Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3

“Oh yes, I’m sure Sara changed because you were there. And, I keenly felt that I’m a useless father… I couldn’t believe that Sara would express her opinions even when she knew she would be denied and cause me trouble… I see.”
Sara’s father turned back, as if reflecting on the past, and then spoke in a self-deprecating manner.
“Since I adopted Sara as my daughter, she was determined to live for the sake of the Himekawa family more than anyone else. So, she diligently fulfilled my requests without a word of complaint. Yet, I labeled her as a child who couldn’t express her opinions… I even tried to force her into an arranged marriage to avoid being deceived by a bad man… Sara has grown splendidly, despite my misconceptions.”
It seemed Sara’s father regretted treating her like a small child.
“But, I’m sure Himekawa-san won’t blame her father. I’ve heard a few things about the house from Himekawa-san. None of them were blaming statements about her father.”
(Well, if it were me, I’d probably rebel right away.)
Haruya, internally burdened with thoughts that weren’t anything to be proud of, nodded in agreement.
“But, I believe she can change from now on.”
“Yeah, she’ll surely change from now on.”
Then, when Haruya met Sara’s father, he wore a gentle smile.
“By the way, Akasaki-kun, did you not find Sara’s smile adorable earlier?”
Seeing Sara’s father asking with a delighted expression, Haruya couldn’t help but think—
(Oh, this person doesn’t seem scary at all now. Just a father who loves his daughter.)
His image of Sara’s father crumbled, and he was on the verge of laughing.
Although Haruya found Sara’s smile from earlier charming,
he decided to brush it off casually to avoid complications.

About an hour passed, and dishes started to be served on the dining table.
Drawn by the delicious aroma, Haruya and Sara’s foster father moved from the large tatami room to the dining table.
Once all the dishes were prepared, Sara took a seat facing Haruya.
With the pre-meal greeting, Haruya started savoring the food.
Sara’s foster father, the servant, Sara, and Haruya—all four sat around the dining table.
It was quite an unusual combination.
The dishes presented were all Japanese, perfectly matching the atmosphere of the mansion.
The flavors were rich and delightful, a feast for the taste buds.
Haruya particularly enjoyed the agedashi tofu among the various dishes.
Sara’s father seemed to notice Haruya’s reaction to the food.
“This agedashi tofu was made by Sara herself; she often makes it…”
With a gentle smile, Sara’s father stared at Haruya.
“Is that so? But this agedashi tofu is really delicious.”
“Ohoho… shall we instill the principles of the Himekawa family? Akasaki-san.”
This time, the servant, with a strange smile, looked at Haruya.
Seeing Haruya’s wry smile, Sara’s father, nodding, instructed the servant.
“That might be a good idea…”
“Yes, sir.”
The servant, after smiling at Sara’s father’s kind eyes, turned his gaze back to Haruya.
“W-Well… that might be a bit much.”
He looks at Sara who is sitting across from him, and she….
“…… Wait, what are you talking about? I mean, I’m not at all …… “
Her face was bright red, but she didn’t seem to be satisfied.
Looking at Sara on the opposite side, who blushed but didn’t seem entirely displeased, Haruya sighed.


Then, after the meal was served.
After enjoying the feast, despite the reluctance, Haruya decided to leave, as he had school the next day.
It seemed Sara, too, preferred to return to her lodgings rather than staying overnight at her family’s house, anticipating an early morning.
“I’m glad we could have a proper conversation with your father today. Well then, I’ll be going home with Akasaki-san…”
“Thank you for everything. It was a great meal.”
With farewells and being seen off by Sara’s father and the servant, Sara and Haruya started their journey home.
And at that moment—
“Feel free to come back anytime, both Sara and Akasaki-kun should feel at home, naturally.”
(Well, I’m good for now.)
Haruya’s honest feelings, though, couldn’t be expressed, and he just nodded.
After that, Haruya and Sara took the train back home.


