Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 50

Mob No.50: [A bit of a long shot. Sink or swim.]

Flying slowly to match the ground forces’ pace, the area with the energy plant gradually came into view.

[This is aerial forces. Enemy aerial forces spotted. Commencing engagement.]

The advanced aerial forces seemed to have made contact with enemy aerial forces already.

[Looking lively out there. Alright. Ground support units from main force, attach some to each ground unit exclusively.]

[This is HQ. Don’t forget to report!]

With the aerial forces’ combat as the opener, instructions came to us ground support units from the count.

And a reminder came from the count’s son at HQ.

By the way, HQ and main force is confusing for our command structure, so I’ll explain it.

Main force…the overall command ground forces unit where the count is.

HQ…where the count’s son is, the initial landing point.

The so-called command post. Also HQ for the ground support units.

Ground forces…facility retrieval units. The key to this operation.

Aerial forces…enemy aerial forces elimination units.

Where Ms. Rozweisse and Arthur are.

Ground support units…support for facility retrieval units.

In other words, my assigned unit.

By the way, few mercenaries volunteered for ground support units, and even with the count’s private forces, there’s only 35 ships.

The reason being there was advance intel saying [The enemy will deploy aerial forces in mass and attack the ground forces].

In fact, radar showed quite some airship reactions.

And the ground forces, the key to the operation, were 9 units including main force.

4 ships each attached, but due to numbers, Morise, Mr. Bernard and I became escorts for the 8th unit, Hotel Company.

Leaving command to Mr. Bernard by seniority, I advanced while monitoring radar.

The stuff I heard while unable to return to my ship thanks to the DQN guys proved somewhat useful.

Like the hideout from when bandits were around.

Caves with underground drinking water.

Identifying spots the terrorists might hide, firing beams around there and observing would flush out hiding terrorists.

Luckily there were no enemy ground support along Hotel Company’s route, just occasional ambush tank squads that Morise’s gravity bombs blew away, or Mr. Bernard’s beam barrage riddled with holes – dealt with easily.

By the way, the aerial forces were really going at it flashily.

Reportedly the enemy also deployed bombers, and who knows how they prepared them, but quite huge ones, even 5 of them. But those were shot down instantly by the King rank [Jet Black Devil] Arthur.

With Arthur’s ship white with silver trim, the black and white contrast must’ve really stood out.

Others like Ms. Rozweisse and edgy Levin, or [Crimson Goddess], their light trails were accompanied by explosions of enemy craft, like Ms. Noswile before.

Thanks to them, hardly any enemy air came for the ground forces.

Much appreciated, much appreciated.

Anyway, we and Hotel Company steadily closed in on the energy plant.

But on the way stood a large bunker, said to have been built during planet-only wars when the Nequilelma Kingdom was founded – nicknamed [Fort Neimus].

30 m high, 80 m wide, circular, supposedly able to withstand 10 ton class bombs, and has some kind of reflective coating to bounce off beams.

It’s off limits now since it used to be a military facility.

And of course the terrorists were using it as a bunker.

[Fire from Fort Neimus! Beam Gatlings!? Using antique weapons!]

[That place, didn’t it have ghost soldier rumors… Maybe they’ll help us capture it?]

As the ground forces complained,

[Hotel Leader here! Attack from Fort Neimus intense! Support needed!]

A support request came from the ground forces leader.

[Roger. Please report to HQ.]

[Got it! Hurry please! We can’t advance like this!]

When the talk with ground forces ended, Mr. Bernard contacted us on the ally channel.


[Understood what they said, but now what?]

[Wanna try my bombs?]

[Ammo waste. Hold them.]

By the way, the bombs Morise has are 500kg class free-fall, but probably no effect.

Then how to silence that bunker.

Probably not impossible with current equipment but chancy.

Still, better than doing nothing.

[Then, can you two draw the Gatling gunports’ attention?]

[Whatcha planning?]

[A bit of a long shot. Sink or swim.]

Hearing that, Mr. Bernard and Morise flew around Fort Neimus at decent speed, right to left, left to right.

Of course under attack, but the two nimbly evaded.

When their attention concentrated on those two, from around 2km I adjusted the Throwing Nuts to the fort’s front, gunport height, and fired 2 shots just before the two passed through.

Then at good timing, after the two passed the Throwing Nuts flew into the gunports with a loud blast.

Won’t even scratch the bunker, but the Beam Gatlings inside and their operators must be done for.

As expected, fire from Fort Neimus ceased.

For now I’ll have the ground forces handle capturing it.

“Since we don’t know when it’ll be operational again, please capture it right away.”

[Roger! Circling behind the bunker to capture!]

Hotel Company swiftly closed in on the bunker.

Internal capture is their job.

Oh, better report this to HQ.

“HQ, ground support is attached to Hotel Company. Fort Neimus is currently silent. Hotel Company is currently capturing the interior.”

[Understood. Nicely silenced. We’ll send nearby units over if capture proves difficult?]

“Please ask Hotel Company directly about that. I can’t judge.”

[Got it. Counting on you.]

That concludes the report. Now just awaiting capture.

By the way, multiple comms officers are the ones receiving at HQ.

Well, that duty is impossible for the count’s son of course.

Just when I thought we could relax a bit, a loud transmission came from Morise.

[You’ve totally got Queen rank in ship combat!]

“Well, thanks…”

Appreciating me is nice, but Morise is a handful.

[Damn, you’ve really got skill. To celebrate the distinguished service, drinks are on you later!]

Mr. Bernard announced he’d freeload while grinning.

The celebratory banquet after surviving feels ominous.

◇Random Enemy Transmissions◇

[Shit! All bombers down! Total loss!]

[We know [Red] and [Black] but who’re [Yellow-Green] and [White] and [Blue]?]

[Know this? [Yellow-Green]’s also called [Feathered Helmet]. Has that kinda mark, see.]

[What’re the hidden tank squads doing?!]

[No response no matter how many times I call.]

[Alright! Enemy tank destroyed confirmed! Go go!]

[Can’t hit these Vulcans! What gives!?]

[Crap! Fort Neimus has fallen! Supposedly!]

[Shit! No reinforcements from home yet!? Do they plan to waste excellent talent like me!?]

[Crap! Getting chewed up by [Black] nooo!]

[Plant team here! Enemy ground forces approaching! Get escorts here fast!]

[Shut it! We’re desperately escaping [White] here!]

[Heard [Red]’s a woman!?]

[A beauty? She’s a beauty!?]

[Moron! How’s that matter now!]

[Crap! [Yellow-Green Helmet]’s flying right above us!]

[Listen, times like this, stay calm and count numbers.]

[Please! Someone get rid of that [Blue Hornet]!]

[After this operation, I’ll propose to her!]

[If I knew this I’d have drank my secret whiskey stash…]

[Didn’t wanna come even if it’s the mission…]

◇Excerpts End◇

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