Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 2

I was told Renalute remains a few days trip by carriage from the estate. Back then I hadn’t paid it any mind but now…it’s untenable. Traversing such distances confined in a carriage truly feels like a vision of hell.


“Hurry up and get used to it already…”

Father looked at me with an expression half exasperated, half worried, and spoke in a kinder tone than usual. Meanwhile, his own face remained composed. When I asked “Why are you so unaffected?” his reply was simply “I’m used to it.”

It turns out Father also used to vomit violently during long carriage rides when he was young. In a rare moment, he fondly recounted his childhood to me as father and son bonded. It would have been an even nicer time without this nausea though…

But why am I getting so carsick? Desperate to somehow mitigate this, I contemplated potential causes and eventually realized that for now, it was out of my control.

There were two main reasons:

  1. Bad roads (unpaved).

Well of course. Unlike my past life, there’s no asphalt here. The roads are blanketed with wildflowers. And while grass doesn’t grow on the streets traveled between settlements, wheel ruts still mark the dirt paths which are uneven overall. According to Father, the highway towards the imperial capital is much better maintained than the road to Renalute which we’re on.

  1. No suspension or shock absorption on the carriages.

Or rather, some vibration dampening measures probably exist to an extent. But whether due to the specific path to Renalute or other factors, vibration from the ground basically transfers directly into the coach interior unchecked. Swaying side to side, being jolted up and down…I think even amusement park rides are gentler.

So as explained above, I’m suffering intense nausea but regrettably, there’s no escape. I want to disembark and walk but that would drastically slow our pace. I considered asking the mounted knights for a ride but Father probably wouldn’t approve. Therefore, I have no choice but to withstand this rocking.



Father watched me with unusual worry evident on his face.

Since leaving the Baldia territory, our group has been progressing smoothly along the planned route. My motion sickness is still as persistent as ever, though… By the way, the current location of our group is the midpoint between the Baldia territory and Renalute. At this midpoint, there’s a post town, and today we’ll be staying there.

Originally, I would have liked to explore the town, but my motion sickness is so severe that I can’t bring myself to be in the mood for that. Perhaps due to being swayed for long hours in the carriage, when I get off and stand on the ground, now I’m hit with motion sickness again, and everything feels shaky. Motion sickness on land is said to occur when the body recognizes “constant movement as normal” and then perceives “stillness on land as abnormal.” Either way, the only solution seems to be to rest.

However, not just today, but the day after resting is a fresh start for a body accustomed to the carriage. In the battle against motion sickness, I’m already exhausted. While thinking about such things, nausea struck again. But there’s nothing in my stomach to throw up, so it’s just dry heaving. Yeah, it’s hell.

Unusually, Father is watching me with a concerned look.

“Hmm. For your first carriage trip, that road must be grueling indeed. Should you rest first?”

“….Thank you for your consideration, Father. Just for today, I’ll take you up on that offer…”

I accepted his suggestion wholesale. Then I was guided to what was probably the best lodging establishment in this waypoint town. Entering the room, I immediately flopped onto the bed face up. Soon, a knock sounded at the door. I wonder who it is? Answering, the visitor announced “Pardon my intrusion” – it was Diana dressed as a maid.

“Huh? Diana, that outfit is…”

Blushing slightly, she stood there awkwardly deferential.

“I will be protecting Lord Reed during our time in Renalute. Additionally, I shall attend to you as a servant, so please call if you require anything.”

After her formal greeting, she politely bowed once. Diana has light brown hair and blue eyes. She’s a female knight belonging to the knight order and also happens to be Reubens’s girlfriend. Usually she wraps herself in the standard knight uniform, tying back her long hair. It seems she changed into maid garb specifically to guard me this time. However, would she really be able to fight dressed like a maid?

“It’s thoughtful to guard me but, can you really battle dressed in that?”

“…Please don’t trouble yourself, