Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 3

Now, it’s probably enough of a tour.
At last, the time had come, and I fully abandoned the last vestiges of my conscience… Here I goooo!
With this, I’m invincible… Let’s do this.
“Could you… take off your clothes?”
I said it… I said it… There’s no turning back now.
But if I were to ask her to stop now, she probably would.
However, as her skin gradually became exposed, my gaze became fixated, and I couldn’t say anything.
By the time her uniform buttons came undone, and her cleavage was revealed, I was done for.
Perhaps it was my age, but just seeing her cleavage got me at the peak of excitement, and at this point, I was beyond even recognizing how despicable my actions were.
Yet, even that desire for her faded away when I saw something… unexpected.
“What… what’s that?”
Beautiful skin? Plump cleavage? Flashy lingerie?
All of that became irrelevant as my eyes caught sight of the vivid scars on her arms.
I’d only seen something like this in manga or drama before.
At least, I never imagined someone I knew… no, someone I had even the slightest connection to, would do something like this.
Honestly, I was speechless.
Looking at her naked body… well, she still had her underwear on, but just seeing those scars was enough to kill any arousal and instead leave me feeling repulsed.
“Why… why is that…?”
But before I could say more, Aisaka reached for her last line of defense, her underwear, and I grabbed her arm.
“W… Wait… Wait!”
“Wait,” I command, and Aisaka faithfully obeys, freezing her hand.
Even with her hand stopped, Aisaka continues staring blankly at me with that dazed expression.
“…What are you spacing out for? There’s an unresisting woman right in front of you.”
Unlike that lady from town, Aisaka is already exposed to me.
With her like this, exposed before me, whatever I do won’t stay in her memory. There will be some cleanup afterward, but if I’m careful, she’ll think nothing happened.
And then Aisaka will continue her normal, everyday life… Phew.
But, well, if I can do anything, then I can ask anything.
In this state, Aisaka is my puppet, and if something bothers me, it’s worth asking about.
“Why those scars…? What happened?”
As I asked, Aisaka’s shoulder twitched.
She shouldn’t have any consciousness, but maybe she feels something unconsciously, considering she harmed herself.
“I… “
After a short silence, Aisaka opened her mouth.
“I had a boyfriend.”
She had a boyfriend… That confirmed what I already knew.
They went to different schools, not ours, but… wait, did she say ‘had’?
“He was my childhood friend, and we’ve been together since we were kids. We went to different high schools, but we were dating since middle school. If nothing happened, I think we would have stayed together.”
“Yeah… And then?”
“And then… he…”
At that moment, tears spilled from Aisaka’s eyes.
However, because there was no change in her expression and tears were flowing, it was a somewhat eerie scene, but Aisaka continued speaking.
“But it was just my one-sided feelings. He no longer cared about me and was dating someone from the same school.”
“…And then?”
“I confronted him, saying that it was cheating. But he just shrugged it off, saying that he didn’t care about me anymore, while kissing his affair partner.”
What the hell is that… The more I hear about it, I’m surprised something like this could happened around me, while also thinking that guy is a total scumbag.
Well, I’m no different, trying to take advantage of Aisaka however I wanted – I’m a scumbag too. But still, I never expected the kind of cheating that only happens in manga could be going on with one of my own classmates…
“That’s not all, right?”
I haven’t been cheated on, so I don’t know how painful it is, but I felt there was still something more to Aisaka’s story, so I asked.
My intuition seemed to be correct, as Aisaka nodded and continued.
“Cheating… of course, it hurt. But he went on to tell my parents all sorts of things. And Mom and Dad believed him, so I became the villain.”
“Why would they do that…”
Isn’t it normal for parents to believe in their own daughter?
Isn’t it a parent’s responsibility to question the other person for what they’ve done…
“He was well-liked by Mom and Dad. So when he played the victim, Mom and Dad believed him… and they keep saying it’s my fault for not understanding his feelings!”
As her language became more intense, the amount of tears increased.
I couldn’t help but take out the handkerchief from my pocket and wipe away her tears, but even so, the words she had been holding in her heart didn’t stop.
“I loved him… I loved Mom and Dad too. But suddenly, everything turned against me, and everyone started treating me like an enemy… I don’t know what to do anymore.”
Everything she had believed in had turned against her… I see, I may not have had such an experience myself, but seeing her like this, I’m not so insensitive that I can’t guess what’s going on.
“And… what about that?”
“Yeah… it wasn’t like I wanted to die, but when my heart was in pain, feeling the pain gave me a sense of relief.”
“…I see.”
So that’s the cause of her self-harm…
After that, she stopped speaking, so Aisaka must have confessed all the words she had been holding in her heart.
The person under hypnosis can never lie… This is all the truth hidden within Aisaka.


