Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter 4: Himekawa Sara

Several days have passed since the decision to visit Sara’s family.
Haruya and Sara rode the train, swaying gently as they headed to Sara’s family home.
Haruya, strangely, felt no tension, but Sara seemed restless and lacked composure.
“…You seem really nervous,”
Haruya casually nodded to Sara’s words.
Rather than nervousness, Haruya was curious about the strict and traditional household Sara came from.
(What does Himekawa’s family home look like…?)
He wondered if it resembled a luxurious mansion of nobility based on his imagination.
As he let his thoughts wander, Sara, sitting next to him, spoke up on the train.
“Yeah? What’s up?”
“It might be too late to ask, but why do you treat me so well?”
“It’s quite sudden to ask that…”
“Sorry, but I’ve been curious.”
After a brief pause, Sara turned her serious gaze towards Haruya.
“Dealing with someone else’s family issues is usually something people don’t get involved in.”
“I saw someone in trouble in front of me, so I thought I should help. That’s all.”
With that, a sharp gaze was immediately directed at Haruya from the side.
“In the case of Akasaki san, it seems a bit different… Can’t you give me a serious answer?”
Sara asked Haruya without any deception, seemingly seeking a genuine response.
Haruya smiles at her, but she is very perceptive.
Haruya had worked hard so far to avoid revealing his true identity to Sara, but it would be challenging to speak it out loud.
Haruya, with a wry smile, acknowledged Sara’s keen intuition.
“It’s very important to face your family …… “
Sara did not interrupt this time.
that means she is silently urging to go on.
“I’m a bit like Himekawa-san in that sense. A bit distant from my family…”
He spoke with a self-mocking tone, shrugging his shoulders.
Though he didn’t want to dwell on his middle school days, Haruya had his reasons for living alone now.
Skipping the details, Haruya continued,
“I can’t face forward yet, but I wanted Himekawa-san, who is dealing with similar family issues, to face forward.”
After saying just that, Sara, quietly swaying her hair, asked in a subdued manner.
“That’s why Akasaki san, with your long hair and behavior in class, is connected to that… right?”
Haruya, feeling uncomfortable but understanding Sara’s firm assertion, nodded in silence.
Sensing Haruya’s reluctance to discuss further details, Sara didn’t press the matter any further.
The room was silent for a few seconds, then—Clank, clunk, clank, clunk.
After a few seconds of silence, Sara muttered softly.
“In that case, I have to do my best. To help Akasaki san face forward.”
Sara smiled, showing her teeth, seemingly unshaken.
…Haruya felt a slight tremor in her body.
Whether Sara had realized she was a bit scared internally or not, she continued, trying to explain herself.
“I really understand. What I’m going to do from now on is a bit selfish… and the person introduced through the arranged marriage will probably be a good person.”
“…But deep down, your true feelings are different, right?”
“Yes, so I’ll do my best. Thank you for talking to me.”
Sara bowed politely, and after confirming that, Haruya scratched the back of his head uncomfortably, avoiding her pure and innocent eyes.


