A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 8 part 1 

Chapter Eight: Quitting as a True Paladin 

Yururu asked anxiously about Fei’s condition. He had suffered a broken arm and further damage in a recent battle with a Daemon, which was a cause for concern. 
“So, how is it? Fei, how’s your arm?” 
“Hmm, well… oh my, it’s not just broken, is it? It’s shattered… What happened?” 
“I took two hits from the Daemon’s attack.” 
Fei responded to a question from a certain woman expressionlessly. While Yururu looked worriedly at Fei’s mangled arm, the woman in front of him, with her red eyes and glasses over her dark blue hair, seemed fascinated, asking questions. 
“Hmm. Doesn’t it hurt? I mean, it must hurt, right? Wow, it looks intense!” 
The woman, wearing a white coat, sat in a chair amidst scattered papers, excitedly examining Fei’s swollen arm. While she prodded and examined the broken arm, Fei seemed to consider the injury as nothing out of the ordinary. 
The room they were in resembled a school infirmary, with a desk cluttered with papers and a bed, along with various medical equipment and models of the human body. 
This was the headquarters of the Round Table Knights, also known as a corner of the Round Table Castle’s medical room, where Yururu had brought Fei. 
“Doctor Ector!” 
Yururu exclaimed impatiently, frustrated with Ector’s delay in treating Fei’s injuries. 
“Sorry, sorry. But honestly, I’m surprised too, you know? He’s not showing any signs of pain at all.” 
“But please, heal him quickly!” 
“Alright, alright. But don’t rush just because he’s your boyfriend.” 
The woman, known as Ector, chuckled, using her healing magic on Fei’s arm. She employed a unique attribute outside the four elements, capable of inducing a healing activation phenomenon. 
Fei’s arm quickly healed under her magic, returning to its original state as if the injury had never occurred. 
“There you go! But seriously, you didn’t seem to be in any pain at all! I was surprised too!” 
“…It’s not something worth mentioning. But, you’ve taken some trouble.” 
“Oh no, you’re quite interesting. Despite what should have been excruciating pain… You have no sense of pain?” 
“I do.” 
“Oh, I see. But you seemed fine despite that… Well, never mind. More importantly… You have a good body, don’t you? Could you lift your shirt a bit?” 
“Yes! Such lewdness…” 
“Hey, have you forgotten the favor I just did for you? Sure, I’m a Holy Knight designated to perform medical duties here. But a little give and take is necessary, don’t you think?” 
“Well, okay.” 
With a sigh, Fei lifted his shirt. 
What was revealed was a white, finely sculpted abdomen with a six-pack. These abdominal muscles were the result of his daily handstand laps around the capital. 
His developing muscles aimed to achieve a protagonist-like six-pack. While still in development, it was far from ordinary. 
“Wow, amazing. I’ve seen the bodies of many members, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen something like this.” 
Ector was amazed by Fei’s physique, while Yururu seemed to hide her face with her hands. 
However, her fingers were slightly apart, allowing her to see clearly… 
“Hey, can I touch? Whoa, what is this, it’s so hard… What is this, haha, it’s funny, haha.” 
As Ector touched Fei’s body, she laughed at its remarkable hardness. She thought that someone who had trained so absurdly was rare indeed. 
“Hey, Yururu-chan, aren’t you going to touch? Aren’t you lovers?” 
“N-no! he’s my disciple! A-and please stop touching him any further! Fei is still sensitive to such stimuli!” 
“No, aren’t you the one who’s sensitive?” 
Yururu, twenty-three years old, still a novice. Having only held a sword since birth, she seemed a bit sensitive to such stimuli. 
“Well, well, it’s really hard. What did you do to get like this?” 
“I just trained. And it’s over now.” 
“Just a bit more! Wow, this is something… Yururu, aren’t you going to touch?” 
“But, isn’t it the role of the master to manage the disciple’s body? You have to check various things.” 
“Oh, no… I, I’m not that lewd.” 
“All teachers and disciples do this kind of thing.” 
“Huh? I-Is that so?” 
“Rather, if you don’t do it, you’re not really teacher and disciple.” 
“I-I see… I, excuse myself then. Fei-kun.” 
Persuaded by Ector with a suitable reason… she seemed to have some interest, touching Fei’s abs with her index finger. 
“Oh, these, they’re really hard… they get like this…” 
Moving gradually from fingertip to feeling Fei’s body with her whole hand, her breathing also gradually increased. And, one minute passed since she started touching. 
“No, you’re touching too much, Yururu-chan.” 
“Eh!? Ah, th-this is…” 
Yururu, who inadvertently touched too much and lost herself, shook her head toward Fei as if to explain that this was some kind of mistake. 
“Alright, that’s enough. Seems like you’re a lecherous master lusting after your disciple.” 
“T-That’s not it! I’m not like that!” 
Fei was thinking about such things absentmindedly. 
(…Is this a foreshadowing for later?) 


When Fei was dispatched on a mission to fight Daemon, True was also dispatched on a mission. It was a mission to investigate the cause of the missing persons in a certain village. 
There were not the usual members, Arthur, Fei, and Bowlan. 
However, there were two girls who had only a little acquaintance with True. They had only talked once. There was also one veteran holy knight. The four of them headed for the mission. 
Although the two girls had not particularly talked, True was popular because he was handsome. True didn’t know, but he was very popular. 
And, they were to investigate the forest near the village where the missing persons had occurred, suspecting that carnivorous monsters were living in the forest. 
It was exactly noon. However, the forest had such deep leafy roofs that the sun did not shine through, and it was dark. Although the four of them were heading to the investigation site together, they were off guard. 
Because they did not think that Daemon was the cause of the human casualties. It was common for monsters to attack humans. However, if they were holy knights, they could easily defeat monsters. 
Human casualties occurred around noon, and Daemons rarely acted when the sun was shining. Therefore, they assumed it was the work of monsters and thought it was not a big deal. 
Only True felt uneasy about the carelessness of the other three, but he was off guard because he was casually talking to the girls on both sides, and the senior knight was optimistic. 
──Then, the incident occurred. Suddenly, one of the girls tripped on something and screamed loudly. 
The scream got farther and farther away from True’s side. The girl who had been next to him until a moment ago was floating in the air. There were white-like, gray-like roots attached to her feet. 
It was a momentary event. 
A Daemon resembling a large flower appeared from the ground, and its large petals opened its mouth wide. And then, it made a dull sound as if chewing something. 
The girl’s head, which had been next to him until a moment ago, was eaten. 
There was no more scream. The body without a head lost its vitality. 
True drew his sword while suppressing nausea. And then, he swung his sword, which was enveloped in flames, in a moment. He cut the ashen roots and vines in a frenzy. 
The other girl was stunned and her legs gave out in surprise. The veteran holy knight also quickly drew his sword, but the next moment, both of them were floating in the air. 

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