The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 40

Episode 40 The End Is With My Fiancée
There was darkness. Deeper, more distant and colder than any abyss.
“I have returned,”
Lucille gracefully curtsied to the darkness and, with solemn manners, presented a ring.
“I have snatched this from the royal family – the Ring of Royal Raiment. Please accept it, Mother.”
The Ring of Royal Raiment that was once equipped on Leor’s right hand was now wrapped in a silent, evil aura and swallowed by the cold darkness.
“I see… Understood. Perhaps I should get my little sister to make her move next. My older sister and brother won’t listen to me anyway… Oh, don’t worry. I will give it my all.”
A cold smile that Leor had never seen before crept onto Lucille’s face.
Far from the warm sunlight. If anything, this was Lucille’s true self laid bare.
“Because we are family.”


A week had passed since the qualifying matches.
Thanks to the early elimination, the damage inflicted on the royal capital by the giant invasion was minimized. But the damage was by no means small. More than the city itself, the very fact that “the royal capital was invaded” became the greatest damage.
After the commotion died down, [Shadows] were fully mobilized to search for and find the magic circle used to send in the giants, deleting its formulas. At the very least, this should prevent more [Fragments] from being summoned again.
However… Lucille, the one who set up that magic circle, still could not be found.
There were no resources to spare for searching, but that woman had also thoroughly left no traces behind. She was originally someone whose background checks by the [Shadows] revealed nothing. She could probably pull off this much. The only clue they had was that her goal seemed to be the Ring of Royal Raiment.
That was not the only problem left behind.
“So… Brother Leor is under house arrest?”
“Yeah… The other two as well.”
Sitting across from me, Dad slowly nodded.
Brother Leor, Dolld, and Filga – all three were placed under house arrest. After being interrogated for information related to Lucille, they would temporarily be sent to a remote region. While they were victims deceived by Lucille, they still bore responsibility.
“For now, house arrest. But… that alone is not enough. Some other punishment will be necessary. Things are hectic for us at the moment, and Leor has lost an arm. We’ll deal with everything once things settle down.”
“It’s a pretty huge blunder to lose the Ring of Royal Raiment, huh?”
Magic is activated through rings. In other words, the rings need fingers that can equip them – losing an arm means simply that one’s power is halved. On top of that, the Ring of Royal Raiment was stolen from him. It was a major failure.
“The royal capital is also like this. We’ll have to call back the other siblings who were sent away to study. We might even need reinforcements on our side this time.”
“So we gotta request help from allied countries with [ Fifth Attribute ] royalty… Well, reasonable decision.”
“This incident… is also my sin.”
That squeezed out voice sounded somewhat fatigued.
“It’s rare to hear father say something like that.”
“It is. I have never shown you kids my human weaknesses before. I thought it was enough to just show you my back. By continuing to exist as king, I believed I had something to show. But perhaps… that was cornering Leor. If I had talked to Leor earlier on as well…”
Dad sank into his chair. His usual image as [King] was gone, leaving just a single father behind.
“Can’t be helped. Right after it was decided that the engagement would be called off and I got engaged to Charlotte instead, that huge [Fragment] appeared and we got caught up dealing with it… Well, come to think of it, that might’ve been Lucille’s setup too.”
Perhaps her aim was to pull Dad away from the royal capital while she advanced her plans.
“That’s just an excuse. The truth is, I turned a blind eye to this commotion thinking that it would provide an opportunity for you and Leor to face each other properly… When I should have been the one facing him.”
“There are things we won’t understand unless we exchange words. We had forgotten such an obvious thing… Just because we’re family doesn’t mean we understand everything. No, precisely because we’re family, we should have exchanged more words. In my case and in father’s case, it seems we fell victim to that with him this time.”
“It seems I got too caught up in being a king and forgot about being a family. Completely… I’m a failure as a father.”
“Well, I kind of thought that.”
father wears an indescribably bitter expression. Probably can’t retort since I hit the nail on the head.
“In my case, in father’s case, in Leo’s case… we all carried things within ourselves and made mistakes. So, we should use that as nourishment and make sure not to make the same mistakes again. Essentially, it’s about what we do from now on.”
Dad fell silent again. But unlike earlier, his face didn’t look bitter. He stared at me with a rare expression.
“What’s with that face. Creepy.”
“I just thought you’ve changed too. No… you were changed.”
At that moment, the image of a girl floated up in my mind. Dad had probably seen right through me.
“Not really. Rather than changing… I was changed.”
“I see…”
Despite having that bitter look the whole time, Dad showed a faint smile.
I don’t know what he found amusing.
“Hey Dad. Being king is tough, huh?”
“It is. It’s a duty too heavy to bear as a human.”
The countless [Fragments] that appeared in the streets. The trampled royal capital.
Had we been even a little late, had we lacked even a little strength, lives would have been lost. Though actually, I didn’t give a damn about the people who had made fun of me. I had even thought that much. Yet at that time, I was scared.
A single judgement could determine the outcome of those lives. As king, such situations would come at me countless times.
“And yet, you would be king?”
“I would. Since that’s what I decided.”
“………… I see.”
That dream I once held. That dream I once gave up on. I gave it shape in words and spoke it aloud.
Seeing that, Dad’s face looked somewhat happy.



