Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 4 + Afterword

Now, onto the next day.
The weather today is unbelievably clear, with not a single cloud in the sky. It’s a perfect, clear day.
When Haruya finally arrives at school, feeling relieved, and takes his seat, he overhears the conversation of the S-rank beauties.
“…Sara-chan, you seem so energetic today! What happened!?”
“Yeah, your vibe is totally different from usual…”
With a natural and radiant expression, Sara talks with Rin and Yuna.
Her complexion is healthy, and her expression is more lively than ever.
Seeing Sara like this, Rin jokingly inquires,
“Oh… Could it be that you’ve tasted the flavor of love?”
Normally, Sara would weakly deny at this point, but…
“Yes, I’ve fallen in love…”
Sara, more charming than usual, confesses with an extra dazzling smile. Taken aback, both Yuna and Rin are left speechless, and Rin, with a hint of jokingly, presses Sara for details.
“Oh… did you fall in love? Tell us more!”
Some classmates, too, are watching with bated breath to see what’s happening.
“Fufu, it’s a secret… Because it’s embarrassing.”
Saying so, Sara winks at Haruya, pretending to be asleep at his desk.
Feeling a bit dumbfounded, Haruya pretends not to notice, and some classmates are left shocked by Sara’s wink, showing excitement.
“Eh, just now… Did Sara-chan just wink at me? No, it was me!”
“No, it was me for sure!”
“You don’t get it; it was obviously me!”
And so, in a mysterious turn of events, the male students compete, claiming, “I’m the one!”
Amidst this, Kazamiya, a male student from the back seat, pats Haruya’s shoulder.
Haruya lifted his heavy body and turned towards Kazamiya.
“Hmm? What’s up this time?”
“Hey, hey… Akasaki, what do you think about that change in Himekawa-san?”
“What do I think… Well, her smile is quite charming, isn’t it?”
“She used to be so down, and now it’s like a lie. I’m convinced that whoever Himekawa-san fell in love with must be amazing.”
While trying to hide his embarrassment, Haruya asked Kazamiya.
“Yeah, because even from my perspective, it seemed like Himekawa-san was struggling with the arranged marriage issue. And he’s the guy who resolved it, right? Definitely someone extraordinary.”
In response to Kazamiya’s words, Haruya answered with a serious gaze.
“That’s not it… Himekawa-san overcame it herself.”
Kazamiya’s face tensed up.
“So, Akasaki can make that kind of face…”
Unconsciously, it seemed that his facial muscles had relaxed.
Haruya immediately averted his gaze from Kazamiya, embarrassed by the situation, but Kazamiya persistently pressed on.
“…Hey, but why did you make such an expression?…”
“…Annoying. Your eyes are full of holes.”
“Oh~ Isn’t that too harsh!?”
Haruya fluttered his hand in an exaggerated manner, dismissing Kazamiya’s overly dramatic behavior.
At that moment,
the conversation of the S-rank beauties reached Haruya’s ears.
“Ugh, but the guy who changed Sara-chan so much is definitely intriguing!”
“Yeah, I’m curious too…”
“That’s right, Yuna. Well then, let’s organize it a bit. I remember his distinctive features, like saving from a pick-up──”
Rin started going over Haruya’s story with Yuna while looking back on what happened.
(Wait, wait, wait, …… Hey, aren’t I still the topic of the S-class beauties after all?)
Inwardly, Haruya let out a pathetic sigh.

In my life so far, I never thought I would come to know “love.”

Since childhood, even when I made friends, they were always talking about love stories.
I didn’t envy them, but still, I couldn’t help feeling different from the other kids, always left behind and lonely.
I’ve been taught since childhood that I’m special and different from other kids.
As I grew up, being raised in a privileged family provided me with an environment to strive.
As a result, I devoted myself to various pursuits such as academics, sports, martial arts, music, and achieved excellent records.
There were tough times in the process, but I’m full of gratitude toward my adoptive father.
Living for the Himekawa family.
That became my creed, and I lived that way, avoiding going against my adoptive father.
But, when I entered high school, a turning point came unexpectedly.
That was when I met Haruya Akasaki.
With a fateful meeting, I unconsciously began to think about him.
Gradually, as we interacted, I became aware of my feelings for him, but I forgot about it. I consciously avoided thinking about it.
That I am the daughter of the Himekawa family. And that I live for the Himekawa family.
Surely, it’s just because of the fateful encounter that my feelings are throbbing, and it’s just a temporary emotion. If I do something like a normal romantic relationship, these feelings will subside.
So, I told myself that.
This is the last time. With that determination, I planned to say goodbye to Akasaki san.
However, the conversation took a direction that betrayed my wishes.
Not only did Akasaki san say the words I wanted to hear, but he also resolved my concerns.
(…Honestly, it’s annoying.)
Because he exists, I was able to speak up against my father…
But despite myself, this intense feeling of “liking” him continued to swell within me.
I want to continue this relationship with him as much as possible…
And so, such feelings began to expand within me.
“Akasaki san…”
In the empty room, lying on the bed, I spoke his name.
Just as Akasaki san had found me and helped me…
Now, I found myself wanting to help Akasaki san.
In my mind, I pictured Akasaki san at his school.
In other words, his hidden, shadowy side.
“…I like Akasaki san.”
Sara threw those words at her pillow.
──But, she didn’t have the courage to say those words directly to Akasaki san.
However, it seemed impossible to keep these overflowing intense feelings within her.
(So, it’s okay to talk to Yuna-san and Rin-san about these feelings, right…?)
Since Akasaki san was always lying on his desk, Sara realized that he probably didn’t hear her.
Therefore, Sara felt comfortable talking to Yuna and Rin about it.
It seems like an indirect confession, but Sara is naturally filled with a sense of excitement when she talks about her love.
“When the day comes for Haruya’s problems to be resolved, and Sara can express her feelings, that will be the time.”
“At that moment, I’ll properly tell him that I like him face to face.”
So, until then.
She won’t mention Akasaki’s name in the classroom, let her have some girl talk with her friends.

Blushing, Sara had a radiant smile on her face.



Nice to meet you, I’m the author, Konatsu Wakioka.
Thank you very much for purchasing this work.
This piece was originally written as a romantic comedy on Kakuyomu, and I remember consciously writing with the mindset of “Just make it comical and enjoyable!” during the web serialization.
Ignoring realism, I wrote it recklessly, doing whatever I wanted (laughs).
However, when I received the offer for publication, I had mixed feelings of joy and anxiety, thinking, “The revision process seems tough…”
Indeed, that premonition came true, and the revision process was really tough (laughs).
About 90% of the main text is newly written, so it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s almost a completely new work!
Therefore, I hope readers who have read this work on Kakuyomu will find it enjoyable!
In this story, Sara took the lead, but how was it?
Sara is cute! An angel! If you think she’s cute even though she’s a bit eccentric, the author will cry with joy (laughs).
Regarding the other two heroines, I think they will be explored more in volumes two and three if this work continues.

Now, let’s move on to the acknowledgments.

First of all, thank you to the readers who support this work. I really appreciate it. Thanks to you, I was able to publish it.
Illustrator magako, who drew beautiful illustrations. Thank you for drawing protagonists that matched the image, and cute and beautiful heroines with distinctive features.
I was amazed and motivated every time I received an illustration.
The editor-in-charge for this work. Thank you for providing me with a lot of advice and supporting me with patience, despite my inexperience and lack of skills.
I look forward to working with you in the future.
Thanks to everyone involved in the production of this work.
And to you, who have picked up this work, I am truly grateful.
Thank you very much!
I would like to express my gratitude here.

Now, I hope to see you again in the second volume.

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