Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter One: Encounter with a Hypnosis App!

Recently, I’ve been hooked on something.
It’s become a trend in my life, a craze… Ah, the meaning is the same… Oh well! Such nitpicking doesn’t matter!
” Now, let’s tackle the issue here—”
Ignoring even the teacher’s voice as if it were from another world, I pondered about something… Yes! It’s about what I’ve been hooked on lately!
(Never thought I’d end up like this just from seeing an ad)
Now, what am I hooked on? It’s a story about hypnosis apps.
While randomly surfing the net, I stumbled upon some slightly erotic manga ads… Sure, there are some really spicy ones, but regardless, I got hooked on those hypnosis app stories.
” …Phew. “
A sigh escapes me.
It’s ridiculous to think about this during an important class, but I can’t help but talk about this trend swirling around in my mind right now.
Hypnosis apps… they hold the power to control others at will.
The power to coerce others into anything at your whim… There are plenty of things one could do, but I sincerely want to experience those mischievous and naughty things I’ve seen in manga… I want to do them and be done to~!
…I thought about such things, but reality isn’t as sweet as that.
Just like there are people who dream of being reincarnated into another world after reading manga or watching anime, or wish to experience sweet romance with cute heroines like in rom-coms… There must be people who yearn for special powers like me.
But alas, this is the real world─such convenient powers don’t exist.


Being a high school student means being in the midst of youth’s most crucial time.
Of course, it’s important to study diligently as a student, but isn’t it also part of the essence of youth to make friends, spend time together, being in love, enjoying sweet moments like strawberries?
…Well, it’s a far cry from my situation!
” Sigh… “
“What’s up?”
“Such a gloomy sigh, huh?”
A friend of mine, who I’ve known since entering high school, classmates all the way until our third year, now turn their gazes towards me.
“No, sorry. Just lost in thought, that’s all.”
With that, the two of them came closer to me.
Calling them best friends…feels a bit embarrassing, but these two guys are undoubtedly my closest buddies.
“Lost in thought? Got something on your mind?”
Those words came from Akira Mukai – who, to my chagrin, a rather good-looking guy. He’s on the soccer team and while not quite the ace, he still performs decently when he plays in games.
“C’mon, spill it, spill it.”
And right alongside Akira, looking quite intrigued, is Shogo Endo.
His trademark is his chubby physique, which he jokes about, and he’s an extreme otaku. His room is filled with anime posters and figures.
“Ah… It’s really just some thoughts.”
I’m grateful they don’t pry further, and as they continue talking, I got up to go to the restroom.
“Don’t wet yourself, Kai.”
“I know!”
If that happened, I’d never be able to show my face at school again.
Ignoring their laughter, I headed straight for the restroom without any detours.
After using the restroom and feeling refreshed, I headed back to the classroom.
“Hey, Mari, what do you want to do today?”
“Hmm… I’m not sure…”
I noticed the presence of some girls.
Since they’re classmates, I often see them, but among them, one girl stood out.
(Aisaka… She’s still so beautiful.)
Mari Aisaka─she’s probably one of the most… No, she’s the highest-ranking girl in our class, in my opinion.
With brightly colored hair, just enough makeup to not violate school rules, and a slightly loose school uniform, she’s what you’d call a ‘gal’.
Gal girls are known for their brightness, but above all, she has a lot of friends.
Sometimes, she’d greet me with a smile if our eyes met in the morning. Maybe it’s because of that, but she’s really popular… and above all!
(…Her figure is amazing!)
Yes! Aisaka’s figure is simply stunning.
If asked what her most appealing traits are, there are many factors, but for me it has to be those large breasts straining against her clothes!
The guys in our class can’t stop raving about her body, and I actually agree…though of course I’ve never said that out loud so bluntly.
“Huh? What’s wrong, Masaki-kun?”

