Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 7

“The Royal Capital of Renalute”

The Capital City of Renalute is now in sight.

Diana, who was outside the carriage, told us that we were approaching our destination. Casually peering out of the carriage window, I caught a glimpse of the Renalute Royal Capital, with its castle in view. It was indeed a Japanese like-style castle. Even from a distance, it exuded a certain grandeur that I had expected, seeing as it was surrounded by a town, creating the classic castle-and-town composition. As I gazed out of the carriage window, I was interrupted by my father’s voice.

“Reed, in Renalute and Magnolia, there may be many differences in common sense, which may catch you off guard. Be wary of being tripped up.”

My father’s words were spoken with a stern expression. However, as his eyes met mine, I could see a hint of concern. I nodded reassuringly, answering confidently,

“Yes, Father. Understood!”

Seeing my response, my father’s expression softened with relief as he nodded in satisfaction.

Eventually, our carriage reached the entrance to the town of Renalute. There was a checkpoint before entering the town, but we were quickly allowed through. It seemed that word of our arrival from Magnolia had already been communicated.

Glancing out of the carriage window, I noticed a Dark Elf soldier at the checkpoint speaking to Reubens. After nodding in response to the soldier’s words, Reubens approached the carriage window and reported to my father.

“He says he’ll escort us to the castle. Is that acceptable?”

“Indeed. I entrust it to you.”

With my father’s consent, Reubens relayed the message to the soldier, and the carriage began to move once more. It seemed we were headed directly to the castle. Following the soldier’s lead, the carriage proceeded through the town of Renalute. As I looked out of the carriage window at the streets, there was a strangely familiar feeling about them. Many of the houses were wooden with tiled roofs.

I was also drawn to the eclectic attire of the Dark Elves passing by outside the carriage. Some women wore hakama with shoes, and others wore kimonos. Their hair was styled conventionally. Men wore kimonos more often. Occasionally, there were soldiers or people dressed like us, creating a truly eclectic atmosphere.

However, the sight of Dark Elves in their attire was still novel and captivating. As I gazed out of the carriage window with sparkling eyes, Diana gently reminded me, “We’re almost at the castle.”

Hearing her words, I looked ahead from the carriage window and indeed saw the castle looming closer. It seemed that there was a moat surrounding the perimeter of the castle, but the area near the gate we were approaching seemed to be a dry moat. Naturally, both the water and dry moat walls were made of stone.

The castle gate ahead of the carriage was larger than any gate I had seen within Renalute. As the carriage reached the front of the gate, it came to a stop.

I didn’t have much knowledge about castles, but seeing a Japanese like-style castle up close naturally elicited an awe-struck response from me.

“It’s amazing, the grandeur… and the tall stone walls…”

“Hmm? Reed, do you know what a ‘stone wall’ is?””

“When I mentioned ‘stone wall,’ Father raised an eyebrow in confusion. Since there were no stone walls in Magnolia, he seemed a bit surprised by what I knew.

“Eh? Um, I learned about it when reading the materials on Renalute.”

” I see, Renalute’s castle is completely different from Magnolia’s. It’s a good opportunity to broaden your horizons. Make sure to observe carefully.”

” Yes, Father.”

I said something like that and brushed off the topic. By the way, Father knows that I have memories of my past life. However, unless it’s knowledge he really needs, I generally won’t talk about it unless asked. So, this time, I pretended not to know about stone walls. It seems Father is also avoiding asking deliberately.

Still, I never expected that I, who had memories of being Japanese like, would have the chance to visit such a Japanese like-style castle in another world. I was once again impressed by the sight before me. As I was lost in emotion, the castle gate in front of the carriage began to open left and right. Then, without entering the castle, the carriage headed towards a building similar to a mansion in the Baldia territory. Suddenly, the soldier who was leading us turned around and shouted loudly towards our group.

” This is the guesthouse where you will all be staying. I will call the attendant now, so please wait here for a moment.”

After delivering his speech, the soldier bowed to us and then entered the mansion. Shortly after, familiar Dark Elf maids arrived. They efficiently began to carry the luggage from the carriage into the guesthouse.

Watching the Dark Elf maids work, Father and I stepped down from the carriage in front of the guesthouse. Then, I stretched my body and Father cracked his neck, massaging his shoulders himself. A Dark Elf who seemed to be a little older approached us, bowed, and spoke.


” Lord Reiner, Lord Reed, we are grateful for your visit all the way to Renalute. I am Zack Livereton, in charge of your care and the management of the guesthouse this time. I look forward to working with you.”