In the train, both were silent.
Leaning against the wall, Haruya and Sara were close to each other.
Perhaps due to the many salarymen returning home on time, the train on the way back was more crowded than the one they took earlier. Haruya and Sara couldn’t find seats.
—Clank, clunk, clank, clunk.
As the train swayed, both Haruya and Sara felt embarrassed.
The reason was simple. Haruya had pushed Sara to the wall and positioned himself with his hand near her face,
” ………… “
” ………… “
a stance prepared against potential harassers to protect Sara.
(Well, this is quite embarrassing.)
Haruya couldn’t help but repeatedly sigh internally.
On the other hand, Sara, with a strangely feverish gaze, was staring blankly at Haruya.
Thump, thump.
Along with the painful feeling in her chest, she became aware that her body was warming up.
(He’s protecting me… Akasaki-san.)
As she reflected on the situation, a childlike smile naturally appeared on Sara’s face.
(Really… how much do I need to express my gratitude to Akasaki-san?)
Looking back on everything, Sara’s cheeks blossomed.
(Well, I need to convey my gratitude… But how?)
However, mere words might not convey sincerity.
Sara, contemplating how to express her gratitude to Haruya, continued to think on the train.
On the other hand, Haruya, feeling embarrassed, pondered—
(When should I get Sara to acknowledge my true identity…)
And, to avoid getting into an awkward situation, he reaffirmed his original goal in his mind.

“Well, …… The train was… Sorry, I was in that position for so long.”
” …… No, no…”
After getting off the train at the nearest station, Haruya called out to Sara.
“Is your leg okay? If you need to rest a bit, I’ll gladly accompany you.”
“I appreciate your concern… Thank you, but I’m fine. And, you really helped me earlier.”
The incident referred to is undoubtedly when Haruya took a stance to protect Sara from harassment.
With a smile on her face, Sara inwardly thinks, “…Thank you very much.”
“Oh, um, shall we head back then?”
Sara answers with a slightly trembling voice to Haruya’s words.
Watching Haruya’s back as he moves forward, Sara becomes convinced that the warmth within her chest won’t fade away.

“Um, Himekawa-san.”
On the way back from the station, walking side by side on the riverbank path, Haruya finally gathers his courage to speak to Sara.
Sara replies, straightening her spine with a slight tremor.
Apologizing to Sara with a somewhat apologetic expression, Haruya clasps his hands together and makes a request.
“Himekawa-san, I have a favor to ask. “
Haruya’s hidden purpose.
He feels a surge of excitement as he believes that with the family issue resolved, he has earned considerable favor.
If he can get Sara to promise not to reveal his identity, there’s almost no risk of his true self being exposed in class.
Thinking this way, Haruya asks Sara ──
“ask anything, so please go ahead!”
Despite her face still being red, Sara encourages Haruya enthusiastically.
Smiling wryly at the effectiveness of earning favor, Haruya says,
“I don’t want to stand out in class, you see… Can you promise not to reveal my identity?”
Upon hearing Haruya’s words, Sara’s eyes widened, and she froze for a moment.
Then, she turned her puzzled gaze toward him and spoke.
“I think you said something similar before…”
“Yeah, I did… but I wanted you to reconfirm your determination now.”
Sara tilted her head for a moment but then raised her hand again, making a solemn vow.
“Yes, I understand. I swear.”
“T-Thank you.”
Internally, Haruya couldn’t help but chuckle.
With this, he was almost certain that Sara, with her honest personality, wouldn’t expose his true identity.
“Uh, excuse me, Mr. Akasaki… There’s some dust on your shoulder. May I brush it off?”
Blushing, Sara asked, even though her face was already red from earlier.
Haruya, caught up in the joy of achieving his goal,
That is why didn’t find the abrupt and unnatural request suspicious.
“Huh? Oh, uh… sure.”
As he bent down to allow her, in that moment,
a soft sensation briefly touched his cheek.
Without understanding what had happened, Haruya’s mind went blank.
“Th-This is a thank you for everything so far.”
Blushing deeply, Sara hastily said, “Well then,” and walked away with light footsteps.
Left alone in that spot, Haruya could only remain dumbfounded for a while.
His cheek still felt the gentle touch, and Haruya hung his head in bewilderment.
(That was …… What the….. was that?)

scene transition


Experiencing this sensation for the first time… Haruya unintentionally feels his face heat up.
Sara, who was reserved and spoke very little on the train and especially on the way back, was likely struggling with this issue.
(…A kiss on the cheek as a gesture of gratitude, perhaps… But when was the right timing?)
Throughout the way back, especially on the train, Sara was likely grappling with this dilemma.

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