Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 38

Mob #38 “I met my wife and daughter! My daughter is so cute! Oh, want to see a photo?”

After docking the ship at the guild’s boat parking lot the next day, I headed to [Anime Members] and [Seizaban] to explore manga, light novels, and doujinshi.
Thanks to that, I got my hands on:
The latest light novel of [Somewhere, the Mysterious Summoning Ring].
The new manga of [My Enemy is a Hero].
The comic adaptation of the social development simulation game [SpeedQueen! The Planet Race].
Doujinshi of the social strategy simulation game [Maiden Chronicles].

And various other fruitful discoveries.
Then, on the following day with all these treasures, Mr. Roans finally returned.
Now I can finally take on requests with peace of mind.
Of course, Mr. Zeistole is also working diligently as the receptionist.
“Oh, it was the best vacation!”
“Well, that’s good.”
Seems like he had a fun vacation, with a beaming smile and a healthy complexion.
“I met my wife and daughter! My daughter is so cute! Oh, want to see a photo?”
“No, thanks.”
Mr. Roans seems to be a typical doting father. He immediately tried to take out an album, but I declined.
“More importantly, what’s up with Mr. Zeistole? He looks totally like a girl!”
I questioned him about not providing accurate information.
“No, no, he’s a guy, and he’s capable, right?”
Mr. Roans made an awkward excuse.
“Sure, he was a guy, and he seemed really capable for the job, but there’s no way you’d describe someone who looks like a beautiful girl!
The photos you showed me were a bit more masculine. Short hair and all. Well, he did have a feminine face, though.”
In other words, he didn’t know that Mr. Zeistole had transformed since the photo for the documents was taken.
Well, that’s what happens when you leave the selection of your substitute to the HR department.
“Well, if worst comes to worst and you’re not around, I’ll ask Mr. Zeistole to handle reception… I guess.”
However, it’s not great that I can only get jobs from Old Man Jones, so this incident became an opportunity to consider that.
“So, did you find any jobs?”
“Yeah, I’ll take this one.”
I showed Arthur information about the collection work of the asteroid belt he introduced.
“This one. Looks good, doesn’t it?”
The details of the job are as follows:

Job Content: Collection work of an asteroid belt in the vicinity of Planet Colcos and emergency defense.
Job Duration: Unclear. Until all asteroids are collected.
Estimated 480 hours in Galactic Standard Time (approximately 20 days).
Minimum total working hours: 100 hours.
Breaks are optional.
Work Environment: Free use of accommodation facilities in the accompanying colony – Free meal support.
Refueling for the spaceship.
Job Conditions: Bring your own spaceship.
If the brought spaceship is damaged, repair costs are out of pocket.
Installation of a management beacon and recording device.
In emergencies, handle even during breaks – be ready to sortie.
Due to the above reasons, leaving the space during the job period is subject to punishment.
Reward: 2 million credits – Fixed.
If the minimum total working hours are not reached, there will be a reduction.
If the complete collection is finished within the minimum total working hours of 100 hours, full payment will be made.
Special Note: Swift collection is desirable, and intentional acts to extend working hours will be subject to punishment.


“Well, technically, it’s work assistance, and the debris collector will be the main one doing the collection. Of course, you can collect them yourself if you want.”
Anyway, they need manpower, right?
There’s no bonus, but there’s no quota except for the duration.
It seems like a relatively easy request since there are no strange conditions.
However, there’s something that has been bothering me since Arthur introduced it.
“Why does it mention what happens if it ends within the minimum total working hours of 100 hours, even though it seems like it will take around 480 hours?”
“Because there are people who nitpick about details, so they had to write it. And, well, just in case something unexpected happens.”
By the way, the minimum total working time refers to the “minimum amount of time you have to work,” essentially.
If you’re short by 30 minutes or an hour, you might just face a deduction, but if your total working time is only 30 minutes or an hour, you might not get paid at all.
“So, are you taking it?” Gonzalez asked.
“Of course,” I replied.
But at least it’s a job that’s more relaxed than focusing on combat.

Heading to the colcos region to take on the job, we arrived in the evening.
We were instructed to dock at a cylindrical colony that had been brought along for this project, or rather, had been dragged along.
Work was set to begin the next day, so we were told to rest.
By the way, this colony had two of its three residential spaces turned into boat parking, with the remaining one serving as headquarters, accommodations, welfare facilities, repair docks, gas stations, and various warehouses.
After docking the ship, I headed to the accommodations.
There, I ran into that debris merchant from before.
“Hey! It’s you!” he exclaimed.
“Oh, it’s the kid from last time!” he continued, recognizing me.
I had heard he was the main dealer, so I was hoping we’d meet again like this.
“Looks like you’re joining in too,” I said.
“It’s a request from the colcos government. Basically, it’s about collecting debris, so lots of debris merchants other than us are participating,” he explained.
“Is the plan similar to before?” I asked.
“Yeah. The amount we collect matters for debris, but this time, reliable collection is the main focus. But if you’re just slacking off, you’ll get called out,” he replied.
I exchanged contact information with him, Mr. Rigs-Volvard, and decided to work together again this time.
Oh, and Arthur-kun and Miss Seira were also participating properly.
While they weren’t being overly affectionate, there was definitely a lovey-dovey atmosphere around them, undoubtedly adding to the number of men shedding tears of blood.

And then, the next morning.
During breakfast, there was an all-facility open-line morning meeting, or something like that.
“Alright, everyone. Thank you for participating in this project. As for the asteroid collection work this time, the procedure itself is simple. You’ll load asteroids and rocks into dedicated collection containers and then deposit them onto designated super large transport ships. If it’s over 50 meters in diameter, you’ll tow it to the vicinity of the colcos planet’s moon, Guma, with tugboats, secure it there, and then proceed with excavation. So, what you’ll be collecting are asteroids and rocks smaller than that size. For those close to 50 meters in diameter, you’ll use high-power lasers to cut them and then collect them. You might think you should just cut them all, but there were few high-power lasers available, and there’s also the goal of increasing employment through mining asteroids over 50 meters in diameter. After all, this collection operation itself aims to expand employment, so I hope you understand that aspect. Refuel and take breaks at this accompanying colony. Safety first. If you notice anything, report it immediately. However, we also don’t want any actions that unnecessarily prolong the work. Be swift and safe. Proceed with the work without accidents. Now, please begin work after breakfast!”

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