I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 10

“What is, Sir?”
“Shouldn’t I be dead? So why am I still alive?”
“You didn’t die, Sir. You just lost consciousness after grinning like an idiot and fainting.”
“Seriously!? How embarrassing…I want to die…”
As I clutch my face in mortification, she heaves a weary sigh. I cringe even harder.
A young elf girl watches this spectacle with a look of exasperation.
I was saved after falling from the cliff. And my savior turned out to be none other than Iris – the elf girl I rescued back then!
Other than her longer hair, she looks no different than before. Perhaps to better conceal herself, she wears an elven ethnic robe dress in earth tones, topped with a thick hood.
For the past three days since I parted ways with Yuu’s group and fell from the cliff, she diligently nursed me back to health as I slumbered. When I finally awoke earlier, she immediately clung excitedly to me.
Understandably confused as to why I was alive and what she was doing here, I finally calmed down enough to have the conversation above.
Iris smoothly unfolds a newspaper she procured from somewhere.
“In the public eye, it’s believed that you are dead. The article mentions that the Holy Sword has returned to the so-called ‘True Hero.'”
“Well, that’s expected. But, wait a minute. Even if the Holy Sword returned, I was fatally wounded, right? How am I alive?”
“It’s simple. I healed you.”
“Huh? Wait, hold on. How did you heal me?”
“Um, like this. I gathered power in my palm, chanted ‘heal, heal,’ and you were healed.”
Her answer stunned me as I recalled something.
Healing is something that can be done by classes like [Healer] or [Priest]. However, healing severe, life-threatening wounds is beyond their abilities. They heal using the person’s life force. For instance, if the heart stops or there is excessive blood loss, it’s impossible to heal.
There is only one being capable of such a feat.
“…Are you perhaps a Healing [Saint]?”
A counterpart to the [Hero], another trump card for humanity. A woman with the power to heal everything and seal the magical miasma specific to monsters. She stands alongside the [Hero] as the only woman with a role that surpasses even the [Priest] in terms of the sacred power against monsters and demonic beings.
Yuu’s companions at that time were people with roles like [Priest] or [Warrior], and there shouldn’t have been someone like that among them.
An entity that never appeared during my time was now right in front of me.
Contrary to my surprise, Iris-chan’s reaction remained indifferent.

“Oh, that’s a thing. Certainly, when I tried to help you, I heard some divine revelation or something…? Was it a divine oracle? I heard that power, and it seemed like it should be used for the world or whatever. But really, it doesn’t matter.”
“No, it does matter.”
“It doesn’t. Whether I’m a Healing [Saint] or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I acted to help you.”
“Well, I’m glad you did…”
This power is meant for others, not for myself. The Healing [Saint] heals wounds and seals the demonic power of the Demon Lord’s army. In the endless battles ahead, Yuu will need the power of a [Saint].
I adjusted my stance, looking seriously at Iris-chan.
“Iris-chan, there’s a high possibility that your power is that of the [Healing Saint]. That power should be used for the sake of people. So, can you lend your power to them, to Yuu and Mei-chan?”
“I don’t want to.”
I let out a weird noise at Iris’s firm refusal.”
This is where she’s supposed to feel a sense of duty and say, “Yes, understood!” Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?
“Why not?”
“Why do I, if I am a Healing [Saint], have to face such terrifying beings like the Demon Lord’s army for the sake of humanity? They are scary individuals trying to destroy humanity. I don’t want to get involved with that. Besides, the [Hero] is the one who slashed Foil-san! I saw it with my clear eyes! I absolutely, absolutely won’t forgive that! And that arrogant woman who captivates Foil-san, I don’t like her at all! What’s with that selfish body of hers? Is it a retaliation against me?”
Iris-chan, angrily puffed up, maintained her flat body, seemingly jealous of Mei-chan’s figure.
I stood there dumbfounded for a while, ultimately realizing that the reason for her anger was probably that Yuu had hurt me.
“Iris-chan, you’re kind.”
“N-No! W-What’s with that sudden praise? It won’t change anything… Ehehe.”
“But, Iris-chan, your favorable treatment towards me is because I helped you, right? The illusion you held was just a deception. I’m just a fraud, a swindler, a worthless human being. I’m a fool who doesn’t condemn the mischief of my comrades and indulges in self-satisfaction through hypocrisy. And even the strength to push through that hypocrisy relies on the Holy Sword, a weak human.”
That’s right; I deceived people.
Even if it’s the nature of the class, that fact remains unchanged.
I clenched my hands painfully. These hands are already stained with blood. There’s no forgiveness.
Iris-chan didn’t say anything.
Ah, I prepared myself to be scolded again, but…
“No, it’s not like that.”
With a gentle smile, Iris replied.
“Certainly, you might not have been the [Hero] the world expected you to be. The world curses you with harsh words. But at that moment, you were the one who heard my voice and rescued me. No one else but you rescued me.”
Iris-chan gently enveloped my hand with her soft hands. Surprised and unable to speak, I was met with a pure, clear smile.
“Who cares what anyone says, you’re my hero. Thank you for saving me back then.”

