Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 16

XVI Stampede

The day came to go to Cadonia.
Though a neighboring country, I had barely traveled far so I was excited.
My escort was 50 elite members of the Hundred led by Ogma, along with 10 magicians from Frau’s direct forces.
Initially there was talk of knights escorting me, but when I declined saying “That many aren’t needed,” they went “I see, a small elite force!” and it became like this.
…Why do I feel like, from my perspective, I was hoping for a more elegant delegation with more diplomats and civil officials rather than this murderous bunch that looked like an extermination troop?
But I enjoyed the journey anyway. Leisurely going somewhere in a luxurious (mostly durable) carriage with Frau wasn’t bad. I’ll ignore that whenever the escort discovered monsters, they rushed to attack before the monsters could come to us.
“It’d be more fun if bandits attacked us or something,” Ogma and the others said,
but no bandits would attack such a murderous group.
In any case, after around a 3 day trip, the Cadonia royal capital Mos came into view. But something seemed off. Smoke was rising from multiple places.
Getting closer, I could see Mos was surrounded by an abnormal number of monsters.
As I stuck my head out the carriage window wondering what was happening, Ogma rode up beside me.
“Looks like the Black Knights did well as planned.”
Planned? What plan? I didn’t make any bloody plan!
“So, what will you do?”
Ogma asked me. Whether I did one thing or another, as a person the only choice was to help.

“Exterminate those monsters!”

At those words, my escort stirred excitedly. They eagerly charged into the horde of monsters.
The magicians also began chanting powerful spells as if waiting for this chance.
Before I knew it, Frau had also gotten down from the carriage and was preparing magic. The atmosphere was tense so it was probably a potent spell. I thought Frau’s expression seemed happy for some reason.
“Surpassing crimson, return all to the abyssal void, black flames born from the land of the dead…”
Frau closed her eyes and began chanting the spell in an echoing double voice.
Was I imagining it? The contents sounded far more extreme than the spells I knew.
When Frau held out her hand, a swirl of black flames generated before her. It swallowed up the horde of monsters like a wave.
It was a new spell Frau had learned called Darkness Flame, but its power was terrifying. I always wonder, for just living normal lives, is there any need to learn such dangerous spells?
With Frau’s spell rapidly thinning their numbers, the remaining monsters lost momentum even faster under attack from my escorts.
Despite the slight hiccup, no reason to delay my appointment.
To meet with the Cadonia king on time, I got down from the carriage, cutting down monsters blocking the castle gate as I entered Mos.
Inside were knights desperately battling invading monsters, so I neatly cut down those monsters. Though numerous, the monsters were only mid-level strength.
“Thank you for the assistance!”
A man who seemed to lead the knights expressed his gratitude to me.
“I am King Mars of Faloon. Please take me to the Cadonia King.”
I had the Black Knights go subjugate monsters, yet instead of decreasing, damage reached the royal capital. What excuse could I make to the Cadonia King?
“You’re King Mars! My apologies. I am Georg, commander of the knight order protecting Mos. And…I must apologize, but the Cadonia King is away.”
The nearing elderly knight Georg had a pained expression.
“Upon receiving word of the approaching monster horde, the Cadonia King immediately fled Mos with his royal guards.”
Great! No need to apologize! Meeting today would have been awkward huh.
Let’s exterminate as many monsters as we can before meeting the Cadonia King.
As I thought that, my escorts arrived.
“The monsters outside the city have been eliminated. It seems most that got inside were also defeated.”
Ogma reported, drenched in monster blood but looking very satisfied. The other escorts also had absent-minded expressions, having enjoyed the large-scale battle after so long. I wish they’d find more wholesome hobbies.
“They wiped out that many monsters!? Unbelievable!”
The Cadonia knights raised a commotion.
Well, for guys who had hunted monsters in their territory to extinction, exterminating that number was trivial.
“Are other Cadonia towns being damaged by monsters besides Mos?”
I asked Georg.
“Yes. Currently, monster damage is spreading across southern Cadonia. Regrettably, our forces cannot contain it…”
Not good. If the damage spread that far, even the compensation money might not be enough. But asking for more would probably anger Gamaras.
“I see. We’ll take care of it somehow.”
“What! But we couldn’t possibly trouble Faloon to that extent. For Cadonia’s dignity…”
“You’d sacrifice the people for national dignity!?”
I pretended to get angry.
Please let us handle the subjugation. I don’t want to pay any more money.
“That’s…certainly true…”
Georg lowered his head.
“You heard him. We will now exterminate the monsters that invaded Cadonia! Leave not one behind!”
“Yes, everything for my king!”
At my command, Ogma and the others happily responded.


