treating patients and wounded currently and cannot step away. Please wait for a while, my lady.”
Having an count’s daughter wait must have terrified the young trainee. Unproperly dealing with this, she may even have risked decapitation. Though of course I wouldn’t do that.
“I understand. Then I’ll wait for a bit.”
I had anticipated it would go like this from the start, so I was prepared to wait.
“But, um…that is…it may be quite a while.”
The woman apologetically stated the facts. Which I also already knew.
As they handled people in order starting from those with the most severe injuries or illness, I, uninjured and well, would of course be last. At this rate, it would likely be until nightfall, perhaps even later.
“That’s fine. No matter how long, please call me when it’s my turn.”
Since I had anticipated it beforehand, I brought some work along. I could finish it while waiting.
And while grappling with documents in the carriage, I noticed the sun had already sunk to the horizon by the time I looked up.
Glancing around, only a few people remained in the patient queue and the woman who had relayed messages came again.
“Thank you for waiting. The Abbott will see you now.”
“Thank you for passing on my message.”
I politely thanked her, and the trainee abbess nervously lowered her head.
While higher status often provided more convenience, treating them politely could also discomfit the other party, making things troublesome at times like this.
Walking with the trainee to the abbey, I noticed she lacked vigor in her steps. Her fatigue was evident. Only natural after handling patients all day.
“Come to think of it, I never got your name?”
“Oh, I-I’m Mia, Lady Romelia.”
When I asked, she hastily volunteered her name, lowering her head for not introducing herself.
“Mia is it? You’ve worked hard today too, haven’t you?”
As I tried to comfort her, she grew more flustered.
“N-No, I’m just an errand girl.”
“Even so, I think you’re doing your best.”
I praised Mia. Even menial tasks had to be done by someone. And anyone who strove at their work earnestly was a good person.
Perhaps unaccustomed to compliments, Mia’s face turned red with embarrassment.
“No, I’m useless. Even after practicing for dozens of days, I’ve only grasped the tiniest bit of healing skill. Others in my group have already started treating the injured while I’m just a talentless failure.”
Mia lamented her ineptness. Hearing that gave me pause.

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