Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 51

Mob No.51: [Are you idiots?]

After capturing Fort Neimus, the retrieval operation proceeded smoothly.

Looks like they focused their aerial forces, and the lack of many enemies on the ground may have helped too.

Or maybe they were relying on Fort Neimus.

However, upon reaching the energy plant, the retrieval couldn’t advance further.

Because the terrorists were holed up in the energy plant.

We couldn’t destroy the energy plant, and even restrained beams would likely damage the facilities. Missiles and such directly hitting would be really bad.

It came down to leaving it completely to the ground forces.

For us in the ground support units, all we could do was report enemy movements from above and prevent enemy aerial attacks on our ground forces.

Our ally aerial forces dealing with the enemy air were mostly done eliminating the main force, with 20% left searching and pursuing remnants. The remaining 80% were on patrol around.

Thanks to that, we had a slight bit of time and unfortunately I saw something unpleasant.

I spotted that [Blue Hornet].

Seeing it wasn’t hostile with Arthur and [Jet Black Devil], it seems to be on our side.

But getting involved with that thing is no joke!

Luckily it doesn’t seem to have noticed me so ignoring it is best.

Still, these terrorists are stubborn.

If the hag’s story is true, even if the Nequilelma Kingdom military is involved, or rather, they may have been the military itself, it wouldn’t be strange.

If so, surrender is even less likely.

And if they’re pure terrorists, their warped convictions would solidify and our side probably won’t accept surrender either.

They’re probably waiting for reinforcements from the Nequilelma Kingdom, but a report came that the 5th and 7th Fleets deployed around the planet had destroyed a fleet resembling the Nequilelma Kingdom’s, so no reinforcements will come for them.

If we spend time, we can unquestionably retrieve the energy plant, but how much time, I can’t say.

Waiting is the job of professional soldiers like the count’s private forces and us mercenaries.

The militia are amateurs, so if explained properly, they’ll follow the soldiers’ and mercenaries’ instructions.

We just have to keep watching against the terrorists escaping and wait for the ground forces to accomplish something.

However, there were some who couldn’t wait.

[Hey you guys! What’re you doing!? The aerial forces were instructed to patrol the surroundings!]

Hearing the count’s sudden yell, I think everyone looked around.

The next moment, multiple beams struck near the plant.

Luckily none hit the plant though.


[How long you gonna drag your feet!?]

[If we take them out, it’ll be a huge accomplishment right? We’d miss out if we don’t shoot!]

[It’s war! Blowing up one plant won’t be a problem right!?]

[End this quick so I can shower and drink sparkling wine!]

Those impatient ones, the ones who attacked the plant were those lively folks in the aerial forces.

It seems those guys lack any thought of following military law or grasping the state of the battle.

They paid no heed to the count’s yells, and tried to begin circling to attack the energy plant again in a 6 ship formation.

Then more yelling voices were heard.

[The ground forces have charged into the plant! You wanna blow our guys up too!?]

The yelling one was Tony, the count’s son.

He seems seriously pissed, it was intense.

[That’s war’s noble sacrifice!]

[We can become heroes so it’s fine right?]

[It’s their fault for being slow!]

However, the lively folks showed no sign of caring about the yells, lightly responding.

It seems they only see their own convenience and desires.

Their stupidity is just too much.

Disobeying the overall commander’s order to stop, they’re out of their minds.

Perhaps. No, without a doubt, those lively folks are children of higher ranking nobles than the count.

Yes, that must be so from their attitude.

The fortune teller hag said better than Nequilelma Kingdom nobles, but there’s still plenty of fools left here too.

However, this is a battlefield.

Hearing their exchange, we in the ground support silently got into formation to shoot those lively idiots down without even strategizing.

Ones who disobey orders in war and try to kill allies for personal gain have no grounds to complain when shot down.

While the first strike caught them off guard since they were allies, it won’t again.

However, the next moment.

A flash flickered and explosions occurred on the lively folks’ ships.

Moreover, damage was kept to where they could still crash land.


[Shit! Enemy? What’re the guys around doing!?]

[Huh? Ally machine? Why’re you attacking us!?]

Without reflecting on their own actions, they started complaining, the one who attacked them called out to them.

[Are you idiots?]

The attacker was lady Marilee Leuhen Falliner, known as [Crimson Goddess].

With pigeon blood hair and gold eyes, fair skin, a tall, beautiful build that’d make even models flee barefoot, her voice matched her looks, sultry.

[Even though folks are working hard to retrieve the energy plant, you gleefully try to destroy it. And with the ground forces too, what are you thinking? For now, quietly crash land as is.]

I think what Lady Falliner said is perfectly reasonable but they don’t seem to comprehend,

[What’re you doing!? Though just a mercenary! I’m the daughter of Count Russel! I’ll have Father punish you immediately!]

That aristocratic lively woman beside me tried to pull rank with her family status in an irritated tone.

The rest were also yelling something at her but I couldn’t make it out over the noise.

There the count yelled at them without hiding his anger.

[Listen up, starting with Lady Russel! What you brats guarding the garrison tried is a serious violation of military law. Prepare for suitable punishment!]

Looks like those lively folks were actually garrison troops rather than mercenaries.

With the flashy ships and clothes, I was certain they were mercenaries.

[Why!? I’m a count’s daughter! Why am I being blamed!?]

[You idiots don’t seem to comprehend that what you tried is an act to destroy the Empire’s energy backbone.

Accidents or force majeure are one thing, but destroying by your own will can warrant the death penalty regardless of peerage. Anyway, land your ships immediately!

If you won’t, with demonstrated intent to attack the energy plant, I’ll shoot you down as traitors!]

Intimidated by the count’s intensity it seems, the lively noblewoman and her gang crash landed quite far from the plant.

Then around an hour later.

Judging it impossible to continue, the terrorists captured one of their own and approached bearing a white flag in surrender.

Apparently the captured terrorist had set up a remote bomb, planning to be the only one to escape then blow up the plant along with his comrades.

So they captured that guy – the terrorist leader – and surrendered it seems.

And so the subjugation of the terrorists this time somehow ended.

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