I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

The village’s only blacksmith looked just as rugged as you’d expect a blacksmith to be. After knocking several times, I opened the poorly constructed door.
The inside was deserted, but there were various armaments. Several swords were displayed on the shelves, but those swords were also covered in dust. Some were even haphazardly dumped in barrels.
Compared to the armaments I saw in the royal capital, these were far inferior. But then again, it’s an unfair comparison when the royal capital weapons are so expensive.
“They don’t look very high quality.”
“Hey now, you shouldn’t say things like that out loud. More importantly, I don’t see the owner anywhere… Where could he be?”
I looked around the store, but there was no one who looked to be the owner.
When I called out loudly, I heard rustling from the back of the store.
“What is it? A customer? Even though I was sleeping…”
Yawning and scratching his belly, a bearded man with a towel wrapped around his head came out.
“Good evening, sorry for the intrusion.”
“A customer? It’s rare for someone to come to a place like this. Welcome to the best blacksmith in the village!”
“Isn’t it the best because it’s the only blacksmith in the village?”
“Oh right, that’s why I’m number one… Huh? Long ears… Don’t tell me, an elf!?”
“That’s right! Now that you know, fear me and offer up your swords!”
“Hey now. Sorry about that, my companion says strange things sometimes.”
“Nah, don’t worry about it. I never thought I’d meet an elf in a remote place like this. This is my first time seeing one. So the legends were true after all. You never know what life will bring.”
The man gazed at Iris-chan as if examining some rare creature.
“Is it really so rare for you to see our elves?”
“Of course. This Oro Village is located on the outskirts. We don’t get many visitors to begin with, and elves don’t even exist in the Soleil Kingdom. I never imagined I’d meet one here.”
“The outskirts… So that’s why the weapons don’t look very high quality.”
“Hey, Iris-chan.”
“What? It’s the truth. Because of this village’s location, the materials we can get are naturally limited. Aside from peddlers who come regularly, we can’t obtain anything. Thanks to that, despite my title as a blacksmith, all I do is sharpen knives for the villagers. That’s the reality of my situation.”
“I see… I don’t mean to be rude, but wouldn’t it be better to change your title to knife sharpener?”
“You’re completely right. Where are my manners? I’m Fabbro. Nice to meet you, bro.”
“Likewise. I’m Ayame. This is Iris-chan.”
I shook the hand he offered. Fabbro nodded.
Fabbro’s hand felt rough and calloused like a craftsman’s.
“Earlier you said only peddlers come, but do you not get other travelers either?”
“No travelers either. If they’re going to pass through a village, they’ll take a different road toward the royal capital instead of coming here. Government officials only come once a year to collect taxes, and there are no other villages nearby. Oh, but some unusual government officials and soldiers did come recently.”
“What was that about?”
“Ah, just the other day, some messengers came from the capital about a wanted notice for a guy fraudulently using the title of [Hero]. Well, none of us looked too deeply into it thinking someone like that wouldn’t show up in a place like this. Apparently he was captured by the real [Hero] or something like that. I don’t know the details.”
That would be me.
Iris-chan also looks at me awkwardly.
“Anyway, let’s get back on topic. Since you say you’re a customer, I’ll take a look at what you need. Any requests?”
“Let’s see… Can you show me some swords?”
“Huh? Don’t you want armor or anything? At a glance, it looks like you don’t have any protective gear, bro.”
“Gauntlets and things like that would be good, but for now I want a weapon. I’m unarmed as you can see. I did have a sword but I lost it due to various circumstances.”
“Whether it broke or you lost it, I guess it can’t be helped. Hang on a second.”
Fabbro took out and lined up several swords that were in the barrels. Starting with short swords, there were bastard swords, longswords, claymores, rapiers, and even greatswords.
“Since you’re looking for a sword, I’m guessing your job is something combat-focused like [Swordsman] or [Warrior]? I picked out some that look like they’d suit your build, so how about it?”
“Let’s see… Yeah, I think this one’s good.”
I picked up a plain sword without any decorations.
Among the longswords, it was an orthodox one.
While there were some that were a little higher quality, this one’s shape and weight were the closest to the holy sword. I’d be able to wield it without any discomfort.
“Ayame-san, you’re going with that one?”
“Yeah, if possible I’d like to. But… Just to check the sharpness, is there anything I can test cut?”
“If it’s just that, go ahead and cut the wood on that desk over there. I’ll use the cut pieces as firewood anyway.”
“Hahaha, you’re pretty gutsy trying to get me to work right after meeting me. Also, is it really okay to leave that there? What if I end up cutting through the desk?”
“Don’t worry. That sword was made with toughness as the priority, so unless you’ve got exceptional skill, it’ll stop before cutting through the firewood, let alone the desk.”
“Hmm, Ayame-san is amazing! He’s defeated all kinds of magical beasts up until now!”
“Ah, alright, I get it. In that case, bro, go ahead and try it out. Oh, one thing – don’t use any skills. If you did that, the sword would probably cut clean through the desk and all.”
“Right, got it.”
At his warning not to use skills, I smiled wryly since I can’t use them to begin with. Gripping the sword in both hands, I took a stance.

In an instant, the air around me changed.
Even Fabbro noticed the change in atmosphere.

I closed my eyes and focused intently on the feeling of the hilt in my palm.

The holy sword, symbol of the hero.
The [Job] given to people.
Skills granted by one’s [Job].
I lost all of those things.
From the hero-exclusive [Manifest Holy Light] and [Accelerate] to the skills of [Swordsman] and [Warrior], I can no longer use any of them.


This is the first time I’ve swung a sword since losing my status as the [False Hero].
A genuinely first swing demonstrating my own ability. One swing relying not on skills, but on me alone.
So I swung the sword with a hint of seriousness.

–In an instant, the firewood, no, even the desk was sliced clean in two with ease, cutting deep into the ground.

“Amazing, Ayame-san!”
“…Hey now, are you serious?”
Seeing the unbelievable result, I unconsciously opened my eyes wide.
“That’s impossible. It’s never happened like this before.”
I looked back and forth bewilderedly at the sword and my hand gripping it.
The sword simply continued emanating its dull light like before.
While I stood there dumbfounded at how easily it had sliced through, I quickly bowed my head.
“I’m sorry! I never imagined I’d not only split the firewood but the desk as well! What’s more, the shock even caused damage to the store!”
“No, it’s fine. I’m the one who said to test it… “
“Even so. It’s clearly my fault for losing control and making a mess of your store. Compensation… I don’t have any money now, but I promise I’ll repay you.”
“Ayame-san, I can pay with money.”
“Iris-chan, this is my fault. So I have to make amends myself. I can’t rely on others’ help.”
It would be out of place for Iris-chan to pay for my own mistake. I have to follow through properly.
Fabbro looked at me appraisingly as if seeing me in a new light.
“I see. At first I thought you were a shady guy trying to leech off a girl, but you seem decent enough, if a bit suspicious.”
“Ahaha… You don’t have to say it three times, you know?”
I shrugged my shoulders wryly.
Fabbro laughed heartily as if there was no doubt about it.
“This is a huge problem!”
At that time, a male soldier rushed in looking flustered from the entrance.
Not noticing us, he hurried over to Fabbro.
“Hey, Fabbro! Get me all the weapons you have ready right now!”
“Huh? What happened all of a sudden?”
“Old man Billy was attacked by a magical beast! He barely escaped with serious injuries, but his wood hauling horse was eaten!”
Fabbro looked shocked. I don’t know who this Billy person is, but it seems something serious happened.
“That guy Billy might not be a combat job, but he’s skilled enough to take down wild boars. For him to be injured means it must have been quite an opponent.”
“No, he just tripped and got a branch stuck in his leg as he was escaping!”
“You’ve gotta be kidding me!”
“Excuse me for interrupting your conversation, but could you take me to see this Billy person you mentioned?”
“Huh? An elf!?”
The soldier who had been engrossed in conversation finally noticed Iris-chan and reacted with surprise.
“I heard the story. Please guide me to the injured person.”
“Wha-, what?”
“Please! There is no time to delay when someone is hurt!”
Faced with Iris-chan’s earnest appeal, the soldier nodded in confusion.
Following the soldier’s guidance, we arrived at the checkpoint I had passed through earlier.
“Let us through please!”
“Huh, you guys are the ones from before!”
“Pardon the intrusion. Long time no see, Ratio-kun.”
I greeted Ratio-kun, whom I met earlier. He scowled unpleasantly.
“Why are you guys coming here!?”
“We heard someone was injured so we came to help. Where is the injured person?”
