Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 4

And so, time returns to the date mentioned earlier. It’s not a good idea to think, “Again? You just did it recently,” or anything like that. It simply means we’ve become more comfortable with each other. 
Through our interactions, Ashella-san and I have become close enough to casually have tea together during our free time. The number of times we’ve gone to the Japanese tea café together about five times already. 
In these days of peaceful coexistence between me and the mother-daughter next door, I couldn’t help but wonder. 
(I haven’t asked directly, but… is it just my imagination?) 
The confirmation tasks weren’t just dates. On days off, pretending to be on duty, I followed Ashella-san and her daughter on their outings several times. 
At the library after taking a bus, at the nearby supermarket. They seemed more like a loving mother and daughter than a big boss and her subordinate. To be honest, they looked like a close mother-daughter pair. 
(The big day was when a monster appeared in the middle of the investigation.) 
Before and after I receive the news of the monster’s appearance, as well as upon returning home after defeating it, they acted like any ordinary people. They went shopping and then spent time reading books at the library. 
(There’s almost no possibility that Ashella-san and her daughter are monsters or controlling them.) 
By the way, lurking and following the mother and daughter next door, am I not practically a stalker? I’ve questioned myself about this more than once or twice and ended up feeling down. 
Moreover, their behavior and lifestyle seem perfectly fine. As mentioned earlier, there’s no sign of friction with other residents, and there’s no suspicious behavior. 
Currently, she can’t rely solely on her late husband’s inheritance, so she’s secured a part-time job at the supermarket. 
(I just introduced her to a job that was hiring, and yet she was so grateful… Could it be that I helped a high-ranking member of an evil organization who’s happy about finding a part-time job? That’s absurd.) 
Above all, they don’t emanate the overwhelming power I felt from the leader and high-ranking members of Cleared. Starting with the fact that, even in our first meeting, if Ashella-san were a high-ranking member, it would be strange for her to be almost crushed by a shelf during the moving process. 
(If that were the case, approaching me, Banshoku Green, would make sense. But even then, there were plenty of chances to kill me.) 
Even if they poisoned the meals they generously treated me to several times, or even if they attacked me while I was asleep. In fact, if Ashella-san’s true identity is the surviving high-ranking member Ailsherad from that deadly battle, 
(With my support-oriented abilities, I’m no match. They could easily take me out, especially if she’s the leader.) 
It seems like there’s nothing to worry about. That’s a relief. 
And, more than anything, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something beyond just the crisis of Cleared’s revival. 
Well then, let’s head over to the dinner invitation. I also have a gift of cheap hand cream that I got from Nadeshiko-san! 
On one of those everyday nights, I’m walking wearily on my way back. 
“I-I’m exhausted… This week has been seriously tough…” 
Originally, for the past few days, I’ve been busy with test preparations due to upcoming exams. Today, I had a full day of classes, and the night before, I stayed up late preparing for classes. 
Additionally, after school, upon receiving news of the monster’s appearance, I went to check it out, only to find, 
“Well, being tough is one thing… But what’s with this Armored Crab monster? I had to take hits from all four of us using my support at full power just to bring it down.” 
Banshokuger headquarters referred to it as the Armored Crab monster, Hermiglar. It boasted an intense level of hardness compared to the monsters we faced before. 
Moreover, a few times, I had to act as a shield for my teammates, making me take the most damage. 
After the battle, having exhausted my strength, I found myself sitting with my hands on my knees for a while. 
And to make matters worse, during the interview conducted afterward to reassure the citizens, 
“I was just standing there, and most of the questions were directed at the other four. It felt like I was useless…” 
“Red! Red-san, Red-sama, Blue-san, Blue-chan, Black-san, Pink-sama, Pink-san…” 
I’m reminded once again of my subdued popularity. 
(My threads on the anonymous bulletin board that I peeked at before were clearly not popular, and they all had a tone like “[I understand the charm of that person]”. Come on, don’t just stand there with your arms crossed, come out in front.) 
So, it’s late at night. The day is about to change. 
“I-I just want to sleep… I can take a bath tomorrow…” 
It’s more exhausting than I thought. In front of my room, I hooked my toes on the last step of the stairs and swung my body vigorously. As I tried to stretch my legs forward, 
My legs wouldn’t move. My lower body, as if to cleanly use up the remaining strength on the stairs, was left behind. 
(Really? Banshoku Green dies on the stairs…) 
With my last bit of strength, I somehow managed to take off my glasses. Without lifting a finger, I collapsed into the hallway, and my consciousness was severed. 
I wake up, feeling the soft sensation on the back of my head, contrasting with the hard floor I hit my forehead against. 
Something I couldn’t quite make out was blocking my view. I can’t see well without my glasses. 
(What is this? A cloth ceiling? There’s a bit of space between my face and it…) 
“Ah, wake up… Kyaa!” 
The ceiling lowers, crushing my face all at once. The softness surpassing the softness of all things I know envelops my face. 
(This, this is…!) 
My brain, regaining sharpness, realizes it. The warmth I feel on the back of my head is thigh. From the shape, it seems to be the thighs. That means I’m being used as a knee pillow. 
“S-Sorry! I bent down to see your face… Are you okay?” 
A voice that I’ve heard since earlier, and I remember, 
I call out the name of the owner of the well-rounded thighs and underboob. When I turn my gaze to the side, it’s the living room of the Kuri’s family that I’ve visited several times. 
“Midori-san. Thank goodness… I heard a noise like something fell, so I peeked out and found you collapsed in the hallway…” 
“T-This is so embarrassing!” 
As soon as she grasps the situation, her face turns blue. I’m showing an embarrassing scene to my neighbor. 
Since the upper part is covered (by boobs), I try to roll sideways to take it off. At that moment, 
My face is also covered by a palm. A nice scent. 
“A little more. You were lying down, so you need to hydrate.” 
With my face turned to the side, a straw is inserted, and I instinctively gulp it down. It’s a sports drink. 