“Aisaka… you always seem cheerful in class. You’re always talking happily with your friends… You haven’t told anyone, have you?”
“Yeah… there’s no point in telling anyone.”
“…I think your female friends would reach out to help you, though.”
But I guess she didn’t want to worry anyone… Aisaka is kind.
But… I see… so that’s what’s been going on.
Their voices always reach me because they’re so loud and lively…
they were always so noisy, always so lively and cute with their smiles.
“You have been carrying that darkness…”
I can’t get a girlfriend, and that hypnosis app was dangerous… While I was thinking about that, Aisaka had been walking in the darkness all this time.
The darkness that left scars on her arms… Finally, I realized that her cloudy face I saw in the middle of the city was not a fake.
“Put on your clothes.”
I couldn’t possibly do anything to her anymore.
Even though I couldn’t erase the fact that I had seen her bare skin without her knowing, as long as it didn’t get out, it would be fine.
“Ah, her eyes are red, and her makeup is ruined.”
I can’t fix this anymore.
If I try to fix this messed up makeup, I’ll end up looking like an over-the-top cougar.
“Putting your boyfriend aside, it must be tough to have your parents see you that way.”
I’m in no position to say anything about the troubles she’s dealing with.
We have no relationship whatsoever, and I’m just a stranger… Aisaka and I are just classmates who talk a little when our eyes meet.
“For now, the handkerchief… oh.”
I tried to let go of the handkerchief, but Aisaka grabbed it tightly, so I couldn’t let go.
Could it be that she’s still under hypnosis? I thought, but she’s still in a hypnotic state.
“Could you let go?”
I said so, but she still wouldn’t let go my handkerchief.
For a moment, I thought about let her keeping the handkerchief and retrieving it later… It’s not like I’ll be in trouble if I lose one or two handkerchiefs, but Mom bought them for me… Plus, it would be bad if the owner were identified.
“But… I’ve realized once again how powerful this app is.”
She obediently followed the command to undress, and it even revealed the truth that Aisaka had hidden… It’s truly an incredible power.
The smartphone’s battery is down to half… After confirming that, I turned my gaze towards Aisaka, who continued to stare at me.
“don’t think there’s intend to die… but if I push myself any further, Aisaka…”
I didn’t want to think about anything more than that.
Even though Aisaka and I aren’t close enough to be called friends, it wouldn’t be pleasant if someone who I recognized disappeared for such a reason.
“Aisaka… I’m sorry. Well, it wouldn’t reach you now anyway, and besides, I’m just a piece of crap.”
But… If I hadn’t asked Aisaka about her circumstances like this, there would have been a timeline where I selfishly did whatever I wanted to her out of desire… It seems I still can’t become a complete scumbag.
“Life isn’t just about men. Aisaka always seems to enjoy herself in class, and she has many friends she cares about, right? Unlike me, You’re liked by many people.”
…I’m starting to feel sad saying this.
“Anyway! It’s a complicated issue when it comes to family, but first, forget about the guy who betrayed you. Aisaka is such a beautiful girl; she’ll attract plenty of better guys.”
I said that and stretched my body.
As I crackled my neck and shoulders, I took a deep breath… and then exhaled, letting out my feelings all at once.
“I would have really enjoyed my peach-colored paradise if it’s not for this. Seriously, what a waste… I wanted to touch Aisaka’s big chest.”
I’m saying nothing but terrible things.
Not just Aisaka, but any woman…no, even a guy would be completely put off by what I just said out loud. But Aisaka simply continues staring at me with those listless, empty eyes, not changing her expression at all.
“Life has its ups and downs. Maybe you’re sad like this now, but soon you’ll meet something so funny that you’ll laugh out loud.”
Seriously, what position am I in to say such things?
While patting Aisaka’s shoulder lightly, I stood up, and I managed to retrieve the handkerchief she was holding.
“Aisaka is hopeless! Alright, let’s find the next girl~!”
Or rather, I have to become a bit more despicable.
I was supposed to have already made up my mind… to become a villain, to become the worst scumbag!
This is the last time I’ll let my prey escape… Alright, wait for me, next girl! This time, I’ll definitely do it!
“Sorry to bother you~”
As soon as I left Aisaka’s house, I canceled the hypnosis app.
She’ll probably be confused at first because I suddenly appeared at home from school, but she’ll quickly calm down and return to normal.
After walking a certain distance away, I looked towards Aisaka’s room with the curtains drawn.
That Aisaka… I never thought she would become a girl who endured it alone to that extent and hurt herself.
“I see.”
I manipulated the smartphone I held and pulled up a certain image.
It was a photo taken by Aisaka under hypnosis, showing her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend, who he cheated on her with.
After staring at it for a while… I walked in a direction different from the way home.


Maybe… I’m just stupid.
What I did to Aisaka was undoubtedly despicable, but thanks to this supernatural power of the hypnosis app, I feel like I can do anything.
Certainly, I felt sorry for Aisaka when I heard her story, but more than that, I regretted that I wanted to do whatever I wanted… I wanted to do perverted things.
“This is proof that I’m getting cocky… I need to be careful not to trip over myself.”
But well, if I can think like this, I can probably rest assured.
It’s getting a bit dark, but I’ve already contacted home, so it’s okay if I’m a little late.
“Well then, there they are.”
Ahead of my gaze, two people, men and women are walking.
Even from a distance, their faces match the ones I checked on my phone… In other words, they are Aisaka’s ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend.
As they approach, their voices naturally become audible.
“Hey, hey. How’s that girl been since then? Is she still crying?”
“I don’t know. But being abandoned by her family is a masterpiece.”
“Terrible, isn’t it? ♪”
“It’s funny, so it’s fine, right?”
…Good grief, they’re talking so openly.
Both of them have this confident Yankee fashion, unlike me… Hmm, I guess I shouldn’t say much about Aisaka’s taste… Well, maybe there’s a childhood friend bias too, so let’s leave it at that.
“Who’s this guy?”
Standing in front of the two of them, I said,
“Hey, lend me your face.”
Seriously, I’m getting too cocky.
But all of this is thanks to this hypnosis app.
(Aisaka, I saw you naked, so as an apology, I’ll do something for you. The hypnosis app removes the walls in the other person’s mind… That’s why I know Aisaka doesn’t really care about this childhood friend anymore and even dislikes him. So I’ll give him some kind of satisfying punishment.)
Yeah, this is like a thank-you for Aisaka showing me her naked body… What am I doing?

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