Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 16 part 1

Chapter Sixteen: Justice

Alpha and Omega.
It refers to two individuals, male and female, that awaken due to a special factor embedded in the beings that live on the stars.
Alpha awakens with the ability to influence everything.
Omega tends to awaken with the ability to influence individuals, and we make the living beings of the stars engage in “mutual consumption” for a purpose.
Those with the Omega factor are ferocious.
Acting on instinct, they become a threat that devours the beings of that star.
By utilizing that habit, we maximize the power of Omega to the point where they finally gain the qualification to cross spears with us.
If the power of Omega is great, then secure it.
If it is weak, dispose of it, initialize that star once again, administer the factors of Alpha and Omega, and wait for the next harvest.
Our organization, the “Savers”, had been hunting lower ranked stars in that way.
I thought it was easy, an invasion.
I decided to secretly obtain the intellectual living beings of the planet called Earth, ignoring previous orders.
A weak planet, with a low level of civilization.
I assumed that neither the Alpha nor Omega born there would be significant existences.
In fact, when we scanned the planet, the original Omega had been defeated and destroyed by humans.

It should have been easy to rule even these kinds of living beings.
Although the Alpha and Omega of that planet were already dead, the Alpha had given birth to a child and created a new Alpha, an unusual situation.
It was an abnormal individual that far surpassed the power of its parent, and was skilled at exceptionally powerful mental interference against the same humans.
It was enough to deceive even us, an alien race. It could potentially deceive other colleagues as well – it was nothing but advantages.
If we could capture even the Alpha, we should be able to obtain more convenient slaves.

Why did it turn out like this?
I intended to descend upon the Earth, secure the abnormal Alpha individual, and in passing, enjoy playing with the current living beings of Earth.
Surprisingly, although the suits worn by the Earthlings did excel our own, the specs themselves were similar to the enhanced suits circulating in the organization we belong to, so dealing with them by forcibly removing their transformations was easy.
The miscalculation was the single Earthling who acted together with the Alpha.
We were driven into a predicament by an impostor with no Omega factor, merely chosen.
The guy who had the Curse Belt, Dust Driver, which consumes the wearer’s life and brings destruction to all things attached to him should have become our puppet.
But that didn’t happen. Instead, the Dust Driver was completely obedient to him and bared his fangs at me.
With our state-of-the-art enhanced suits, weapons, and additional armor, we were overwhelmed without being able to counterattack and I had no choice but to resort to subjugating the ground with the Savers’ interstellar combat spacecraft as a last measure.
“Haa, haa…”
Transferring to the ship interior, I repair my damaged limbs while activating the attack system of the warship.
“He’ll come here soon. Come on, come!! The moment he does I’ll blow him to pieces with the laser…”
In that instant, a tremendous impact runs through the warship.
With the room containing the transfer device shaking violently from the unbelievable impact, the sounds of destruction continue to echo.
‘You think that level of fist is getting through?!’
Realizing it was an attack by that guy who had transformed into a golden figure, I forgot the hostility and hatred I had been harboring just moments ago. I urgently performed a wormhole transfer of the warship itself and withdrew from Earth.
“Escaping from Earth, he’ll be alone! Even if he tries to destroy this ship, there are other fleets here besides us!!”
I have to admit it.
He is not an existence I can handle.
I have to kill him by borrowing the hands of the higher-ranked in this universe if it comes down to it.
“Before that, I need to hurry and complete repairs–“
The moment repairs to my lower half finished, the wall of the control room I was in was blown away and a golden light rushed in.
Appearing shrouded in white smoke, his figure changed from gold to white as he glared at me.
“Haa, haa…”
My newly connected legs unconsciously back away from the fearsome hostility.
“You bastard, I won’t let you escape!”
“Hih, hii!?”
Turning my back without an ounce of resistance, I flee from him giving chase.
I activate all the intercept systems within the ship in an attempt to restrain him, but they are all rendered meaningless and destroyed.
“Wha, what is he…”
My legs that should have been repaired feel like they’ll break any second.
Why is there no sign of exhaustion or consumption despite the destruction he’s caused?
“An intruder!?”
“Lord Vega!? What is the meaning of this!!”
“Tha, that’s a hostile force!! Kill him!!”
I use the crew members who noticed the threat within the ship as meat shields.
They’re nobodies picked up on some planet or other anyway, as long as I survive that’s all that matters!!
“You bastards, hey!! Get out of the way!!”
“Every one of them are aliens, this guy!!”
“No, to you guys, even I’m an alien!!”
Damn, they’re not even slowing him down…!!
A chill and trembling won’t stop in this mechanized body that’s forgotten even fear.
The guy shrouded in golden light destroys the soldiers around him just by moving.
“This spaceship has already transferred to outer space!! There’s no place left for you to return to!”
“Shaddup!! I’ll destroy this whole spaceship along with you bastards even if it means dying together!!”
Just imagining something so frightening being said makes me shudder.
This is bad.
The place we wormholed to is headquarters where “that person” is.
An explosion or anything happening in a place like that would bring down a punishment more horrifying than death.
“Oh no–“
Paralyzed for an instant in fear, an opportunity was taken and my body was seized.
As he raises his fist to destroy me,
“Is this the end!?”
darkness envelops me and him grabbing me.
Thud, just my upper body falls to the ground.

“Huh? Where is this place?”
Before I realized it, the area around had completely changed from inside the ship to another location. Different from the ship interior I was just in, it was a vast space with stars glittering fantastically like I was in outer space. While distracted by the mystical scenery, I realize the hard floor I’ve collapsed on top of.
Someone is sitting on a throne with starlight streaming down, their knees together.
“Wha, that’s…!”
Could it be I was transferred inside the fleet in an instant…!?
The one sitting on the throne stands up.
The one who approached with clear footsteps was a woman with blue skin.
With long, dark blue hair, and jet black pupils so beautiful it makes you want to prostrate yourself before her.
The moment I saw her with a white cloth draped over her right shoulder like a dress, I couldn’t stop shaking in fear.
“No doubt about it…”
Although it’s my first time seeing her, just the sight of her form makes me certain.
“Another alien?”

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