Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Prologue


Now, listen up, good kids.

Have you ever had a neighbor move in who looks exactly like the top henchwoman of the evil organization we recently defeated?

I, Midori Kusama, also known as Banshoku Green, a member of the superhero team Banshokuger, who just finished a major battle against the evil secret organization The Cleared, have.

Actually, we’re on a date right now.

Honestly, walking next to her feels surreal.

“Midori-san, what’s wrong?”

She, Ashella Kuri, a woman who moved in next door about a month ago, noticed something was off.

With her silvery hair shining like silk and exotic tan skin, she embodies a beauty from another land. Her proportions are nothing short of spectacular.

(Plainly put) “One million points.”

“Huh… What do you mean?”

I accidentally spoke out loud. Not good.

“I was just thinking about work…”

“Weird, Midori-san.”

Ashella chuckles, clearly aware that I moved to the side facing the road while making a clumsy excuse. Yet, she doesn’t press me.

To be honest, both her appearance and friendly personality are a perfect match. If we can get closer, I definitely want that.

Or rather, I want to marry her.

Yes. If we can.

If my concerns are just a misunderstanding.


“Ashella-san, you…”


“You are…”

Ashella tilts her head slightly, smiling, waiting for my words with a positive anticipation.

“…Is your shopping bag not heavy? Let me carry it.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I quickly changed my statement, and Ashella hands me the bag without questioning.

We continue chatting and walking.

(I couldn’t ask again…!)

As I adjust my glasses in the midst of the conversation, an image of someone comes to my mind.

Silver hair moving like a living creature, tan skin and impeccable proportions peeking through combat gear, and a beautiful nose even visible through the mask.

(Did you, by any chance, transform into a giant after our battle with the Banshokuger, clashed with our ultimate weapon Milliocolor, and got blown away, Cleared top henchwoman Ailsherad?)

And so on.

Looking beside me, she notices my gaze, blushes slightly, and smiles shyly.

“Shall we go home? Taratat chan is waiting too.”

“Yes, you’re right. Today is filled with her favorite dishes… Um, Midori-san, would you like to join us for dinner again?”

Being invited by such a neighbor,

(─I can’t ask that, can I?!)

Suppressing my inner thoughts, I continue to laugh and walk home with Ashella san once again.

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