I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Prologue part 1

Prologue: Unexpectedly Arrested
I think humans should be more free, I thought.
“Lord Jirei, you must be tired. Please lie down here. Don’t worry, I don’t have any inappropriate thoughts. So go ahead, make yourself comfortable…”
“–Ray, are you hungry? I made some bento, let’s eat together.”
“–Whoa! We’re flying! This car is flying in the sky!”
Wasting days working at jobs you don’t even want just to make a living, entrusting your will to others, being jerked around.
Can such a life really be called free?
No. Absolutely not!
People should be able to live more for themselves.
They should be able to live the way they want to without being influenced by anyone.
After all, life is ultimately self-satisfaction.
If you go your own way, you may be criticized or ridiculed by others.
But if it’s really what you want to do… if you love it, you don’t have to worry about what others think. Just do what you want.
You only live once. Live each day to the fullest, the way you want to, so you can die with a smile. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that the best?
In other words… well, what I’m trying to say is, you know…
“I find this situation strange,” I muttered. “Yeah.”
I muttered that about my current state – wrapped over and over in strong ropes, bound tightly and deprived of freedom.
I tried to move my limbs – but my hands were tied behind my back with magical restraints, unable to move my hands or feet, or even twitch a finger. What the heck?
Not only that, but a black-haired girl and a light-blue-haired girl each had an iron grip on one of my sides, while a pink-haired girl was pulling my hair – or rather, my head – so that I couldn’t even writhe. Ow ow ow ow, painful.
“Hey, I’m telling you, I’m not running away anymore. So could you take these off already?” I pleaded.
“No way. Ray always says that and then runs away.”
While hiding her face behind her hands as if not to look, the light blue haired girl peered hard through her fingers. Is she serious?
A magical carriage glided through the sky.
Feeling the refreshing breeze from the window caress my cheeks, I let out a tired sigh as I endured the loud, indecent voices of the three women. Of course, my expression was impassive. Is this hell?
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. According to my plan, I should have been leisurely enjoying the ride, basking in lazy bliss.
Yet this was my current state.
I couldn’t escape, even if I tried to run, as restrained as I was. When I tried to teleport away, that damn cat got in the way and tracked my destination, so I was caught right away.
“Lord Jirei. Please use my lap. Don’t worry. Just relax and let me support you… Of course, I don’t have any evil desires like stroking your hair.”
“Ray, open your mouth. Say ahh…”
“Wow! That cloud looks like poop! Isn’t that funny?”

Forced to get a lap pillow from the black-haired girl, Rafine, who had changed her appearance with magical tools.
Having sandwiches forcibly stuffed into my mouth by light blue-haired girl Eve.
Having my hair pulled by the pink-haired hero girl, Leti, while being subjected to her endless, annoying chatter right in my ear. Of course, I was expressionless. Is this hell?
But how did it come to this?
It was probably a mistake to make a request to that damn cat. If I could go back to that morning, I’d punch myself in the face and tell myself to stop right now.
Inside the magic carriage, powered by horse-like magical creatures, energetically galloped through the sky.
Swayed by the pleasant vibrations, I heaved a sigh in my heart. Then, with a small voice, I murmured the deepest wish in my heart, with all my feelings poured into it.
“Somebody please help me.
I’m serious, someone please help me…



–Several hours earlier, early morning.
“Lazing around is the best! The absolute best! Yahoo!”
I lay lazily on the hard bed of the inn I’d escaped to.
I glanced at the clock in the room – it was just after noon, a little after the sun had reached its peak.
“Still got time…ok, I’ll laze around all day today!”
In high spirits, imagining the bliss to come, I grinned in anticipation. So much fun.
“Ah, finally I can relax…they were really so damn persistent…”
Remembering my recent sources of stress, I sighed.

