Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter Two: Manipulating Classmates!

” …… Heh heh heh. “
Oops, that’s not good.
I quickly check to see if anyone saw that creepy smile on my face, feeling relieved when I realize no one’s watching.
After taking a deep breath to calm my excitement, I head out into the town.
(A hypnosis app… It’s real.)
For the past few days… not too frequently, but I’ve been conducting experiments with the hypnosis app that suddenly appeared on my phone.
One thing I’ve learned… despite the obvious answer, is that this hypnosis app is undoubtedly real.
I tried it on my sister, had her raise her hand, say words I instructed, even walk lightly… the hypnosis app could do all that.
(…Could it be possible to do even more…!?)
I feel like I’m getting too excited.
There’s still so much I want to learn about this hypnosis app, so many things I want to try. But if I’ve really acquired this kind of power, then… I want to do whatever I desire with it!
I want to do this and that!
However, because I was feeling so restless, or rather, overconfident, I did something I shouldn’t have.
“Oh, excuse me, sir.”
More out of a desire to test this power again than for further experimentation, I commanded an elderly man out for a walk with his cane to run a little.
As the old man attempted to run, throwing away his cane, I quickly intervened, telling him he didn’t have to do that.
“Uh, it’s okay! Please take care of your body, sir.”
I say that, but it’s rather ironic, as I stop him from running, looking at me with vacant eyes… phew, this power is really scary.
“Whoa, I can walk without my cane… Ouch!”
“Are you okay, sir?”
In the end, I rubbed his back until his back felt better.
Even though I used hypnosis just to test it, the old man seemed extremely grateful… hmm, being thanked like this makes me feel guilty… Oh well! I decided to do whatever I wanted once I got this power! I’ve decided to become a villain… that’s right, right, Kai!?
“…Phew, calm down.”
I murmur softly, finally starting to walk again.
I headed towards the crowded station area, where there were many people walking around carelessly on the weekend.
“…Prey, huh.”
Well, from my current perspective, everyone other than me is like prey.
But if I keep wandering around while looking at my phone, I might arouse suspicion. So, I try to keep calm and casually look around.
I just used the app on the old man earlier for further verification, but just as I was about to use it again for further testing…
“Kai, what are you doing?”
Suddenly, a voice from behind startled me, causing me to shake my shoulder.
I quickly turned around and saw my sister, along with some female friends from the same university.
“…What’s wrong? You seem really surprised.”
“N-nothing! Really, it’s nothing!”
Even though I know I won’t be found out, I instinctively hide my phone, and my sister smirks.
“Are you looking at naughty pictures on your phone or something?”
“What are you talking about, sis!?”
What’s up with this sister, suddenly saying stuff like that?

The sisters’ words made the friends laugh, and I couldn’t help but feel unbearable embarrassment, so I looked down.
“Ah, sorry, sorry. I teased you too much in a bad way.”
“…That’s true.”
Desperately trying to pat my head, my sister tries to reach the taller me,
and I also bend down a bit to make it easier for her to pat me. My sister smiles happily.
“Wow, my little brother is such a good kid.”
“If I didn’t, it would be scary to go home.”
Looking at her friends, this is the real face of my sister.
“So this is your little brother ?”
“He always seems so happy when he talks.”
“I can kind of understand the feeling of wanting to spoil him a little, too?”
Oh, surprisingly, they seem to have a good impression of me too?
Unlike my sister, who is small in every way, these ladies all have good figures… for a moment, I thought that if I were to hypnotize someone, it would be people like this, but they’re my sister’s friends, so no!
“Hey, sis, you left early this morning, were you out having fun?”
“It was mainly shopping. I got tired of being these girls’ dress-up doll early in the morning~”
I can easily imagine my sister being used as a dress-up doll, and I laugh a little, but I’m lightly kicked in the shin.
It didn’t really hurt, but let’s pretend to be in pain.
“Even if you pretend to be in pain, I can tell, you know?”
“You’re a handful, sis.”
It’s probably because we’ve lived together for over ten years.
My sister was still shopping on the way, apparently with her friends, but I couldn’t help but say one thing when I saw them.
“…It’s like there are a lot of guardians.”
If I said something like that right in front of my sister alone, I’d be killed, and if I mustered the courage to say it… it’s scary just thinking about it.
“Alright, I have to fulfill my mission!”
With a determined breath, I began my investigation, which proceeded smoothly without encountering anyone who knew me,
just like when I met my sister earlier, and my understanding of this hypnosis app deepened more and more.
(I should be careful about the battery draining while the app is running, and it can only hypnotize up to three people at once. And when hypnotizing someone else while already having someone under hypnosis, you need to release them first… I see, I see.)
But… even as I think about it now and actually use this app, I still can’t believe it──that there really exists such power in this world.
That’s when I was lost in thought.
A very sexy adult woman was walking in front of me, and perhaps because of her attire, which showed a little cleavage, her ample bosom greeted me grandly for a moment.
I glanced at the woman, and before I knew it, I had used the power of the hypnosis app.
“Come here… please.”
The hypnotized woman followed me obediently.
I think there’s no need for honorifics in times like this, but when dealing with such an exciting woman, I can’t help but feel nervous.
A flashy woman and a child like me… it probably looks like a strange combination to those around us, but I led the woman into the alley without worrying too much about it.
“I… I’m so nervous.”
My heart was pounding loudly… I glanced at the woman, but she seemed to be in a daze.
Calm down, Kai, be faithful to your desires.
With that, I encouraged myself──the woman in front of me was compliant,
so I reached out for the fruit of my dreams and then retracted my hand smoothly.
“Um… Miss, are you going somewhere?”
I silently cursed myself in my mind.
Because… because there’s a lady standing in front of me so defenselessly!? And yet, without doing whatever I wanted, I hesitated and ended up asking such a painfully ordinary question… Damn it, why am I such a coward…!
“My sister is participating in a piano competition. I’m on my way there… she practiced a lot, so I definitely want to go and cheer her on.”
“In that case, definitely go. Sorry to bother you, Miss.”
I immediately moved away from the scene and released the hypnosis.
The woman looked around in confusion, then glanced at her watch and dashed away as if she had suddenly realized something.
“I did something bad…”
I hope she won’t be late for her sister’s piano competition.
Although I’ll never be seen or heard, I apologize again and lower my head before leaving the alley and… being startled like the woman I saw earlier.
(Th, that’s why I’m like this…)
Even though I decided to become a scoundrel and do whatever I wanted… Well.
It seems that I still lack the mindset to become the ultimate villain or, rather, to use this hypnosis app.
“…What do you mean, mindset?”
Saying that, I chuckled and continued to investigate while being mindful of the battery running low from excessive use of the app.
And so, after acquiring a certain amount of knowledge today, I took a break, bought ice cream, and ate it on a bench.
“…Delicious. Sweet treats after hard work are the best.”
As I savored the chocolate ice cream, I noticed a familiar face.
“That’s… her.”
It was Aisaka,
although she was in casual clothes different from her usual uniform… Well, it’s not uncommon for me to see her from a distance like this, and every time, I’m reminded of the difference in our fashion sense──in other words, the difference in our popularity!
“Well, whatever…”
Basically, I often see Aisaka with friends, but today she’s alone.
There’s no sign of her friends around… Indeed, she’s alone.
Now that I’m in the prime of my adolescence, I do feel like hypnotizing Aisaka.
I want to touch her as I please and of course, I want to do more than that… but for some reason, I didn’t feel like it right now.
Because Aisaka had been looking down all this time… I wonder if something happened?
In the end, I didn’t speak to Aisaka or do anything that might have made her notice me, so I didn’t understand the true meaning of her expression.
“Well, it doesn’t matter… sigh.”
“Yeah, I don’t care what kind of troubles Aisaka might have… I just want to have fun with girls like her, that’s all!
“Hah… my thoughts are getting pretty evil.”
With another wicked grin, I finished my verification for the day.
And that night, as if to thank fate for introducing me to this wonderful hypnosis app, I knelt down in my room.
“Kai, can you give me a little massage?”
She said that while snapping her fingers… It’s about eighty percent threatening, isn’t it?
Although I sighed at my sister’s attitude, I prepared a cushion rolled up as a pillow.
“You’re so considerate♪”
“That’s not what a someone who comes in like they own the place.”

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