–And so, three days later, the monsters invading Cadonia would be annihilated by Mars and his forces.

The scene goes back a little before Mars and his forces arrive in Mos.
The Cadonia King had fled Mos, protected by his royal guards.
Judging Mos’ fall unavoidable based on the reported monster numbers, which was the correct decision. Though the monsters were driven out without issue by Mars’ group after buying some time…
“Why, why did this happen!? Why must I flee my castle!? What were the Faluns doing!? Weren’t the Black Knights steadily decreasing the monsters!?”
The Cadonia King questioned himself in the carriage.
From the reports, he had heard Chrom’s Black Knights arriving ahead of Mars’ group had repelled monsters near the Forest of Monsters, even entering the forest to continue subjugating.
Yet Cadonia was being invaded by monsters. As the Cadonia King, it made no sense.
They currently had no contact with the Black Knights. Periodic communication with the unit assigned as liaisons had ceased.
“Could it be…the Black Knights engineered this? Or was it a Faloon scheme from the start?”
As the Cadonia King thought that, the carriage suddenly stopped.
“What’s happening!”
He scolded the driver.
“We’re surrounded…”
Looking outside, they were encircled by knights in black armor.
The royal guards were already battling but being one-sidedly defeated.
“Black armor? Could it be Faloon’s Black Knights!”
He had heard reports on the Black Knights’ strength. They were said to be elite knights who trampled monsters the Cadonia knights struggled with.
Though his royal guards were the elite even among Cadonia knights, they were being cut down one after another. The Black Knights steadily closed their encirclement, not letting even one escape.
Eventually, only the carriage with the Cadonia King remained.
When the driver tried to flee, he was casually killed, leaving no one to move the carriage.
Then, one of the Black Knights approached the carriage.
“Greetings, I am Chrom, commander of the Black Knights.”
Black Knights Commander Chrom called out to the Cadonia King.
The resigned Cadonia King slowly emerged from the carriage.
“Not only did you break your promise to slay monsters, you mean to kill me as well?”
The Cadonia King questioned.
“Breaking promises, nothing of the sort. We slayed quite a number of monsters. At least, we should have exterminated all those invading when we arrived.”
“Then why is my country being invaded by monsters!”
At the Cadonia King’s words, Chrom smiled eerily.
“One monster trait is that the smell of slain monster blood can attract even stronger monsters. Halfheartedly slaying monsters may instead attract more, I hear.”
“Absurd! I’ve never heard of slaying monsters triggering a stampede!”
In response, Chrom took out a small bottle from his pocket. It held a muddy liquid.
“There’s also this. A monster attracting potion made by our country’s magicians. Mixing it with monster blood causes a dramatic reaction, increasing the monster attractant effect hundreds of times, it’s said. We had it sprinkled from the Forest of Monsters to Mos.”
“So you did trigger the stampede…”
“What do you think? It’s true we acted to induce a stampede, but would this have happened if not for you inviting foreign knights and demanding compensation and subjugation from our king in the first place?”
At Chrom’s icy gaze, the Cadonia King shuddered.
“Wait. If you disliked it, you could have refused. What need was there to do this?”
“Even your foolish actions were according to our king’s plan. Now then, having clarified the facts to you, I believe I have shown sufficient courtesy to the king. Time to finish this.”
Chrom removed the bottle’s stopper and poured the liquid onto the Cadonia King.
“What are you doing!”
“This potion also works without monster blood, you see.”
As the flustered Cadonia King panicked, Chrom pointed his sword at him.
“Wait! I’ll give you money! No, if you defect to Cadonia, I’ll give you as much territory and status as you wish! So…”
The Cadonia King desperately pleaded, but Chrom stabbed him in the chest.
“Unfortunately, there are no knights in our country who take bait like money or territory.”
Chrom muttered at the Cadonia King’s lifeless body.
The king’s blood mixed with the potion and a sickly sweet smell drifted in the air.
Chrom and the other Black Knights took their distance, and monsters emerged from somewhere to gather around the Cadonia King and royal guards’ corpses, beginning to devour the dead meat.
“The pitiful Cadonia King was attacked by monsters while fleeing…”
After overseeing disposal of the evidence, Chrom and the others disappeared from the scene.

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