Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 15 part 2

“What do you mean it’s a game! A player! This guy acts like he’s something special, even though he came late to the party!”
He was tearing off the machine’s armor while continuing to strike…
The transfer of parts, most likely for repairs, couldn’t keep up anymore.
“Ugh, aaaaah!?”
After tossing the massive body using only his brute strength, he grabbed Vega’s legs mid-air.
Upon landing, he slammed Vega’s body into the ground, and then continued to pound him repeatedly.
Vega, who had bounced like a ragdoll, screamed in agony in a way that was unimaginable just a few minutes ago.
“Guah, aaaaaah! Uwaaaaah!?”
“But that’s not all!”
He threw Vega, who was spewing parts and blue blood through the gaps in his machinery, into the air. With a wide swing of his fist…
“I forgot, so I’ll jog your memory with punches!”
He punched with all his might.
Vega was sent flying, creating craters in the ground as he soared several dozen meters.
The machine armor still seems intact, but conspicuous is only its sturdiness – its combat ability doesn’t hold a candle to the current Katsumi.
“Ah, he’s overwhelmingly strong…”
“That’s the alien’s equipment right…?”
Red, Yellow and I could only stand there with our mouths agape, watching while holding our injured bodies.
As he tries to continue the pursuit, for some reason Katsumi stops and holds his forehead.
What? Don’t tell me they attacked Katsumi with something again…!?
“…Whoa, what a nice belt! Looks like it taught me how to use it directly to my head…!”
“Wh-what, no way…! There’s no such function…”
“If it taught me, I’ve got no choice but to use it…!”
Katsumi reaches for the belt buckle and pulls the side slider once.
Then the wolf-like thing the buckle was transformed from seems to howl in joy, echoing a roar.


He lightly taps the button on the top part of the buckle again.


After the high tension electronic voice, all three color plates on his chest turn red, and red energy flows through the extending black lines centered on that part, filling his whole body.
Having gained the power of flames, he approaches Vega who is repairing himself with machinery as if simply walking over, cracking his knuckles.
“Take this!!”
What Vega fired was a shoulder cannon on his shoulder part and beam-like things attached to both arms.
The attacks that advanced melting and annihilating everything in their path all directly hit Katsumi, but looking at Katsumi’s power so far, that is…
“Th-the attacks aren’t working…!? A ridiculous level barrier…!!”
The attacks can’t even interfere with his steps, only getting deflected futilely.
Ignoring the attacks hitting him, he gets right up to Vega then forcefully slams his head into the ground with a grand swinging arm.
“Gah, aah!?”
Sparks run all over Vega’s machine armor, malfunctioning from the blow powerful enough to form a crater.
After tapping the buckle three times, he points his palm at Vega.
“Welcome to Earth! I’ll give you a warm welcome!!”


[“No-, stop!!]


Then, flame-shaped energy gathers focused on him, and after condensing it causes an explosion rising as high as the sky.
The blazing attack rising to the heavens brightly illuminates the surroundings despite it being daytime.
“Wo-, my color is amazi– what is this…?”
“Somehow, he’s just doing whatever he wants huh.”
“Akane, Kirara, your characters are going off the rails from the shock…”
All I could do was watch while dragging my hurting body, I was just dumbfounded.
His power as the white warrior, no, White Knight, far exceeded our imaginations.
“Come here!”
My shoulder is suddenly grabbed and something hard jabs my temple.
Is this the azurw one Katsumi took care of!? The azure one who held a gun to my head turns his attention to Katsumi shouting as he notices him.
“…You monster!! Undo your transformation this instant!! Or else this girl dies!!”
“No, Katsumi, don’t do as he says…”
At this rate I’ll get in his way.
So even if I have to throw away my life–
“If you let her go now, I’ll at least spare your life.”
“Huh? Are you making fun of me? I’ve obviously got the advantage with a hostage right!?”
“…You-, don’t fuck with me!!
Hearing Katsumi’s extremely calm words, the gun held to my temple gets pointed at Katsumi instead.
A gun that melts anything.
Even seeing that up close, he doesn’t avert his gaze from me he’s holding hostage.
“Don’t worry. I won’t let you, Kirara, or Aoi get hurt.”
“Go dieeee!!”



In his terror, the azure warrior fires an energy shot directly at Katsumi, but it passes through his body and disappears behind him.
“Huh? Wh-why…”
His figure turned transparent blue like water then immediately returned to normal as he operates the buckle again, cloaking himself in yellow power.


A flash.
Realizing the situation in the next moment, I’m being carried in Katsumi’s arms.
Not understanding the circumstances, looking where I just was, the blue warrior already lied dead with a hole in the vital part of his chest.
“Sorry for worrying you. My bad.”
“You’re Katsumi…right?”
“Yeah, I don’t really get it but I’m not brainwashed and my life hasn’t been sucked either.”
I’m glad…but as expected, you’re off the charts huh.
Still carried, I get set down near Kirara and Aoi.
“Now then, what’s left is…”
“…How stubborn, you were still alive?”
Vega in half-destroyed form crawls out of the crater as Katsumi turns around.
The machine armor he wore is almost completely destroyed, he looks half-dead, but even so tremendous hatred dwells in his eyes.
“Don’t…regret it…you ape…!”
“If we’re apes, then you guys are filthy hyenas. Don’t act like the boss of the mountain with that level of power.”
Scattering parts with a clanking sound, he brings his remaining arm to the Changer left on it.
“Tra…nsfer me to the ship…! I’ll kill you on the spaceship…!”
“Try it if you can!!”
Still going off momentum, he pulls the buckle slider a fourth time.
After red, blue, yellow, the fourth!? What kind of enhancement awaits next!?


Hesitating to tap the buckle with the verified layered voices different from the rest.
An unnatural silence visits.
After a few seconds of short silence, he relaxes his shoulders.
“This power is something I got from you guys.”
“I can finally move forward. I who was just the Black Knight only fighting…
You guys made me human. Thank you…those are the only words that come to mind.”
“Wait a minute.”
Suddenly speaking quietly, Red, Yellow and I notice something off.
“Why say that kind of…thing now? Stop it…”
“Because now’s the only time I can say it.”
“You can tell us anytime after!! Because we’ll go home together right!? Katsumi!!”
I cling to his arm without thinking, but he gently shakes me off.
“I’m counting on you for the rest, Akane.”



Saying that without turning this way, he taps the buckle and heads wrapped in golden light towards Vega who is being swallowed by light.
Katsumi gets wrapped in a pillar of light and sucked into the chest of the robot standing far away.
“When you come back…tell me…! Why say it like a final farewell…!!”
I break down crying right there where he disappeared.
He boarded the spaceship with Vega.
There, he’s fighting a great number of enemies now.
“Akane, look…”
Looking where Aoi points, abnormality can be seen in the robot standing in the city.
As if exploding from inside, part of its chest is destroyed, and the exposed interior is continuously causing explosions with the leaking golden light.
I can hear his voice.
The voice of him exerting himself to save this planet.
Right after that, a great explosion occurs at the center of the chest and power leaves the robot’s body, causing a large crack to open in the space before it.
I realize it’s the wormhole they used to come here.
The robot loses function and disappears into the wormhole collapsing forward.
Katsumi didn’t come back.
All that was left were the ‘Proto Changer’ he used and the solitary cell overflowing with his belongings until today.

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