Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

Sara weakly shook her head, wearing an expression of resignation.
Observing Sara’s expression, her father continued.
“That’s how it is. She can’t speak for herself, can’t make the right judgments. She lacks charm. It’s a girl like Sara. It’s the natural duty of a parent to guide their daughter onto the right path.”
Haruya, who had been momentarily tongue-tied, started to glare at Sara’s father with a determined look.
“Oh, what’s with that attitude? Akasaki-kun.”
“A little while ago, you mentioned lacking charm…”
“Ah, yes. Indeed. A small child who can’t make correct judgments on their own. No charm at all. In fact, I’ve never seen Sara with any friends so far.”
Haruya took Sara’s father’s words and confronted him head-on without hesitation.
“Certainly, Himekawa-san has some reckless and naive aspects. I understand the concern about her being risky in romance… But, I can’t agree with your recent statement.”
Sara’s father’s stern face twisted a little and a quizzical look appeared on his face.
Haruya, with a serious expression slightly distorted, met Sara’s father’s puzzled look head-on as he responded.
“A girl lacking charm? There’s no way that’s true!”
His almost angry voice resonated heavily in the room.
…He didn’t quite understand it himself. However, hearing Sara being belittled as lacking charm bothered him.
Decisively, Haruya continued.

scene transition


“Himekawa-san is attentive and considerate of others. She has a caring heart. Yet… for you, her parent, to say she’s a girl lacking charm, that’s just not right!”
Haruya was probably bringing in his own family background when saying such things.
Sara’s father, astonished, found himself taken aback by Haruya’s unexpectedly passionate words.
After a moment, Sara’s father cleared his throat and spoke.
“I see… Akasaki-kun really cares about Sara. I was wrong to say she lacks charm. Sara… I’m sorry, I should apologize for that.”
Sara’s father apologized with a gentle tone, bowing slightly──
“──However, Sara is still a girl who can’t speak up for herself. Isn’t that right?”
“I-I don’t think so…”
“Then why hasn’t Sara tried to speak up until now? Moreover, from my perspective, it seems like she’s relying on you for everything, Akasaki-kun…”
Even if Haruya said something, convincing her father would be difficult if Sara couldn’t speak for herself. Haruya fell silent, realizing this.
However, giving up wasn’t an option.
Haruya gently placed his hand on Sara’s back, choosing to believe in her.
Sara looked up with a surprised expression, meeting Haruya’s eyes.
(…It’s okay, it’s okay.)
Haruya sent warm eyes full of trust to her.

───I have to say it, I have to say it.
Sara clenched her fists tightly, repeating these words to herself.
She had never interfered or answered back to her father, and her body unconsciously tensed. It seemed impossible to speak out loud as she wished.
Her father’s words and Haruya’s words didn’t seem to register at all.
The atmosphere suddenly became oppressive, and her heart pounded heavily.
(───I can’t say what I want to say.)
Such a foolish thought left Sara dumbfounded in her own disbelief.
She keenly felt her own weakness.
Time seemed to pass slowly, with the sensation of it flowing leisurely.
(…I’m really useless, huh?)
Originally, Sara had always been like this in front of her father.
Her adoptive father had saved her, an orphan with nowhere to go.
Since then, Sara had decided to live for the Himekawa family.
Therefore, no matter how unpleasant things were, Sara had diligently followed her father’s instructions.
Rebellion was out of the question.
Sara had grown up in the Himekawa household without ever answering back.
Sara was afraid of being ungrateful to the Himekawa family that had saved her.
(…Let’s give up. Accept the marriage proposal. There’s no other choice.)
She had endured and overcome unpleasant things before. Sara tried to convince herself to give up.
Suddenly, she recalled the day she met Haruya.
Since that day, Sara’s world had started to change color.
Feelings she didn’t know, feelings she had hidden, overflowed despite her efforts to keep them in check.
It was the feeling of falling in love.
Having tasted the sweetness of fateful romance, Sara now struggled in agony.
(…For me, the Himekawa family…)
Squeezing her eyes shut, Sara remembered Haruya’s words that flashed in her mind.
[…But, that’s not what you truly feel, right?]
[Let’s fight together.]
[I think it’s amazing because it’s Himekawa-san, not just because she’s the daughter of the Himekawa family.]
Those were the warm words spoken by Haruya.
(…Ah, you really make it so easy to resolve my worries.)
Even though she had thought of giving up, Haruya wouldn’t allow it.
Sara felt that Haruya’s voice demanded a response.
She wasn’t alone now. Haruya was by her side.
To make that clear, Haruya’s warm and large hand rested on her back.
(…It’s okay, it’s okay.)
She felt as if he was encouraging her.
Then, Haruya looked at Sara calmly.
And Sara responded to Haruya’s calm gaze.
In a delicate voice, Sara naturally spoke up as she felt Haruya’s presence.
Looking firmly into her adoptive father’s eyes without turning away, Sara continued.
Once Sara breaks out of her shell, she does not stop.
“I always thought I shouldn’t oppose Father’s opinions. So, I’ve never gone against Father’s opinions or suggestions until now. But, Father, I’m sorry, father. I know you were thinking of me and wanted to arrange a marriage. ……. But I’m …… I…
Pausing there, she then flashed an even more charming smile.
“—actually want to enjoy a more fate-filled romance than anyone else.”
That smile was the most attractive and human-like smile Haruya had seen from her.