“Ah, that way. Can you really heal him?”
The soldier looked at Iris-chan doubtfully but still guided us to the injured man called Billy.
Billy, who they called out to, was sitting in pain with a tree branch pierced through his leg. Iris-chan examined him.
“How is it, Iris-chan?”
“The wound isn’t as bad as it looks. The branch that pierced him when he fell must have acted as a plug. But from forcing himself to walk here, it’s become twisted inside. If left as is, there’s no telling when small pieces of the wood could enter a blood vessel. I’ll treat it right away.”
“Is it okay?”
My question was about Iris-chan using her [Saint] powers.
“For someone trained in medicine, abandoning a life that can be saved right before their eyes would be a disgrace. Also, I have an idea. It’ll be fine, okay?”
“Wait, hold o-“
“Please bear with it, I’ll be done quickly! You’re an adult, right?”
Ignoring Billy’s attempt to stop her, Iris-chan skillfully pulled out the branch pierced through his leg without breaking it off.
Blood immediately began gushing out, but Iris-chan swiftly administered treatment.
(I see, so she’s using the healing power of [Saint] in key places.)
Looking closely, I could see her using [Saint] powers in tiny increments to heal as she applied medicine to the wound. Thanks to Iris-chan’s outstanding skill, the motions were almost imperceptible.
Once the treatment was finished, Iris-chan wrapped his leg in bandages made of vegetation.
“All done. How’s the pain?”
“Oh? Ooh, there’s hardly any pain at all. Did you heal the injury? And so quickly!?”
“It’s an elven secret art.”
“That’s strang-“
“A secret art.”
“Secret art.”
Iris-chan obscured the fact she had healed him with [Saint] powers through unyielding pressure.
Fabbro, who had been wincing at the seemingly painful treatment at first, spoke up.
“I’m glad you’re okay, Billy.”
“Ah. To be honest, I thought this leg was a goner. Thank you, young lady. But my beloved horse…”
“Pardon me. I’m Ayame. I heard you were attacked by a magical beast, but is that true?”
I asked the man called Billy.
“Ah, yes. It was a wolf far larger than my beloved horse.”
He turned pale as he gestured with exaggerated motions to show its massive size. The soldiers reacted nervously.
“Hey now, are you serious?”
“If something like that shows up in the village, there’ll be nothing we can do!”
“How shameful! Aren’t we supposed to protect the village!?”
“Th-that’s right, Ratty, but still…”
Ratio-kun was indignant, but the other soldiers shrank back.
“How shameful.”
“That’s true, but well, in the first place, the occurrence of magical beasts around here was rare. The ecosystem of magical beasts in the nearby deep forest was well-established. So, at least consider that.”
Fabbro spoke with a bitter expression as Iris-chan listened. Meanwhile, I rested my chin on my hand, lost in thought.
“However, now that a large magical beast has appeared near the village, there’s a possibility it might claim this territory. Moreover, if it gets a taste of success this time, there’s a chance it will approach the village repeatedly.”
“It would be troublesome if it settled down. We wouldn’t be able to go outside the village casually.”
The village soldiers are also fearful of magical beasts. Ratio-kun seems willing, but even from my perspective, he doesn’t seem strong enough. At that moment, Fabbro, who had been silent, spoke up.
“Hey, buddy, you don’t need money for that sword or the desk. Instead, could you do me a favor?”
Fabbro, grinning defiantly, had the look of a rogue that matched his appearance.

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