“Why’d you get bedridden right after that talk?”
“Oh shut it…”
The day after talking with Dad,
I was obediently lying in bed under Makina’s fed up gaze.
“Reckon it’s payback for overworking yourself? Well, you HAVE been running around dealing with reconstruction lately… Can’t be helped. But of all days, why’d you have to be bedridden today – the exchange party after the qualifiers?”
“I don’t like sleeping in either.”
The academy’s tradition was to hold an exchange party after the qualifiers ended.
Along with the welcome party at the new term, there were many banquets for a reason.
Simply put, it was consideration for the student nobility enrolled here.
Having children from various households gathered in one place was convenient for building connections. There were few places as clean and convenient for that.
Forming ties with households through connections made as students here was not rare. The academy often held events using such connections as an excuse.
Even discounting that, they probably wanted to provide a place at the start of term for new students to deepen friendships.
“Prince Leor’s hospitalized, and Princess Al’s down with fever from fatigue too. It’s unprecedented for BOTH students who participated in the qualifiers to be absent, isn’t it?”
It’s bound to be a memorable party. I never really liked parties to begin with. Instead, I’m relieved to have found a good excuse to skip out.”
“Why are you talking so carefree? Thanks to you, Charlotte-sama is now attending in Alfred-sama’s stead.”
As I was about to take advantage of this and get some sleep, it felt like Makina casually dropped something I couldn’t ignore.
“What do you mean? Wasn’t Charlotte supposed to be absent? The venue for the social exchange party…”
The party venue was… the same place as when Leo-nii called off his engagement to Charlotte.
That never changed despite being tradition, and the academy was informed that Charlotte herself said there was no need to consider her.
But that place definitely held no good memories for Charlotte.
Since I fell ill, there was no need for her to force herself to participate. That’s why I told her to be absent instead.
“But the academy probably thought it’d look bad for the leads to not show up to this prestigious traditional exchange party after the qualifiers… Prince Leor lost an arm, so he definitely can’t move. And Prince Al has a fever. So Lady Charlotte became their pick.”
“Just like that school principal to think of that… And Charlotte went along with it?”
“Yes. Probably factoring Prince Al’s popularity too.”
“That idiot… Pushing herself again…”
With Lucille revealed to be the puppet master, Charlotte’s crimes were cleared.
But within the academy, she was still treated like a pariah according to my intel. Obviously, it was unpredictable how she would be seen tonight at the party too.
She would just be painfully reminded that she was ostracized as she watched from afar.
So despite understanding that, she decided to participate?
“Actually, Lady Charlotte told me to keep it from you but…”
Dipping the towel in water and wringing it out, Makina laughed in a troubled manner while placing it back on my forehead.
“…… I don’t like it.”
she said as her hand rested against my warm cheek.
Perhaps it was thanks to her wringing the water earlier, it felt pleasantly cool.
“Seeing Charlotte-sama getting hurt, as well as seeing Alfred-sama getting hurt later when he learns about this…”
Truly, she’s a thoughtful maid. It’s almost too good for someone like me.
“I understand. I told you knowing it would be like this… I’m quite a terrible maid, even by my own standards.”
“You’re unusually down.”
“It’s just for today. From tomorrow, I’ll return to being the usual energetic and smiling maid. Please savor the rare Makina-chan today.”
“It’s fine. Just hurry and get back… If you keep making that gloomy face, it might worsen my condition even more.”
Feeling guilty about having such a reliable and thoughtful maid.
“Sorry but… gonna make you worry a bit.”


