Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 4

As I opened the door and felt the air in the room, I instinctively furrowed my brow.

A strong, sweet smell filled the room. Perhaps it was the scent of sleeping pills.

On the bed, in a room permeated with the sweet aroma seeping into the walls, lay Claudia Dragnote.

She furrowed her brows and let out faint moans. She appeared better than the previous day, but still in great pain. Sleep alone wouldn’t restore her health. Her soul, which had shown signs of recovery thanks to Suzume, was on the verge of exhaustion once again.

Because I planned to pour my soul into Claudia in this state, I had to be more cautious than with Luna Maria.

Then, Claudia’s eyes opened. She must have sensed someone entering the room.

Struggling to lift the upper part of her body, Claudia looked at me. Her eyes widened in astonishment.

“…..Sora-san? Why… are you here?”

Her voice was weak and muddled. Her consciousness seemed hazy, and her voice trembled.

I spoke to Claudia as gently as possible.

“I am here to help you, Claudia-sama. May I come closer to your side?”

“……No… you can’t. The air in this room—”

“I have no ears to hear it.”

Regardless of her response, I entered the room without hesitation. Then, I knelt by her bedside and gazed at Claudia. Upon seeing me, she let out a pained laugh.

“Fufu… if you can’t hear it… there was no need to ask for permission in the first place…”

“Very apart from the fact that Claudia-sama didn’t even want me to approach, you were probably going to say, ‘The air in this room is poisonous to healthy people,’ right?”

“There’s no need to worry. If you were truly concerned about something like that, you wouldn’t have allowed me to approach you in the first place.”

I thought I could explain it to her, but given Claudia’s condition, there was no time to waste. So, I set aside all the unnecessary explanations.

I decided to get straight to the point. In other words, I had come to break the curse.

Upon hearing this, Claudia’s eyes widened slightly, and she smiled, though it seemed both sad and weak. Perhaps she thought I was merely saying it to make her feel better.

“…..Help me, you say? How?”

“By joining our lips, so that I can transfer my soul.”

“Is it necessary… to kiss?”

“Yes, think of it as blowing air into the mouth of a person drowning in a river. Your innocent lips will remain pure.”

“…..Will my father… be angry?”

“He was very close to hitting me.”

I said it with seriousness, and this time, Claudia burst into a cheerful smile.

“Fufu, I would have liked to see that… but, the soul? Why would you go through all this… for me?”

“If a girl is suffering, it is a man’s duty to help her. Besides, Kurausora asked me to do it.”


“Yes. He said he wanted me to assist someone who shares the same name.”

That’s what Claudia had discussed with Kurausora in the stable.

I could tell she realized it immediately; her eyes widened, and her expression changed.

“Ahaha. Yes, I can’t refuse.”

“I see. Then let’s begin right away.”

“Eh— What!?”

Having taken Claudia’s response as a yes, I closed her lips with mine.

I thought it would be better to do it all at once rather than letting time pass and making her nervous.

At the moment our lips connected, as I poured my soul into her—



Claudia’s slender body jolted intensely.

Claudia was now experiencing the pleasure I felt for the first time when I severed the larvae with my soul equipment. It was like concentrating it several times or even tens of times, without considering the intensity and density.

According to Luna Maria, who I had experimented with, if the pleasure became too intense, it could be painful.

In desperation, the girl pushed my chest with both hands, surprised by the unexpected impact, as if trying to push me away.

Her wide purple eyes stared at me with confusion and bewilderment.

—But, I intentionally ignored her.

I’m sorry. But if I stop halfway, only my level will decrease. If I start over, I’ll decrease another level—In other words, it’s like decreasing two levels to raise one level. That would be a problem.

So, I held Claudia’s waist with my right hand, gripped her chin with my left hand, and forcefully continued pouring my soul.

I pressed the girl’s body, which was wriggling in my arms, with brute force, keeping our lips connected.

How much time had passed?

Had Claudia, in my embrace, given up? Or perhaps she no longer had the physical strength to resist? She remained at my mercy.

There was a “reaction”.

The same reaction I had felt with Luna Maria. Claudia seemed to feel it too, as her weak eyelids widened.

Normally I would have stopped there, but I was worried. I was worried if simply raising her level would really lift the curse.

So I continued to pour more souls and waited for the second reaction.