scene transition

“Ah… No, it’s nothing.”
I accidentally stared at her, and she noticed.
With Aisaka leading the group, the other girls also noticed, and I flinched a bit but managed to squeeze out some words.
“I see. You reacted because our eyes met.”
“Sorry if I interrupted the conversation.”
“No need to apologize. Right, everyone?”
The girls nodded.
She didn’t look particularly uncomfortable even though my presence interrupts their conversation.
So… this is another secret to Aisaka’s popularity.
She’s definitely a gyaru, openly declaring it herself, but above all, she is attentive.
(She’s like an otaku-friendly gal…. that’s probably why she’s popular.)
Rumor has it that she has a boyfriend at another high school… Geez, who’s the lucky bastard who can have a girl like her as his girlfriend?
Life is unfair… but I’m not going to complain about it.
In the end, it’s just a difference in action… It’s just the result of me not taking action before.
“Yeah. See you later~”
Returning to the classroom, I immerse myself in my thoughts until the next class begins.
(If there were a hypnosis app… I’d find myself thinking about doing naughty things to a girl like her.)
Oh well, I’m such a scoundrel for thinking such things about a girl who treated me like that.
But… it’s unavoidable to imagine.
If there were no consequences… I’d probably want to do whatever I wanted with such a stunningly beautiful girl.
…Sigh, let’s focus on the next class.


After school, I passed the time by going to the bookstore with Shogo from the same club.
Parting ways with Shogo, I start to head home… or so I thought, until I realized my mom had sent me a little shopping request.
“I have to go back… Alright, I’ll go.”
It’s a bit of a hassle, but I won’t refuse my mom’s request unless it’s really necessary.
Well… it seems like she asked my sister, who finishes university early, before asking me, but if it’s come to me, it must have been too much trouble for her.
After faithfully carrying out my mother’s orders, I encounter a somewhat noisy scene on the way home.
“Hey, let go!”
“It’s fine. Come on, Hey, we’re not just going home like this?”
“Stop it! You’re really persistent!”
A lover’s quarrel? ….It’s not exactly looks like that
but a couple is lightly grappling with each other, and although it’s quite noisy in the middle of the street, it’s clear that the woman is in trouble, but everyone passing by is pretending not to see it.
“…I want to help, but I don’t want to get involved in trouble.”
After all, it’s irrelevant to me and the passersby.
I quickly move away from the commotion and head to the police box, informing them that a woman is arguing with a man who grabbed her shoulder and asking them to help.
“Haa, as a coward like me, this is the most I can do.”
If I was truly brave, I could have boldly stepped in like a hero of justice and stopped them in that situation. That would have been cool.
Instead, I stood there for a while, gazing in the direction the police officer went, until I sensed the commotion that had echoed all this way finally died down a bit. Only then did I head home.
But… on the way back, looking at the slightly darkening sky, I muttered one word.
“…In the end, I’m a third-year high school student, still without a girlfriend, imagining a hypnosis app… There’s no way I can have a girlfriend.”
What’s… this?
Although it didn’t actually flow, I felt tears running down my cheeks… it’s sad.



Thank you, Kai, you’ve been a great help.”
“Yep. Well then, I’m going to take a bath.”
I told my mom that and headed to the bath to spend some leisurely time.
And when I returned to my room again──I noticed something strange on my smartphone.
“…Huh? What’s this?”
It was an app I didn’t recognize at all.
Such a heart mark… it looks like a dating app, but to I remember, there shouldn’t have been anything like this before, and even if I’m hungry for experiencing youth with girls, I don’t have the courage to rely on something like this.
However, the problem comes after that.
Underneath that app, there was a name written firmly… It momentarily sparked my interest and at the same time puzzled me.
“Hypnosis… App?”
Yes… the name of this app was written as a hypnosis app.
I instinctively glanced around, even though there shouldn’t be anyone else here, and shouted again while carefully looking at the screen.
“A hypnosis app!?”
At that moment, I heard a loud bang from the next room, so I immediately shut my mouth.
But… but but but!
This can’t be helped, right!? I mean, all of a sudden there was this nonsensical app installed without me knowing!? Well, I guess it’s not really nonsensical since it’s clearly labeled as a hypnosis app…but…Huh!?
“…Why am I getting so excited?”
I quickly regained my composure.
I don’t know why such a thing is installed on my phone in the first place, but even if it’s a hypnosis app that I’ve been wanting, there’s no way it exists in this world… if there were something like this, it would be the end of the world for real.
“Huh, hmm! I’m already a third-year high school student, you know? It’s the age where you’re forced to choose between going to college or finding a job. In such a state, I wouldn’t be deceived by something so obvious and unbelievable as this.”
But, being a boy, I can’t help but take a look.
Is it the work of a virus, or perhaps someone’s prank…? That was my first thought, but I couldn’t suppress my curiosity.
“Oh… it’s started?”
Smoothly, the app started up as usual.
And the first thing that appeared on the screen was something like an explanation about this app…

♡ ♡ ♡

This hypnosis app must be activated in front of the person you want to use it on. As soon as it’s activated, the subject will obey your words.
The hypnosis state will be deactivated by pressing the release button, or after a certain amount of time has passed, or if the device is powered off.

