Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 16 part 2

‘Oh my, it seems an interesting life form has slipped into this ship.’
Her words don’t reach the Earthling.
As he tilts his head, she creates a wormhole in front of her and takes a book out from there.
In just a few seconds she flips through it, immediately closing and tossing the book back into the wormhole where it’s stored, and lets out a light sigh.
“The language of Earth. How simple.”
“Is this understandable?”
Looking dumbfounded, as he nods she sits down on the steps leading up to the throne, looking satisfied.
“Well done coming here, intruder. I’m bored, you see.”
“You the next enemy?”
“That’s right. Come at me if you have the courage. I welcome you to try.”
At that moment, my body is smashed into the ground with a crunch.
I realize while desperately maintaining consciousness that this is due to the overwhelming pressure of her presence, not being crushed by something invisible.
Without using any abilities, just the overwhelming sense of existence.
Killing intent and pressure take form, assaulting my whole body and pinning me to the ground.
“Huh? What’s wrong with you?”
How, how can he stand there!?
He doesn’t feel anything from this pressure!?
“Oh, you’re standing?”
“Did you do something?”
“…Shall we find out if you attack me?”
Following her words, showing overflowing hostility, he rushed out as if he knew nothing.


Seeing him jump and raise his fist, his whole body dyed gold, she raised the corner of her lips.
His fist heads towards her.
Letting out a silent scream, his fist is blocked right before touching her, as if by an invisible wall.
His body bounces off, echoing a roar that shakes space itself.
As he lands, she stands up and faces him.
“I’ve changed my mind. Let me hear your name. Earth warrior.”
“First you tell me your name, bastard!”
That earth monkey–!! How dare he speak like that!!
Unable to move this paralyzed body, I curse and desperately wish for him to be gruesomely killed by her.
But she warps her cheeks in amusement at the rudeness.
“That’s true. If we are to get along for a long time, I must tell you my name.”
Looking as if she doesn’t understand the words “long time”, she places a hand on her chest as she looks at him.
“My name is Ruin. What do you think? I’ve given my name, haven’t I?”
“Katsumi, is it.”
As if infatuated, looking as if she had found unparalleled enjoyment, she snapped her fingers with a delighted expression.
“I’ll take your measure. Katsumi, whether or not you can be my enemy.”


In an instant, a spherical space like a starry sky swallows her and him with her at the center.
“Wha, what is this…?”
The one and the Earthling vanish in an instant.
But in just a few seconds, the spherical space disappears.
The Earthling wearing the Dust Driver crashes to the ground, his whole body covered in blood.
“Even though she effortlessly beat me to a pulp, he one-sidedly…”
His suit is cracked, and his bare face exposed from the broken mask.
Next to the man collapsed in a pool of blood, “that person” stands with her right hand dyed red.
“Converted to Earth time, 56 hours, 34 minutes, 57 seconds.”
Is she going for the kill…!?
Waiting expectantly for the situation to unfold, she picks up the man she was looking down on in both hands.
“I’ve finally, finally found you… Katsumi, it was you.”
Not minding her white garb being stained by the filthy red blood, she embraces him.
That embrace even seems merciful.
Yet he doesn’t lose his hostility, raising his fist.
“Enough, it would be a waste for you to die here.”
Meeting her eyes, he becomes unable to move as if bound by something.
“I won’t… let you… kill me here. I can still… fight…”
“I won’t allow you to die here. Katsumi, you must live. For my sake.”
Unable to properly get his words out, he leaks out a disjointed voice. She lays him on his side with his head resting on her lap, chuckling cheerfully.
“I enjoyed myself. For you to make me move from that spot, even go as far as attack… There aren’t many in the stellar ranking who could do that…”
The abnormal scene unfolding between the thrones makes my head spin as if I’m going crazy.
Is this a nightmare?
I don’t understand.
That guy who made me taste bitterness, and her…!!
“Excellent physical aqueous alteration too. But it seems you didn’t comprehend techniques resembling existence fixation… That’s a bit disappointing. Your speed and power are passing marks, but your crisis perception, prediction based on experience, are quite something.”
“Sh… shut…”
“But the end was good. Very, very good. Violence by fist. Perfect violence. While that was an attack I should have properly received head-on… I thought it would be rude to you, so I had you smash me directly.”
She tears off his mask like ripping it off by hand, then strokes his exposed hair.
Fragments roll on the ground with a clatter.
“But full points. Magnificent. They’ll say I’m being too lenient with the grading, but this is something I won’t concede. More than anything, coming at me head-on gets +100 points. Really magnificent…”
“However, not reckless. You must have aptitude. And experience too. What you lack is numbers? Comrades? Equipment? Fufu, you lack all kinds of things.”
Even after being shown overwhelming power, he still tries to show resistance.
“Don’t glare. Don’t glare. What a stubborn guy even on death’s door, if you look at me with such eyes it makes me love you more…”
Smiling, she touches his cheek.
“I could raise you to my preferences like this. But no. That’s not it. Just that wouldn’t be fun.”
She points her hand at the space in front of her.
A wormhole connected somewhere.
After checking the scene on the other side, she grasps his collar and lifts him up.
“I’ll return you to Earth.”
She points at him held up before the wormhole.
“If you can withstand one blow from me.”
In that moment, an invisible impact of some kind seems to smash into his torso still wearing the suit.
The blood spewed out stains her smiling cheeks, and he disappears into the depths of the wormhole just like that.
With the blood stuck to her cheeks in her mouth, she laughs merrily.
“Fufufu, let’s cancel the initialization of Earth. I’ve become interested in that planet.”
Her gaze turned toward me collapsed on the ground shifts, as if she’s just now noticed my existence.
She makes a surprised expression, then heaves a sigh.
“Stellar ranking 335th Vega identification faction ‘Savers’.”
“P-please wait…! I can still be of use!!”
“Strength itself is the reason of this world.”
Her fingertip points this way.
“The defeated have no need for the name of justice.”
My vision blurs.
While tormented by the sensation of my body being torn to pieces, I faintly hear her voice.
“The place we gather has no name. Strength itself is the justice that forms us.”

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