….. After confirming the second reaction, I released her lips.

“Fuu. It’s something like that.”

“Not just ‘something like that’!”

As I muttered with a sense of accomplishment, an angry voice came from the girl in front of me.

“Y-You said it would be fine, but! but! I would have preferred to take it step by step, with some gentleness, I think that would have been better!”

Claudia, her face flushed, covered her lips with her right hand and spoke indignantly. Well, I couldn’t blame this princess for being in a bad mood because of my actions. Her reaction was natural.

“I understand your anger and I will apologise properly, but first I would like you to confirm something.”

“What do you mean by confirm? -Oh, I see, you mean whether my level has risen, right? My goodness, because of a certain someone, so many things are slipping my mind.”

Claudia stared at me as she revealed her level.

Immediately after that, a scream came from the Duke’s daughter.

“Uwaa… m-my level has really gone up… and by two.”

“Great! How is your physical condition? I see you’re well enough to scream.”

“Uh, w-wait a moment, please… I’m too surprised… because now I can move my hands and feet well, and the strange numbness I had is gone.”

“Hm. Anything else?”

“I also feel that my mind is very clear. Anything else?”

“Anything else?”

“Ah, no, well…”

Claudia hesitated and waved her hands, and a strange sound reached my ears.

Somehow I could hear the sound of ‘groan’.

Although I felt sorry for Claudia, who blushed and looked down, I felt relieved upon hearing that sound. If she had an appetite, it meant her body needed energy for recovery. It was proof in a rather unfortunate way.

Looking at her, her soul was also overflowing from its vessel. I wouldn’t know the effects of the curse until I witnessed the process, but at least it wouldn’t occur today or tomorrow. Even if a new curse was directed at her, Claudia would surely be able to fend it off.

I was genuinely relieved by that fact.

Then, at the same time, I collapsed. The reaction from pouring my soul had been suppressed until it suddenly hit. Although I had experience from Luna Maria’s case, this time it was two days and two levels. The impact was not on the same scale as yesterday.

Claudia urgently called out my name, but I didn’t have the strength to respond.

My consciousness was swiftly swallowed as if falling off a cliff.

Under the moonlight, which was shining at the tip of the royal castle, the excitement at Duke Dragnote’s mansion remained boundless.

The Duke’s second daughter, Claudia, who had suffered from a curse for a long time, had recovered—remarkably, it could be said that she was cured. Needless to say, her father, younger sister, and the household staff of the Duke’s residence were overwhelmed with joy.

Although the benefactor who performed this miracle was lying down, leaving the Duke and others concerned, the doctor from the Duke’s household and the elven sage assured them that there was no problem, that he was simply fatigued and needed rest.

Upon hearing that, both Duke Dragnote and Astrid, as well as the recovered Claudia, felt relieved.

Subsequently, a small celebration was held at the Duke’s mansion.

Although it was called a celebration, it was only slightly more extravagant than their usual dinner. They refrained from alcohol in consideration of Sora’s sleep, but the atmosphere was so lively that it proved Claudia was loved by the people of the Duke’s household.

Those who were particularly happy were her father, Duke Dragnote, and her older sister, Astrid.

Throughout the year, they had been mentally and physically exhausted due to Claudia’s curse. Today was a literal dream come true, a miracle. The same could be said for the servants and knights directly serving the Duke’s residence.

The celebration at the estate of Canaria’s prominent noble continued late into the night, filled with a tranquil joy.

If the day were to end like this, it would undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most memorable days in the history of the Duke’s household.

However, on this night, a calamity befell the royal capital.

“I-I bring a report!”

Upon hearing the voice, Astrid’s consciousness immediately shifted into that of a knight.

It was already late at night, and Claudia was in her room. Astrid had been planning to go to bed early, but upon seeing the soldier’s face as he reported, that thought vanished.

The soldier’s voice and expression carried a sense of urgency, reminiscent of a surprise attack on the battlefield.

“What’s happening?”

Astrid calmly got up from her chair. Glancing at the soldier’s face, she recognized him as one of the night guards. She knew this because during the party, she had offered him a plate of food without hesitation.

The soldier’s face, which had blushed with gratitude and excitement upon receiving the plate from the Duke’s daughter, was now as pale as a corpse.

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