After another thirty minutes on the train, Haruya and Sara finally reached Sara’s family home.
A majestic gate stood proudly in front of a traditional Japanese mansion.
It exuded a robust and dignified presence.
Haruya, still captivated by the appearance of Sara’s family home, watched as Sara walked to the entrance and rang the intercom.
A person resembling a servant, dressed in a traditional kimono, politely greeted Haruya and Sara.
“Welcome back, Miss Sara… Your father has matters to attend to today.”
After bowing to Sara, the person frowned and glanced at Haruya.
“Ah, I see.”
Haruya nodded understandingly, and a gentle smile was directed at him.
(What does this mean…?)
As Haruya looked bewildered, Sara explained to the person who seemed like a servant.
“We came today for my father’s business.”
“I understand… I’ll prepare for the master then.”
“…Thank you.”
Saying so, Sara turned back to Haruya.
“…Was that a servant or something?”
“Yes, a member of the staff. They’ve been working in the Himekawa family for many years.”
Sara casually mentioned it, leaving Haruya surprised. Then, unexpectedly, a voice came from the intercom with only one sentence.
[Preparations are complete, please enter.]
It was the voice of a servant just now.
Sara and Haruya exchange glances and nod at each other.
” …Well then, shall we go in promptly?”
“Uh, yeah.”
Sara takes a deep breath, repeating the process a few times next to Haruya.
From her attitude, it’s evident that Sara is quite nervous.
As the door opens, Haruya is first surprised by the spaciousness of Sara’s family home.
(It’s almost like an inn… you could probably play hide and seek here.)
Glancing around while following Sara, she suddenly stops in front of a large sliding door.
Sara declares with a somewhat nervous voice.
When Haruya nods silently, Sara tentatively addresses the door as if approaching it with caution.
“S-Sorry to intrude… Father.”
“Sara, huh… Come in.”
A dignified voice resonates from behind the sliding door.
Even just from the voice, Haruya senses an imposing presence and involuntarily swallows.
Slowly opening the door and entering, Sara, while avoiding eye contact with her father, steps into the room.
Haruya follows and gently closes the door behind them.
In the traditional Japanese-style mansion, the most important person is sitting in the center of the tatami room with his arms crossed.
To put it bluntly, he looks like a stern, intimidating uncle, Haruya silently evaluates.
Sara’s father, with a sharp and penetrating gaze, first directs it towards Sara and then smoothly shifts it towards Haruya.
Furrowing his brows, Sara’s father questions Haruya.
“…And who might this be?”
Although he asks politely, his intimidating appearance makes Haruya naturally tense.
Unconsciously, his face tightens, and Haruya realizes he’s holding his breath.
Just as Sara hesitates to explain Haruya’s background, Haruya speaks first.
“I’m Haruya Akasaki, a friend of Himekawa-san.”
Sara widens her eyes in surprise, but Sara’s father calmly mutters, “I see.”
Maintaining a strict gaze on both of them, Sara’s father continues to question Haruya.
“So, what business does Sara’s friend have with me?”
A penetrating gaze is fixed on Haruya.
Haruya straightens his spine, exhales quietly, and answers,
“I’m here to listen to Himekawa-san’s concerns… No, I’m here to discuss the arranged marriage.”
Satisfied with Haruya’s words, Sara’s father lets out a small sigh and places his hand on his forehead.
“Indeed, you must have come here to understand Sara’s feelings. But you see, Akasaki-kun, this is a matter for the Himekawa family. It has nothing to do with you. So, shall I ask you to leave?”
Sara’s father, who seems to have grasped everything, glares sternly at Haruya.
Haruya, though feeling a bit overwhelmed, maintained composure and continued to look directly into the other’s eyes.
“Regardless, it does concern me. I’ve been watching Himekawa-san struggling, so it’s not unrelated.”
Giving a somewhat diplomatic response, Haruya noticed Sara’s father exhaling softly.
“Certainly, it’s understandable for friends to worry. However, Akasaki-kun, it’s a parent’s responsibility to firmly guide their child onto the right path. Let’s say we decide not to proceed with Sara’s arranged meeting. Even so, what assurance is there that Sara won’t fall for a bad guy? Can she discern whether a man is good or bad? No, she probably can’t. It’s visible that she could be deceived by a bad adult. But if I choose her partner, it won’t be like that. I’ll only arrange a meeting with someone trustworthy. Can you guarantee that Sara, who can’t even think for herself and express her thoughts, won’t fall for a bad guy?”
Haruya found some validity in Sara’s father’s statement, and he hesitated for a moment.
The truth was, Haruya knew firsthand about Sara’s somewhat blind approach to love. Her father’s remarks seemed reasonable given the circumstances.
Unable to find the right words, Haruya was about to stay silent when, unexpectedly, Sara grabbed the hem of his shirt.
“(I… It’s okay now. Enough.)”

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