Feeling more conscious, I look up. As I moved down to the knees, the roof of the underboob has disappeared, and I look up at Ashella-san. In her nightwear or perhaps a thin sweater and pants, with a cardigan hanging on her shoulder, her attire reveals her body’s curves quite prominently. As my heart skips a beat, I also feel apologetic. 
(Well, that’s understandable. It’s sleeping time. I’ve done something bad.) 
She also notices my face peeking out from under her chest. 
“Oh, you have a beard.” 
With a feather touch, she tickles my unshaved chin. My heart jumps at the sudden contact. 
“Ah, well, I’ve been busy lately… sorry for the unkempt look.” 
“Your glasses are on the desk. Anyway, since you seem exhausted to the point of collapsing, you need to rest a bit more. …Oh, right, then.” 
Rustling, Ashella san stretches her body and takes something out from the nearby chest. 
“Let’s clean your ears. You’ve been busy, haven’t you? It must have piled up.” 
“H-Hey, Ashella san!?” 
“Come on, don’t move. You might get hurt.” 
With a tone of amusement, she fixes my head facing towards the room. After a bit, 
(I really started this…) 
The sensation of someone probing the inside of my head. Allowing someone to do that, the act of permitting others. That’s what it means to have your ears cleaned. 
In essence, entrusting the power of life and death to the other person. What this signifies is, 
(I trust Ashella san.) 
The sound of rustling directly resonates in my head, occasionally accompanied by her cheers. 
“Wow, amazing ♡” 
“Let’s clear out what’s accumulated…” 
“Doesn’t it hurt?” 
“Oh, it’s like this──” 
Somewhere, a dreamy voice continues. It seems she’s enjoying it, which is good. 
Laughing softly at my blushing self, 
“Yes, I’ll do the other side, so please turn over.” 
Turning my body as instructed, 
(Uh, oh) 
It was expected, but through the thin nightwear, I see Ashella san’s stomach, waist, and thighs. 
“U-Um, about your daughter… Taratatt-chan, where is she?” 
Nervously trying to divert the conversation, she responded. 
“She’s a good sleeper──” 
As she says that, her breath approaches. 
“Rest assured.” 
Whispering. Thinking about the meaning of those words spoken in my ear. 
(No, no… wait, wait, Midori Kusama. Calm down.) 
Am I being tempted? But it’s only been two months since we met. 
Silent moments pass. While my head is being explored, I imagine what’s in her head. Such a time. 
“I was worried.” 
Suddenly, a murmur descends. 
“I saw it on the news. Another monster appeared, right?” 
Now it feels like a distant event, yesterday’s incident. 
“Even though Midori-san went to work after that, there was no sign of you coming back, so I…” 
Her voice becomes moist. Her hands also stop. 
In silence. Rising from the desk, putting on the glasses, I meet Ashella san’s gaze straight in the eyes as she sits right next to me. 
“Ashella san.” 
Calling each other’s names, we gazed at each other in close proximity. I can say with certainty that the atmosphere was good. 
Ashella-san’s eyes. A slightly furrowed brow, and her azure eyes with a glistening touch. 
(Wh- blue eyes…) 
But suddenly, a memory flashes back. 
On a battlefield filled with blood, blades, and flashing lights. Her only expression visible through the mask. 
However, the approaching face of Ashella-san dispelled the sense of déjà vu. 
“Wait a──” 
I inadvertently started to say words of restraint. 
But just a split second later, her lips. Overlapped with mine. 
“Mm… Haa.” 
Before I knew it, her arms were entwined around my neck, and her upper body was leaning against me. Her ample chest pressed against my firm one. 
(Uwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! What the heck is happening?!) 
That’s what it feels like inside my head. Well, no wonder. 
The sensation of lush lips. The sweet fragrance enveloping my entire body. The incredibly soft violence of two chests colliding. All of these sensations are overwhelming my senses. 
Déjà vu? What’s that? It’s long gone by now. 
“Nnfu… Haah.” 
Ashella-san breaks the kiss as if taking a breath,  
“Please don’t think of me as an indecent woman…” 
her arms are still around my shoulders. Meanwhile, my hands are still trembling, wandering around her left and right. 
(This, the direction my hands are taking, feels like it’s leading to completely different routes…!) 
In other words: 
Should I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her tight? 
Or place my hands on her shoulders and pull away. 
A moment of hesitation. In that gap, her poignant words slipped in. 
The voice calling my name. 
A vision of the future floats in my mind. Marriage a year later. Childbirth. Living happily with our daughter, including Taratat chan, seeing grandchildren, and growing old together as a loving couple… 
(─Stop it!) 
With a swift motion, I attempt to wrap my arms around Ashella-san’s waist, ready to embrace her── 
It was right on the verge. 
“Hey Ashella, what are you doing in the middle of the night? …Huh?” 
A child’s voice. Slightly sleepy. 
Simultaneously, while still embracing each other, Ashella-san and I turn our heads in the direction of the voice. 
It’s Taratat chan. Ashella-san’s daughter, who should have been asleep. She opens the door and peers into the living room. 
(Oh no, wh-what should I do?) 
My thoughts froze. This scene definitely doesn’t look appropriate for a child of around ten. 
But Taratat chan’s next words, following the freeze-frame moment, completely froze my brain. 
“Huh? Green? Did you come over?” 
What a child.

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