Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 17

XVII Suppression

I was born in Reem, a small village in southern Cadonia.
It wasn’t a village with any notable features, just one of the many settlements out there I believe.
This village was about halfway between Cadonia’s royal capital Mos and the Forest of Monsters. Since I was the village chief’s daughter, I got to go to Mos about once a year. Going to Mos was my greatest joy, something to boast about to the other village children.
Besides, we were threatened by adults that “If you do bad things, monsters will come and eat you up” to the point that monsters were a familiar fear.
But in reality, monsters never appeared in the village. Just occasionally there would be sighting reports saying “I saw a monster nearby!”. Every time, the adults would panic a little but there were never any attacks.
Lately monster activity seemed to increase, and in villages closer to the southern Magical Beast Forest, there were victims. Reports of “Seeing a monster near the village” became more common. But I had never seen one personally, I just vaguely thought “I wanna see one once~”.
So I didn’t know how scary monsters really were.

Until today.

After breakfast, while helping with farm work, someone came running from outside the village shouting.
“It’s a horde of monsters! An unbelievable number!”
The villagers rushed out of the village together. I went along to take a look too.
In the distance, a cloud of dust could be seen. Something was running in huge numbers.
Looking closely, they seemed like large beasts, but also a bit different.
“They’re heading straight for Mos!”
Someone said something like that.
It was true, direction-wise they were headed for Mos. But Mos had big castle walls, many knights and soldiers. Surely it would be alright.
“Are some of the monsters spreading out from the horde?”
If you looked closely, some monsters that were part of the straight line horde started changing direction slightly.
Mos was still quite far. Were they getting bored and heading somewhere else?
“Aren’t they trying to go to other towns and villages?”
“They won’t come here right?”
The adults were disturbed, thinking the same as me.
I prayed they wouldn’t come here. Something so big coming here would be hopeless.
“Everyone, get ready to escape! It’ll be too late after the monsters arrive! Militia, also prepare to fight!”
Standing by my side, my father who was the village chief said.
Hearing the village chief’s words, everyone started preparing together.
The militia were the men of the village, armed with bows and spears, to fight the monsters if needed. They trained together sometimes, though I’d never seen them fight for real.
And so, everyone made their own preparations and waited nervously to see what would happen. Then in the early afternoon, it came.
Something like a white cat. Though it bared fangs with eyes bloodshot, completely not cute, and moreover huge. As big as two adults.
Something like that came into Reem village.
The militia shot arrows but completely missed. It easily dodged them, not bothered at all.
Father ordered the villagers. Everyone tried to run away together carrying their belongings, but…
“Chief! No good! There’s one over here too!”
A big cat also appeared in the direction they tried to escape. Then, another direction…looking around, apart from where the dust cloud was, cats appeared sporadically around the village.

We’re surrounded!

Those big cats seemed to know we wanted to escape, encircling the village.
The helpless villagers gathered in the village’s most impressive building, the church.
Huddled together, we earnestly prayed for the big cats to go away.
But that prayer was futile, the church door was easily destroyed and the big cats appeared.
The militia desperately tried to drive them away with their spears, but the cats casually battered them away with their front legs.
A militiaman was easily flung against the church wall. Such strength. This is a monster. Not scary, hopeless.
The cat twisted its mouth. It looked like it was laughing at our fear. Then it crouched, ready to pounce at us.
It’s over!
Just as I thought that, something fell from above, coming between us and the cat.
It was a young man, a little older than me? He held a sword. Wearing armor of a kind, but lighter than a knight’s solid armor.
Somehow, he had entered by breaking the window to the unused attic of the church.
“A white tiger huh. Not bad at all”
The man said to the cat. Looks like this cat was a monster called a white tiger.
The white tiger that had been composed until now started warily eyeing the man.
The man lightly readied his sword and smoothly went towards the white tiger.
The white tiger bared its fangs, extending its claws, and pounced over him like covering him.
Then in the next moment, the white tiger’s head fell off.
The man had swung his sword. I didn’t see it at all.
Like a fountain in Mos, blood spurted from the white tiger’s neck.
“Eeek!” “Wow!” The villagers screamed.
The man paid them no mind, immediately starting to fight the next white tiger.
This white tiger attacked with swift bites and claw swipes.
“Good, good, keep it up!”