Upon receiving Sara’s charming smile and words, Sara’s father was left dumbfounded.
Haruya, too, was frozen, but eventually, Sara’s father showed a faint smile.
It seemed as if he had secretly wished for this outcome, his expression calm and serene.
“Oh, I see… You decided to express your opinion.”
Confirming this with his eyes lowered, Sara’s adoptive father continued.
“So, you spoke your mind, knowing you would be denied… knowing you would trouble me. I see. “
Satisfied, Sara’s father nodded several times.
“Well, if you say that much, there’s nothing to be done. Introducing Sara in such a state would affect the honor of the Himekawa family.”
With a gentle smile, Sara’s father directed an admiring gaze at Sara.
“Do as you like. If Sara wants that, then so be it.”
Responding with a pounding heart to her adoptive father’s words, Sara answered with a radiant smile.
Now, it seemed that the issue at hand had been resolved, and Haruya was about to leave for home.
At that moment, Sara’s father’s attention shifted to Haruya.
“Akasaki-kun, it’s a bit early, but you should have a meal before heading home.”
“…Uh, no, it’s fine.”
“No need to be reserved. You came all the way here using the train. I must show some hospitality…”
Following Sara’s father’s request, Sara also pleaded with Haruya.
“Please, from me as well… I’ll help with cooking.”
Unable to easily refuse their requests, Haruya reluctantly said, “Well, I’ll take you up on that.”
Thus, the Himekawa family and Haruya ended up having a meal together.


After Sara went with the maid to prepare the meal, Haruya and Sara’s father were left waiting in a spacious Japanese-style room until they could eat.
An awkward and heavy atmosphere dominated the space.
(Oh no… Looking closely, this person’s face is still scary…)
Although Haruya had bravely expressed his opinions earlier, he was now sweating internally, feeling a chill…
(I shouted almost like I was yelling… Now it’s even more awkward.)
As Haruya tried to straighten up, Sara’s father suddenly asked him a strange question, looking at him as if appraising him.
“By the way, Akasaki-kun, do you have affection for Sara?”
Haruya almost burst out laughing but managed to restrain himself.
Then, looking directly into the other’s eyes, Haruya replied,
“Friends, I guess?”
The questioning tone was because Haruya, too, couldn’t find the right words to easily express his relationship with Sara.
“I see… Well, if it’s hard to say, it can’t be helped.”
Even so, Sara’s father said while wearing a gentle smile.
Perhaps he interpreted Haruya’s statement as being embarrassed about his affectionate feelings.
Though Haruya tilted his head, Sara’s father continued.
“If you like, I’d like you to support Sara by her side… I’ve never seen Sara’s smile like that before, thanks to you.”
“Is that so…”

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