Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 22

The Second Inspection Squad’s First Inspection

Nao is currently at the peak of happiness.
Although it’s not the admiral’s seat he saw on his favorite military recruitment poster, he’s still enjoying playing captain in the captain’s seat of a new frigate, which is part of the current generation of ships and something he would never get to ride on in the Coast Guard.
The attacked transport ship had already left the scene and was headed towards the capital planet, Diamond, by the time Nao and his crew boarded the pirate ship. Both Coast Guard and pirate ships had long since fled the area, leaving only the two military ships that Nao and his team had occupied.
The ships are slowly returning to port, belonging to the Third Patrol Fleet, to which Nao belongs.
However, because they are towing a destroyer, their speed is limited, and it takes nearly half a day, or twelve hours, to arrive at Lutilaria from the area where it would normally take only a few hours.
Ultimately, it took over a day since the encounter with the pirates, so it’s natural that the attacked transport ship has already reached the capital planet, Diamond, and the reinforcements requested by Admiral Ash have arrived at Bismas, the home port of the Third Mobile Fleet.
Right now, there’s a commotion throughout the capital region.
It’s logical when you think about it; the decoyed transport ship was carrying nearly a hundred kilograms of the precious metal, scarlet metal.
In terms of value, it’s worth over thirty billion gold.
But it’s not just about the money; there’s another reason for the commotion.
This metal, scarlet metal, is indispensable in the industrial sector now, and if it’s stolen, at least the space industry factories in the capital would be shut down for almost a month.
The transport ship arrived at the capital planet late last night and reported the attack to the relevant agencies.
Furthermore, before that, the Third Mobile Fleet had reported that the pirate gang, the “Hishiyama Family,” led by “Capone,” had attacked the transport ship, and an immediate support mission order had just been issued to the First Mobile Fleet.
Such a chaotic situation had spread throughout the entire capital region.
At least the entire Coast Guard had begun searching for the escaped Capone.
The military also cooperated, deploying fleets that were available to search for the pirates.
Despite deploying so many ships for the search, it’s almost impossible to find anything in the vastness of space.
Moreover, due to the influence of the supernova, Ultzait, there are areas, especially between Rutile and others, where radar and radio communication are impossible.
In the end, time passed without finding anything.
In the midst of all this, Nao and his crew, who had returned to the port using a pirate ship, were immediately caught up in the commotion.
Since they were already traveling at a very slow speed in an area where radar and radio signals couldn’t reach, they were quite relaxed on board.
When they were just two hours away from Lutilaria, where the port is located, they were spotted by surveillance satellites that were doing their job properly.
And then, there was a stir in the surveillance satellites that discovered them.
At this point, they still don’t know that Nao and his crew are on board, and radio signals still can’t reach this distance.
This is due to the solar wind from the star, Rutile. Although usually radio signals would reach this distance easily, luck wasn’t on their side.
In this case, it’s probably unfortunate for both parties.
Using optical communication, the surveillance satellites contacted Lutilaria, and since radio signals could reach the other side of the planet, they searched for fleets that could be contacted from there.
They happened to catch the First Patrol Fleet, which was navigating nearby, and requested dispatch to the area. Upon receiving the request, the First Patrol Fleet hurried to the scene.
As the First Patrol Squadron rushed at a maximum ship speed of five space units per hour against Nao and the others’ hourly speed of one space unit per hour, they encountered the First Patrol Squadron when they were just one hour away from the surveillance satellite they were aiming for. Nao and the others were ordered to stop by the patrol squadron.



“Captain, that’s the First Patrol Squadron, right? I know them, they’re [Akan] and [Kuccharo], right?”
“Oh, but they’re the ones who ordered us to stop.”
“Hey, if we’re ordered to stop, we better stop immediately. We don’t want to be mistaken for enemies.”
“Understood, Captain. Kasumi, can you hear me? We’re going to stop.”
[I can hear you. Stopping now.]
“Captain, look at that.”
After the ship stopped, Meyrica, who had discovered something, came to tell me.
“Oh, I see. Well, that’s to be expected.”
“I can’t believe it. The Second Inspection Squad, us, being inspected by another squad. Even if it’s a joke, it’s not funny.”
“What nonsense are you talking about, Maria?”
“Yes, Captain.”
“Meyrica, prepare for inspection. Kasumi, can you hear me?”
[Yes, Captain. What is it?]
“We’re going to be inspected, so follow their instructions. Also, when the inspection team arrives, hand over the prisoners and corpses on the spot.”
“What? Really…”
“Oh, it’s not going to be a pleasant sight, but that’s our job. Well, the ones who receive them will probably be surprised.”
“Will they hold a grudge against us? We’re already considered unwanted children.”
“I wonder. But right now, we’re not much different from drifters. If we don’t hand over work to the higher-ups working as an organization, it’ll be even more troublesome later. Maybe it’s just me, though.”
“Doesn’t that mean I’ll be taking care of the captain’s troubles?”
“Oh, right. If I get permission from the inspection team here, I’ll join you, so bear with me until then.”
“Understood. Since the ship has stopped and there’s nothing to do, we’ll wait for the inspection and the captain.”
Once the ship stopped, we had nothing to do.
So, I decided to observe the work of the senior members of the First Patrol Squadron as if it were a study.
The two space frigates from the First Patrol Squadron that appeared in front of us were in an exquisite position, blocking our path.
Once the ship stopped, two internal boats from the two space frigates approached us simultaneously.
“Is it usual for inspections to be conducted simultaneously by two ships?”
“Normally, yes.”
“Sister, it’s not normal. It’s a rule, we have to do it that way.”
“Huh, is that so? Then why were we the only ones inspecting when we were dealing with pirates?”
“That’s the thing, isn’t it?”
“That’s the thing.”
“So, what’s that thing?”
“Was it Commander Potter’s strategy?”
“It’s probably for Commander Potter to escape. If they sent us, it would provide some excuse.”
“I wish I hadn’t heard that. Ah, it looks like we’ve arrived. Keep the rear hatch open.”
“Yes, understood.”
“Well then, leave it to Meyrica here and I’ll go to the rear storage.”
“Then, I’ll accompany you.”
Kate said she would accompany me.
“Kate, take a few people with you. It’s embarrassing if I’m alone.”
We waited for the inspection team inside the airlock area leading to the rear storage.

“We’re from the Diamond Kingdom Capital Region Security Force. We’d like to see the captain.”
A middle-aged man with the rank insignia of a Coast Guard ensign, who appeared to be the leader of the inspection team, came in and gave a standard greeting.
The old man, wearing a rank insignia of a petty officer, looked surprised when he saw Kate and the others’ suits and began to confirm their affiliation.
“Huh? Where are you guys from? State your affiliation, rank, and name.”
Ignoring me, he suddenly started questioning Kate.
Kate looked surprised and glanced at me, and I quietly nodded, urging her to answer the questions.
“We’re from the Third Patrol Squadron, assigned to the space frigate [Akkeshi], and I’m Kate, the senior inspection team leader. We’ve been waiting for the First Patrol Squadron, First Inspection Team, Petty Officer.”
“Huh? Those who were reported lost… well, whatever. I want to meet the captain of this ship and your squadron leader. Can you guide me?”
“Huh? If it’s the squadron leader, then they’re over there…”
Kate seemed troubled, so I stepped forward and saluted the squadron leader of the First Inspection Team and began to introduce myself.

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