While easily evading, the man praised the monster’s attacks and in quick succession swung his sword. The white tiger was quickly cut to pieces.
Then as it weakened, the man stabbed it with his sword to finish it off.
The one remaining white tiger was frightened, slowly backing out of the church.
“Once I defeat all the monsters I’ll come back, so wait here until then!”
Saying that, the man chased after the remaining white tiger and left the church.
“Who was that?”
“Not a knight right?”
“An adventurer?”
“Adventurers need payment right?”
The adults started talking about such things.
After a while, the man returned.
“I’ve taken care of all the monsters in the village. You gotta burn or bury the corpses or it’ll attract more monsters.”
“Oh, right. Um…who might you be, sir?”
Representing everyone, my father the village chief asked the man.
“I’m Jyuza, the 100th of the Hundred. I came to save this village on orders from King Zelos of Faloon.”
The Hundred? I don’t know what that is, but Faloon is the country next to Cadonia. Why would the king of a neighboring country save our village?
“King Zelos of Faloon? Why this village?”
Thinking the same as me, father asked.
“Not just this village. To all towns and villages attacked by monsters, my King has sent aid.”
“To every town and village? Are there others as strong as yourself in Faloon?”
“I’m just 100th, the very bottom of the Hundred. More senior fellows have gone to bigger cities. Truth is, this is just a small village. It was judged that I alone was enough, and turns out that was right.”
Jyuza casually said this, but it was a shock to us. Jyuza is the bottom? Above him are 99 stronger people?
Hearing our murmurs, Jyuza answered.
“Not 99. Above the Hundred is King Zelos. His Majesty is truly great. So strong the entire Hundred together still couldn’t beat him, and his heart is also wide. That’s why he sends aid even to villages of other countries.”
A strong yet kind king? I’ve only heard of such a king in fairy tales.
“So, are you the village chief?”
Jyuza asked my father.
“Yes, I am the village chief.”
My father was nervous. The king from another country had saved our village. It couldn’t be without some cost. He must have some demands.
“Did the village suffer any damage?”
“Well, a bit.”
Fields and crops were ravaged, and some buildings were damaged. But I felt like Jyuza did most of the damage, especially to the church roof’s window, which was the most expensive.
“I see. Well, take this.”
Jyuza took a small leather pouch from his pocket and handed it to my father.
“What’s this?”
“There are gold coins inside. Use them to compensate for the damages.”
“Gold coins!”
Surprised, my father opened the pouch, finding ten shiny gold coins inside.
Gold coins were a rarity. Even if you combined the entire village’s wealth, it wouldn’t add up to ten gold coins.
“Can we really use this?”
“You can. Originally, my king brought these gold coins for the sake of this country.”
The villagers erupted in excitement. A king who not only saved us but also gave us gold coins. Such a king was like something out of a fairy tale. It felt more like a god than a king.

“That’s why my King is the greatest!”

Saying this cheerfully with a laugh, Jyuza left. It bothered me a little that he seemed to be chewing on white tiger meat as he went, but I guess that’s not a big deal.
As we disposed of the remaining white tiger corpses by burning them, we praised King Zelos of Faloon over and over.

This is troublesome.
The King of Cadonia got killed by a monster attack.
The body by the highway north of Mos was mangled after being eaten by monsters. Other dead bodies of royal guards were also found, confirming it was the King of Cadonia.
Well, that’s fine. He was just some king of another country I never met, I don’t particularly feel anything.
More than that, it’s fortunate I won’t get blamed for the stampede anymore.
But because of that, we can’t return to Faloon yet.
After arriving in Mos, I immediately sent the guards who came with me to subdue monsters. I also went around towns with relatively major damage myself, subduing monsters. I scattered the gold coins I brought as I pleased. Spending the gold coins for Cadonia’s sake, creating a fait accompli so they can’t complain about compensation later – that was my plan. The people of Cadonia who received the gold coins were all happy, so I think it was put to good use.
So, after meeting up with the guards and Black Knight Order in Mos again, I received the report that the King of Cadonia had died at this timing. This news spread through all of Mos, provoking various reactions.
Especially strong reactions came from the southern lords, saying things like “After the king ran away first, to die to monsters is just pathetic.” Well, that much is fine.
The problem is some started saying “I can’t stay in a country like this anymore – I’m swearing allegiance to Faloon!”
Huh…that’s troublesome. Why am I getting caught up in Cadonia’s mess?
But at this timing, lords, mayors, village chiefs started coming to Mos where I was staying one after another, meeting me and arbitrarily swearing their loyalty. What they said was basically all the same – “Thank you for saving us, thank you for the money” and such.
Moreover, they threatened that “Once I’ve said it, I can’t go back to Cadonia anymore!” trying to force me to accept their allegiance to Faloon, so I reluctantly acknowledged it.
In some places there was conflict with Cadonia nobles, but Black Knight Order members happily went as reinforcements to those places and swiftly resolved it.
And before I knew it, most of southern Cadonia had become Faloon territory.

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