–I am so grateful for your help.


“Oh, well. Hahaha, me… I’m the hero, huh? Even though the sacred sword is gone, being called that is ironic. Truly ironic… Ah, but when was the last time someone thanked me like this? Ugh…!”
Overwhelmed with emotion, I covered my face with my hands, unable to contain the feelings that had been suppressed. Attempts to speak resulted in sobs and hiccups.
Iris said nothing, just gently patting my head.
I wanted to be a hero.
I wanted to be someone who could guide others.
But my role was just a stepping stone for the hero, playing the fool.
For that, I earned the role of the antagonist from people.
I stole hope from people.
I abandoned those I wanted to save. That sin would never disappear.
Yet, this girl in front of me expressed gratitude.
So, maybe what I did wasn’t in vain. Even if a thousand hated me, being thanked by just one made it worthwhile.
I won’t be forgiven, but I was certainly rewarded.
After a while, I regained composure, and embarrassment washed over me for crying on the girl’s chest.
“I showed you an embarrassing side of me.”
After calming down, I scratched my cheek, trying to hide my flushed face.
“It doesn’t bother me at all. Actually, please show me more. I’m older than you, so I can handle it with adult charm.”
“Haha, that might be difficult. I’d be happier if you were as voluptuous as Mei-chan.”
“Ugh! Don’t mention another woman’s name when we’re alone together!”
I teased her, poking the wound. The awakening of Iris’s power as the [Saint] was still incomplete, and she struggled to close the wound. I comforted her, saying it was my fault.
“Well, if I’m alive, I have to figure out what to do next. In the eyes of the world, I’m already dead.”
“If it’s revealed that you’re alive, you’ll be in big trouble.”
“Yeah, that’s true. So, I guess I’ll have to live in the forest to stay hidden.”
“As for me, I’d welcome you to live in the forest together… But what do you really want?”
Iris looked at me with transparent eyes.
…Damn, it feels like she can see through me.
“I… want to help people. But I’m no longer a [Hero].”
Something inside me felt like it had slipped away. I tried using my skills, but my body felt lighter, and no power emerged.
I’ve fulfilled my role as the [Fake Hero]. Perhaps that’s why I lost my profession and its abilities. I wouldn’t know until I checked at the church, but I was confident that was the case. But at the same time, I felt an anxiety about not being anything.
I never thought I would feel so uneasy just because I don’t have a job.
Being [Classless].
Did Yu feel this way too?
“Certainly, without the Sacred Sword, you’re no longer a hero. But even if you can’t be a hero, you can still be a savior to someone – a [Saviour].”
“[Saviour], huh… Yeah, that sounds good.”
Those words were like a revelation to me.
Not a hero, but someone who saves people.
Not bad.
If I’m not anything, then I can be anything. So, I’ll do what I like.
It felt like something clicked inside me. No more anxiety.
“All right! Good deeds can’t wait. Let’s head to the town right away.”
“Eh? Are you going already?”
“Of course. While we’re here, there are people afraid of the Demon King’s army. No time to rest.”
“That’s true, but… Your wounds aren’t healed yet.”
“Well, that’s true.”
“But don’t worry. Right now, there’s a very cute and talented girl here who’s excellent at healing wounds. There’s no other girl as wonderful as her for someone injured. Trust me!”
“Huh? Oh.”
“So, if you’re okay with it… um, right now, if you’re invited, maybe it wouldn’t be bad to go along with someone… hmmm…”
She peeked at me, the same way she did when we first met. There was no doubt about what she wanted.
With a wry smile, and while scratching my cheek, I extended my hand.
“Please, will you accompany me on this journey to save the world?”
“Yes! Let’s go, my hero!”
Iris took my hand with a smile.
The tale of the [Fake Hero] ends here.
What follows is the story of a lone man walking the path of a [Saviour].

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