Before the tutorial begins chapter 32 part 2

Surprisingly, it was Szilard who made the first move.

Summoning ice dual blades from both hands and releasing pillars of fire from the special leggings on both legs,

he flies through the air as the master of “Burning Ice Swords,” applying pressure to Haruka’s flank. His response to Haruka’s formation, which puts pressure on the lateral area, is a jet-assisted high-speed three-dimensional trajectory that commands respect.

Can you believe it? That guy charging headfirst into the whirlwind of blades single-handedly, is he really a rear guard?

“If you have such a convenient ability, you should have used it to escape earlier.”

“Don’t be foolish. It would be the epitome of foolishness for talented young people like yourselves to take a step back! As a veteran, what I should demonstrate to you is not a prudent retreat, but a courageous advance! There’s life even in death! So, formidable opponent! Let’s dance to our heart’s content!”

“I see, I see. In that case… bring it on, Mister!”

The overhead double ice swords and the upward slash from the ground collide.

In an instant, the area around the two becomes a battlefield.

Flying heat rays, raging slash waves.

As they rapidly exchange their respective hands while simultaneously engaging in flashy swordplay, the monsters clash.

Haruka, matching the masters of the Five Great Clans, and Szilard, attacking with the violence of natural talent and the deadly compatibility of a natural enemy, establish a close-range battle in which they are evenly matched.

No, isn’t this dangerous?

However reserved one may be in their assessment, this is a match that will go down in history.

Wow, both of you are amazing. You’re so amazing that there’s absolutely no role for me to play!

Yes, before the fierce battle between the two, there was not a single gap for the mid-boss of the tutorial to intervene.

Their battle styles, positions, and standings — the one-on-one duel between the two, with completely different battle styles, positions, and standings — has become a ferocious battle where hundreds of spells and thousands of martial arts fly around.

Slashing, dodging, flying, shooting, running, colliding, defending, deceiving, approaching, manipulating.

As they continue to fight, exchanging countless combat commands every second, the trend of the two remains in complete deadlock for a while.

As for sword fighting, Haruka clearly has the upper hand.

Although Szilard is fighting bravely, his pure swordsmanship skills are no match for those of the Aonos.

However, Szilard compensates for this with his sheer number of moves and his adventurer experience.

He fires a strafing of heat rays before a gap can be created, even if he’s pushed back a bit.

He always maintains the upper hand with his jet-assisted three-dimensional trajectory.

He sets up a high-density barrage in blind spots and doesn’t even let the enemy get close in the first place.

—Many tricks and maneuvers are used to crush the stellar system’s advantage and cover Szilard’s disadvantaged position.

It’s truly the battle prowess of a seasoned warrior.

Even a match against an opponent whose martial arts skills are superior to those of the Master of the Five Great Clans seems like second nature to Szilard.

“Nice, Szilard. This is so exciting!”

“I’m honored to receive such praise, milady!”

As they exchange words, the two heroes exchange dozens of times more attacks and defenses.

Talent and compatibility vs. experience and hand.

Which side is stronger, and which one is more important?

The answer to that has not been clear in the past, and it likely won’t be clear in the future.

However, the decisive showdown between the two who embody those qualities will eventually be settled clearly after a long period.


Along with the pleasant sound of a slash, Szilard-san’s right arm dances in the virtual space.

After a series of long exchanges, Haruka seizes the momentary opening created by a combination of multiple feints and a composite secret technique combined with a seven-hit combo.

Szilard-san’s right arm scatters in a splash of fresh blood.

Immediately, it transforms into a bomb and bares its fangs towards Haruka, but Haruka, with minimal movements, avoids it and launches a counterattack against the one-armed Szilard-san.

The winning factor was Haruka’s high adaptability.

In the countless exchanges with Szilard-san, she analyzed his patterns of movement and, based on that, spontaneously developed a counter martial art specifically tailored for James-Szilard.

During the battle, she learned every detail of his reactions

—whether to use this angle for a slash, prioritize evasion when using this technique, choose a parry with this sword path. Learning all these minute responses and eventually developing a metatactic strategy capable of handling a master like Szilard-san on the spot is nothing short of a stellar talent, and there’s no vocabulary beyond “amazing” to describe her talent.

Her talent and even the speed of her growth are inhuman. It’s like she’s a character with game-breaking bugs.

“Hehe, hahaha! I never expected that I, facing a rookie in a one-on-one duel, would fall behind! Bravo, bravo! The future of the sakura town is bright!”