teaching at the Magic Academy in Magikosmaia, winning the Magic Tournament, fighting a super-strong mysterious girl and dying then resurrecting myself – it had been barely thirty days.
It was really hard. Like my previous life self must have done something bad.
Being harassed by the pink-haired hero and the light-blue-haired white mage to join their hero party.
Being forced into marriage by the beautiful silver-haired princess of Universalia and the junk princess of Magikosmaia.
For some reason, being bragged to by the blonde boy that I’m going to be an SSS-rank adventurer.
Being chased around by a clingy, bad-tempered damn cat who insisted that I let him research my magic.
“Fwah…just lying in bed lazing around…such bliss…how sweet…”
Anyway. I wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore.
Because I had perfectly eluded them. Yay me.
I escaped at full power, using every spell I could remember, and thanks to my efforts, I managed to completely shake my pursuers.
How do I know this? Because when I sent out detection magic to scan the entire city, no, country, there wasn’t a single response indicating their presence.
In other words, they went somewhere. While I’m lounging around here, no one will bother me, so it’s safe to say I’ve shaken them up perfectly.
“Hmm, getting sleepy. Maybe sleep some more.”
Enjoying the happiness of not being disturbed, I pulled up the blanket. Bliss!

As I closed my eyes to sleep, I felt a squirming object in the blanket and tilted my head in confusion. Strange, there was nothing there before… had a rat gotten in?
Curious, I lifted the blanket to check and saw…
“Morning,” a girl said, waving happily at me. She was dressed in what looked like a sensual negligee.
I immediately jumped out of the blanket, so shocked that I shot up and stuck to the ceiling. My speed was insane. Like 0-1 second.
“Wow, that’s harsh…I don’t deserve that much of a shock, do I?”
Looking a little hurt, the figure got off the bed and stood up. Her long, beautiful silver hair shone in the sunlight from the window.
“….What’s going on. You should be dead.”
Understanding the situation immediately, I asked her calmly. What the hell, why was she…
The girl smiled sweetly at me and spoke cheerfully. This girl before me was none other than…
The girl I was sure I had destroyed – Enri.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter. More importantly, let’s talk about something more meaningful, ‘kay? We don’t have much to…”
I silently aimed my right hand at Enri and fired a magical energy blast filled with enormous power.
“W-Wait a second!? Why are you attacking all of a sudden? Listen to what I have to say–“
But for some reason, I heard Enri’s voice behind me, so this time I prepared and unleashed ten times more powerful blasts, firing them all at once… Did I get her?
“Wow, you’re ruthless. Well, considering what I did, it’s understandable… Although technically, it wasn’t me.”
But Enri seemed unharmed, mumbling lazily as if she hadn’t been attacked at all. It made no sense.
“Ah… well, no help there. Anyway, since we don’t have much time, just listen to me for a while. I have no hostile intentions, so do me a favor and listen quietly.”
“Don’t mess with me. As if I’d believe you.”
I remained alert to Enri’s movements as I cast numerous spells.
What was going on. I could clearly feel my magic strikes. But Enri acted as if the attacks had never touched her and stood nonchalantly in front of me. It was meaningless.
“First of all, it’s true that I did something, but it wasn’t this me that did it… and it’s true that I died back then. I was cut to pieces by your swordsmanship.”
I tilted my head, not understanding Enri’s words. You, but not you? Besides, you died…? So who the hell was this girl before me with the same magical wavelength and appearance as Enri? I was completely lost.
“It was me, but not me. …But I screwed up, huh? I never imagined that the power of the current [Gluttony] would be so strong. I didn’t expect to be swallowed up.”
“…. What are you talking about?”
“Since I wasn’t a good person to begin with, it couldn’t be helped that I turned out like this after losing my memories… Man, what a pain.”
I had no idea what she was saying.

“Second, about the power you have inherited from me. It has merged with your own power to become one. You can’t use it to its full potential yet… but you should remember it eventually. It will be useful to you from now on.”
“I probably should have taught you about it… But I still can’t come out yet. Sorry about that.”
I was so lost that it made me angry. Maybe I should just blow them away now.
While I prepared the magic to turn the whole area into ashes,
“And lastly, thirdly… Didn’t you find it strange earlier that your attacks didn’t affect me?”
Enri’s words made me stop the magic I was forming.
“They definitely hit. So then…”
“Yes, they hit. But I’m not dead. Do you know why?”
That’s right, I definitely felt the blows. I had enclosed Enri in a barrier so as not to damage the inn, then unleashed my magical blasts inside to crush her. There’s no way she could be unharmed after that.
But why–
Enri smiled sweetly and said in a cheerful, carefree tone.
“Of course. It’s because this is a dream…”

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