Zack, the Dark Elf, had a gentle demeanor and was very pleasant. He might resemble Galun. I thought so as I smiled and replied.

” Yes. Thank you very much. We look forward to working with you.”

After finishing speaking, I bowed to him. As I lifted my head, Zack seemed a little surprised but quickly returned to a smile. I wonder if something’s wrong? At that moment, Father casually addressed Zack.

” Likewise… Please take care of us again, Lord Zack.”

” Yes. It’s been a while, Lord Reiner.”

Zack bowed to father, seemingly accustomed to the gesture. Or perhaps, as father said, they had met before? I watched their exchange with a puzzled expression. Father, noticing my gaze, began to explain. It seemed that during the Burst Incident, father had been primarily involved in exchanging information between the Imperial Capital and Renalute. Certainly, considering they were neighboring countries, it was only natural.

“At that time, Lord Zack helped us in various ways.”

“No, no, it’s all thanks to Lord Reiner that our Dark Elf brethren were able to return.”

“I merely acted as a messenger pigeon. Everything was decided by their Majesties.”

Upon hearing father’s response, Zack showed a meaningful smile. Then, without breaking his smile, he shifted his gaze to me.

“However, I didn’t expect Lord Reiner’s son to be so obedient and cute.”

“…Obedient and cute aren’t the only qualities I possess.”

father replied with a malicious grin, glancing at me.


Was he still upset about the candy incident? As I chuckled dryly in response to his gaze, Diana’s voice reached us.

“Lord Reiner, all necessary luggage has been moved to the guesthouse.”

“Very well. Lord Zack, would you kindly show our guest to their room?”

After responding, father shifted his gaze to Zack. Zack bowed in acknowledgment to father’s gaze and led me to the room. Naturally, we were given separate rooms. The guesthouse interior resembled a traditional Japanese like style, although not much different from the estate I was accustomed to. A bit disappointing.

According to Zack, they tried to make the guesthouse resemble Magnolia as much as possible. Upon reaching the room, I received an explanation of the facilities. Then, Zack mentioned something intriguing.

“While it might be rare in Magnolia, the guesthouse has hot springs. Would you like to try them out?”

“Huh? There’s a hot spring here!?”

Zack seemed surprised by my unexpected interest in the hot springs, but he continued his explanation. There were separate large baths for men and women, so we could use them anytime. That moment marked the guesthouse turning into a hot spring resort for me.

“Yeah, I’ll try them later.”

“Sure. Just let us know when you want to use the hot springs.”

After finishing the explanation, Zack bowed and left the room. Alone, I lay back on the bed.

“Sigh, I’m so tired of carriages…”

Thanks to the candy Chris gave me and some improvements in the road, the journey was slightly more bearable. But it was still tough. As I worried about the journey back, there was a knock on the door. Who could it be? I answered, and it turned out to be Chris. She entered the room, approaching me with a concerned look on her face.

“How did you fare on the carriage ride?”

“Fine. Thanks to the candy Chris gave me, I was able to manage.”

“I see. I’m glad I could be of help.”

Though she wore a relieved expression, I couldn’t help but wonder if her relief was solely due to the effects of the candy. With a casual tone mixed into my expression of gratitude, I inquired further.

“Yeah. Thanks for worrying. But more importantly, what about you? Did something happen?”

“No, nothing like that. We’re just honored to have been escorted to the guesthouse. However, considering future plans, we find it difficult to move freely, so we’ll be staying at an inn in the town below the castle.”

I see. By the way, what we’ve asked Chris and the others to do this time is to create a new trade route. Certainly, it would be troublesome to come and go each time from within Renalute Castle, given that it should serve as a base.

“I understand. It’s a bit lonely, but it can’t be helped. I’ll inform Father and the people of Renalute, so please report back to us immediately if anything comes up.”

“Understood. I’ll start moving right away and visit a few trading houses.”

“Yeah, please do.”

Upon hearing my response, Chris smiled and nodded before leaving the room with a bow. Then, just as he left, Diana, dressed in maid attire, entered the room.

“What’s wrong, Diana?”

“I’ve been instructed by Lord Reiner to act as both a guard and to stay in the same room. Please think of me as part of the furniture, if you will.”

“Oh, I see…”

Though she referred to herself as part of the furniture, the maid standing erect with a sword at her waist had a presence that was hard to ignore. However, with the exhaustion of the carriage ride catching up to me, I weakly voiced my request to her.

“Ah… I’ll take a short nap, so please wake me if anything happens…”

“Yes, Sir Reed.”

And so, I decided to take a brief nap.

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