♡ ♡ ♡

These mysterious pink words conveyed that to me.
I see… this is indeed an explanation of a hypnosis app, and I easily understood that it has this power.
I continued to stare at it for a while… then tossed my phone onto the bed.
“Huh… what am I expecting?”
Even though I regained my composure, thinking that something like this is impossible, my gaze couldn’t stray from the thrown phone… and before long, I picked up the phone again.
“…Is this real?”
I don’t believe it… that’s obvious.
But if this were real, how much power could I actually obtain?
“No, no! It’s impossible… it’s absolutely impossible!”
Yes… it’s absolutely impossible.
Even though I understand that clearly in my head, I couldn’t suppress the desire to try touching it.
After pondering for a while… eventually, I headed to the next room with the phone in hand—my sister’s room.
“Can I come in, sis?”
Since I got permission, I entered.
Unlike my slightly messy room, her room was tidy, and there were many cute dolls piled up on the bed.
My sister, who was sitting in a chair studying without looking at me when I entered the room, turned her attention toward me.
“What’s up? By the way, you were shouting loudly earlier, weren’t you? I almost went in there to clobber you.”
Even though she didn’t look at me, I could feel her intimidating presence… that’s my sister for you.
She looks like a middle schooler because of her small stature, but she’s two years older than me and a college student. Her long, beautiful black hair is her trademark.
And above all, she has a very brave personality, and no matter what happens, I can’t stand up to my sister.
“…Phew, I’m done… so?”
Was she done studying? My sister turned her body toward me.
Even though she said she was going to clobber me earlier, my sister, who was looking at me, didn’t seem angry at all… she’s always a kind sister, after all.
“Um… sorry for bothering you, sis.”
“It’s fine, no problem. So, what do you need?”
As my sister asked, I stood in front of her.
(What I’m about to do is just to show myself that I don’t have something like that… just to make myself realize the reality)
But… it’s disappointing in its own way, while thinking that, I took out my phone.
As my sister tilted her head in confusion, I activated the hypnosis app… and what happened next was beyond belief.
Suddenly, my sister stopped talking.
She’s still staring at me, but her eyes seem vacant… as if she’s not there mentally.
What’s this… what’s happening?
Although I’m definitely in a state of confusion and perplexity, I’m worried about my sister and shake her shoulders.
“Sis? What’s wrong…”
At first, I shook her shoulders lightly, but she didn’t react even when I shook them harder.
Although she blinked, her eyes still seemed vacant… so I suddenly looked at the screen of my phone.
“No way…”
The hypnosis app is running on the screen… What? No way…?
I glanced away from my sister and looked closely at my phone… It clearly showed that my sister was the target, telling me that my sister was in a hypnotic state.
I instinctively swallowed.
I glanced back and forth between my phone and my sister two or three times… and then I said to my sister.
“Raise your right hand…”
My sister raised her right hand smoothly.
My sister, who didn’t change her expression at all, looked a little eerie, but because I’ve been with her since I was little, I know—my sister, even though she’s following my request, should question me about why I suddenly said such a thing, what it means.
There might be teasing or capriciousness… but my sister is still blank.
“Raise your left hand…”
As I thought… my sister moves as I say.
“No way… is this real?”
Is it real…?
“Such an unbelievable power really exists…?
I can’t believe it… I absolutely can’t believe it, but such a noticeable change happened to my sister, and it’s still going on now.
I stared in disbelief as I operated my phone and ended the hypnosis.
“…Huh? Did I do something?”
In an instant, my sister snapped back from her dazed state, seeming to have no recollection of what she had been doing.
“Um… er, it’s nothing! Sorry, sis!”
“Ah, Kai?”
I retreated from my sister’s room as if disappearing into the wind.
She never chased after me, nor did she call out from outside the room.
I lay on my bed, pulling the blanket over my head, staring at my phone in the darkness.
Feeling my heart pounding heavily, I knew I was incredibly excited right now.
“Is this… Is this real!?”
This power… this hypnosis app might actually be real!
Of course, there are still things I need to learn and investigate, but I can’t contain the surge of joy at having this power.
“A hypnosis app… Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!”
With this power, there’s no telling what I can do—this was the moment my life as Kai Masaki turned upside down with the discovery of my hypnosis app.”

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