This was the first time passing through these doors since that night.
But unlike back then, the position and the eyes on me were different tonight.
The lively chatter died down the instant Charlotte set foot into the hall, like waves drawing back.
Just a fleeting moment less than a second. The bubbly waves soon returned but the eyes and topic of conversation focused on Charlotte.
The only ones here were students of the academy. They had enrolled here since middle school and naturally attended exchange parties multiple times before. I wouldn’t call them intimate acquaintances but it was a familiar setting. Even so, this place was undoubtedly enemy ground for the current Charlotte.
The party soon began. After a simple greeting from the school principal, graceful music echoed as the backdrop for dancing.
The tradition here was for the qualifier participants to dance first but…
The only one here was Charlotte, who participated as a stand-in.
She was originally supposed to dance with Alfred and even planned to be absent until just earlier today.
With her sudden participation and lack of a partner, not to mention being treated as a pariah, there was no way students would gallantly ask Charlotte to dance either.
But since she was here as a stand-in, she couldn’t just stand stiffly at the sides.
Doing her best to keep her expression neutral, Charlotte, alone without a partner, walked towards the center of attention.
At the center of the venue. A vacant space like a gaping hole surrounded by students.
A flashback of that night crossed Charlotte’s mind as she stood there alone.
Not trusted by anyone. No allies, saviors or anything.
Her vision darkened as she felt herself plunging into the depths of an abyss.
Her body was growing cold.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“Well, she doesn’t have a partner after all.”
“Someone go ask her to dance.”
“No way. In this situation, who would go? It’s embarrassing.”
My feet won’t budge, and the trembling won’t stop.
Even though I try to speak, the words won’t come out smoothly.
“How long are you going to stand there like a stick…?”
“Just start dancing already…”
“You don’t have a partner, right? Just ask someone.”
“That’s easier said than done.”
“In an atmosphere like this, no one is going to ask anyone.”
I can only stand in the center of the crowd, trembling.
I thought I had become a little stronger. But maybe that was just a misunderstanding.
Unable to confront the deep wounds engraved in my heart, I can only bow my head.
It’s unbearable and frustrating.
I can no longer see what expressions the people around me are making.
All I can see is the floor. The pitch-black beyond. Dripping into the chilling darkness, a single drop falls from my cheek—-.
“[Raging Wind Magic Sphere]!”
A loud crash resounded, shattering the glass windows along with the atmosphere in the venue.
Those gathered were taken aback and turned their eyes towards the intruder who broke in by smashing the window and rolled inside.
“Ow… messed up the landing… Well, whatever. Taking a shortcut was a success.”
Without hesitation, he nonchalantly smashed the windows of the prestigious academy’s event hall. His conduct was reminiscent of that night.
“Oh. it looks like, I made it in time .”
Stepping on the scattered glass like it was nothing, the black-haired boy briskly walked over.
The crowd naturally parted without obstructing him as he arrived before Charlotte who stood alone at the center.
“Al? Why are…”
“Why do you think? I’m one of the main stars here, technically.”
“But your fever…”
“It’s gone down. Barely made it in time since I waited till the last second.”
I immediately knew it was a lie. His face still felt somewhat hot, and there was slight sweat on his forehead too. His breathing was also more ragged than usual – clearly not in perfect condition.
It was unthinkable for even the rushed Alfred who came to the party venue to be so out of breath.
He probably waited until the absolute last moment for his fever to go down… And when that failed, rushed over anyway.
To save Charlotte.
“So what was Charlotte doing?”
“Ah… Sorry. I tried to do something as your stand-in but… Couldn’t find a dance partner and… So I just…”
The one trying to help ended up being helped instead.
Unable to do anything, I could only stand there in embarrassment.
“Hmm… Well, that’s good. I feel relieved,” he said casually.
“It would be annoying to give the first dance to another guy,”
Alfred continued, offering his hand while maintaining a nonchalant demeanor.
“…………Will you dance with me?”
he asked awkwardly, still seeming a bit reserved.
Charlotte couldn’t help but let out a natural smile.
“Yes, gladly,”
she replied, taking his offered hand, and the two became one, surrendering to the melody.
“Sorry for inviting you to dance without much confidence. I’m not really good at dancing,”
“It’s okay. I’ll assist you. Hehe…,”
“…………What’s with that?”
“Well, everyone has things they’re not good at,”
“If that’s the case, I guess I need to practice from now on.”
“Whether it’s dancing or studying, I’ll help you,”
“That would be appreciated, but it seems like it might be pretty tough…”
“It’s okay. With determination and spirit, most things can be overcome,”
“Yeah, right… I guess… yeah…………”
While exchanging words and continuing to dance, he realized something.
His body wasn’t cold anymore. His legs moved, and the trembling had stopped. He could speak without any difficulty.
This warm sensation enveloping his chest, this feeling…
—- Certainly, I understand that there were various circumstances, but it was quite easily decided, wasn’t it? And Charlotte, even when she was engaged to Leor, there were times when she and Alfred seemed to enjoy talking together. Maybe there had been romantic feelings from a long time ago.
Suddenly, a conversation with Makina crossed his mind.
At that time, he answered, “I haven’t thought much about it.” It was an undeniable truth. While he admired the romantic relationships in stories, it seemed unrealistic when it came to himself.
But now?
(In my case, Alfred and I are engaged… connected by a promise, and there’s no meaning beyond that. I guess there’s no need for anything else)
In Charlotte’s case, while the circumstances were somewhat special, political marriages among nobles were not uncommon.
It was rare for them to be united by a dramatic love story like in the tales. Most often, they became gears for their families and, consequently, their countries.
The same applied to Alfred and Charlotte.
Despite the circumstances, Charlotte, with her special abilities, was nothing more than a wedge to keep her captured. Once that role was fulfilled, there was no need for love or romance.
(Still… even so, I…)
Even though it wasn’t necessary, her heart yearned for it.
She didn’t want a relationship connected only by promises.
Charlotte couldn’t help but feel this.
(—-I’m in love with this person)
As their hands overlapped, her heartbeat raced.
Her cheeks slightly reddened, tension building up, but it felt joyful and affectionate.
“I’ll do my best. Please be prepared,”
“Oh, uh… Are we talking about practicing dancing? Be gentle with me,”
Alfred misunderstood, his words bringing a natural smile to Charlotte’s face.
And so, they danced. United as one.
Hoping this precious time would last forever, they continued, wishing for it to endure.

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