Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 49

Mob No.49: [Ground support team, can you hear me! I am Tony Ikorai! Son of Jack Ikorai the Count!]

The next day, 6 AM.

The alarm I set rang.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed clothes, fixed my bedhead, then exited the ship.

There the remnants of the guys’ BBQ from yesterday remained.

In other words, garbage from the BBQ like charcoal, empty cans, paper plates, plastic forks and knives.

No joke cleaning that up, so I ignored it and went to the field kitchen tent for breakfast.

I finished breakfast without meeting any acquaintances in particular, and returning found the lively guys arguing with the count’s private soldiers.

I decided to check my own ship covertly.

While checking fuel reserves, remaining ammo, radar function, verifying each thruster – things like that,

“Hey you creepy otaku! You clean up here! You’re the one who made all this trash right!?”

One of the lively women said some incomprehensible thing to me.

“That’s right. No need for us to clean up when we didn’t make the trash.”

The guys with her spouted similar incomprehensible things too.

Why is it my responsibility when it’s obvious they made the mess themselves?

Well, the gist is they seriously don’t think cleanup is something they need to do themselves.

Having dealt with similar types making trouble for me in school days, I understand well.

But it seems they’ve forgotten the count’s private soldiers are present here.

“Clean up without spouting nonsense! The massive garbage left until morning was only you guys! Everyone around, including me, has confirmed it was you idiots acting the fool yesterday! Don’t push responsibility on others!”

The count’s soldiers scolded them so, and everyone around was also glaring at them.

While I was gathering intel yesterday it seems they caused quite some trouble for others.

They couldn’t withstand the stares it seems, as they obediently began cleaning up.

But not knowing what they might do to get back at me, I pretended to still be inspecting even after finishing, but with the count’s soldiers watching over, once cleanup finished they meekly returned to their ships.

However, only the woman who spouted nonsense to me at first returned to the ship beside mine.

Having finished inspection without incident, I equipped a parachute survival backpack in case I was shot down and sat in the pilot seat.

At that time, a broadcast was sent simultaneously only to the members assigned to ground forces air support duty.

[Ground support team, can you hear me! I am Tony Ikorai! Son of Jack Ikorai the Count!]


I unconsciously cried out.

The one who appeared on screen calling himself Tony Ikorai, son of Count Ikorai, was that young aristocrat I saw at the gun shop the other day.

I never imagined he was Count Ikorai’s son.

Count Ikorai doesn’t seem to have a bad reputation, but there’s plenty of nobles where it’s the parent who’s fine but the child is…

I braced myself for whatever unreasonable things he might say, but

[Normally I’d say I’m your commander giving orders this time!

But yo!

I’ve got no intention of interfering! Move as you please following requests from the ground forces!

But I gotta report discoveries, engagements and kills to my old man cuz he wants it marked on maps, got it!?

Can’t let them keep the golden vine, my future fortune, they hijacked! It’ll be mine someday!

So don’t destroy the plant if possible, got it!

Supplies and payment are prepared abundantly!


Make sure to beat down those terrorists who hijacked my future fortune and tried to kill my future people! Go!]

He gave off a somewhat half-hearted arrogance and love for his territory?

[Alright, my old man should be speaking soon. Everyone look up at the screen or sky.]

Saying so, a 3D image was projected in the air.

Projected in the air was a man who looked around 50.

He must be the planet Taura ruler, Jack Ikorai the Count.

He was a hunk alright, but more than a noble he looked like the boss of a pirate gang or mercenary corp, with a wild vibe.

His eyes seem different from his son’s?

Those nearby looked at the actual person while all focused on the projection, and the count began a speech.

[Mercenaries, garrison troops, private soldiers, militia! Thanks for gathering!

I’m Jack Ikorai the Count, who inherited this planet Taura from my old man to rule.

And on my planet Taura, terrorists have barged in with their dirty boots, trying to snatch the tridium veins my gramps, old man and I finally discovered, and occupied part of the energy plant!

I can guess where the bastards are from, no doubt they’re thieves!

I was behind evacuating my people first.

But! Now that the evacuation is complete, no need to hold back!

I’ll beat their asses so much they regret having licked them to death!

Thankfully the imperial 5th and 7th Fleets have deployed in satellite orbit to block their escape. Their encirclement won’t let a speck of space dust through!

Now we move out to beat down the terrorists! Don’t fall behind!]

Matching his looks, he gave a wild speech, then boarded an armored vehicle that arrived nearby, heading to the front lines himself.

Huh? He’s really going himself?

Well, looks like he would based on impressions…

Following the count, the ground forces and air forces began departing in succession.

Could collide if taking off while crowded so I slowly lifted off after ships around left.

The aerial forces and air supremacy retrieval unit are one thing, but the ground support has to match the ground forces’ pace, so it’ll take some time to reach the energy plant.

That reminds me of part of the count’s speech earlier.

I was surprised to hear the 5th and 7th Fleets have the planet surrounded.

No intention of letting the terrorists escape, or letting reinforcements join them.

I’m acquainted with the 7th Fleet, but the 5th is new.

Well, shouldn’t meet face to face or anything.

But that 5th Fleet seems pretty outrageous.

According to the search engine [Professor Shirabe Rucas],

The 5th Fleet commander is Vice Admiral Lunarice Bloodwell.

A rare woman commander, with the rank of countess.

A beauty and talented but a coldly rational pragmatist, showing no mercy to enemies, subordinates, or superiors it seems.

Rumor says she once yelled at His Excellency Guard Captain Kirekt Erndivar.

Under her command, nobles or commoners alike are said to be calm, disciplined, and take no inefficient actions whatsoever.

Rumor has it those using status or rank for bullying or harassment were deemed inefficient producers and used as shooting range targets, riddled like bee hives.

As a commoner, perhaps no discrimination or abuse is appreciated, but training is also extremely harsh so there’s few volunteers it seems.

Anyway, with those scary fleets backing us, no chance of space reinforcements or escapes, so I’ll focus on carrying out operations reassured.

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