The situation looks bleak, and Szilard-san laughs satisfactorily in a circumstance where the guillotine blade is right in front of his eyes.

Is he willingly admitting defeat and gracefully accepting his end?

“But—-winning the game is my privilege!”

In an instant, Szilard-san releases all the heat rays he can muster towards Haruka and withdraws from the battlefield.

With full-throttle jet propulsion, he escapes to the rear, leaving behind the figure of one of the leaders of the Five Great Clans.

In response to Haruka’s straightforward comment, “He ran away,”

she couldn’t help but smile wryly.

Yes, that’s right. That’s what James-Szilard is, a man who can choose “He ran away” in that situation.

Despite being a shooter, he boldly challenged close-quarters combat. Yet, when the situation turned unfavorable, he didn’t hesitate to admit defeat and choose escape.

So, as he declared earlier, even if he loses in a match, he can immaturely go on to win the game.

“Hey, Kyō-san. Isn’t this a bit bad?”

Haruka, sweating profusely on her forehead, points to the virtual ground that has become completely cold.

The frozen ground, enhanced by spiritual power, is so cold that it even erodes the strengthened bodies.

Since when did this place become set to such a strange temperature? Of course, it happened when Shilard-san ran away.

The sky is scorching, and the ground is icy.

It’s one of James Shilard’s large-scale techniques, a defense-avoidance unavoidable mass attack that fills the space itself with annihilation energy.

The name is [Calmi Cuori Appassionati], translated as “Between Calmness and Passion.”

This technique, on the level of [Rosso & Blu], fills the entire space with energy of annihilation, making it an all-encompassing attack.

The threat of this technique lies in its indiscriminate nature, even affecting the user himself.

After all, it’s not about coordinates but about filling the space with annihilation energy. The opponent will die, and even Szilard, with his high heat-resistant abilities, won’t get off unscathed.

Plus, he’s already lost his right arm and a significant amount of spiritual power in his duel with Haruka, so the damage risk is even higher.

But, the rewards when it works out well are immeasurable.

By filling the virtual space field with “Calmi Cuori Appassionati” and destroying it with annihilation energy, Haruka would be forced to retire.

Even with “Fourth-Dimensional Defense,” there’s no way to defend against annihilation energy when the space itself has been converted, so it’s straight to the afterlife without a chance to argue.

As for me the remaining small fry, it’s not even worth discussing.

Just apply special attacks futilely and then roast them with a simultaneous barrage of heat magic—it’s game over.

With Szilard, even if his limbs were torn off, he could aim for an easy win.

Unavoidable, undefendable, and on top of that, the opponent was stalling for time with immature jet propulsion.

Despite blocking the finishing move and winning the one-on-one duel, it was a dire situation.

It’s not funny. It’s not laughable, and it’s unforgivable.

Haruka’s glory won’t be tainted by anyone.

That’s why I—

“Haruka, try to catch up as soon as possible.”

With only those words left behind, I rush onto the battlefield.

The spells I’m casting are a double layer of “Leg Strength Enhancement” and “Time Acceleration.”

“Time Acceleration” is the first unique skill I ever learned. Its effect is to speed up the flow of time.

In game terms, it’s like adding an extra turn of action, but in reality, it’s more like being able to move in a world that’s “tens of times faster than everyone else.” That’s the most accurate explanation.

At my current level, I can move at roughly sixty times the speed of an average person.

Sixty times faster, which means that what feels like one second for others is actually a minute for me.

Combine that with “Enhanced Leg Strength,” and I’m practically unstoppable.

I become the fastest being on this battlefield,

dashing through a world where everything seems to be in slow motion.

But there’s no time to revel in my unrivaled speed.

Every moment is critical. I can’t afford to waste even a sixtieth of a second.

I must work tirelessly, seizing every opportunity.

In the current situation, where every moment counts, I can’t afford to be sluggish. If I dawdle, it’s all over.

Despite running at a fraudulent sixty times acceleration, two seconds of real time have passed.

I receive a welcome heat ray from Szilard, whom I’ve finally reunited with, but I easily dodge it.

It’s impressive that he can release so many heat rays in an instant, even while setting up a major technique. But for me, it’s as slow as a yawn.

Unlike you, who have been consuming spiritual energy relentlessly since the beginning, I’ve had plenty of rest.

I can continue this top-speed mode with ease.

As I circle around Szilard, I begin to prepare my finishing move.

The skull ring on my right thumb.

Finally, it’s time to use you, you bastard.

I unleash the spiritual energy contained in the ring and announce the name of my divine revelation, the shadow of the Death God.

“Do it, .”

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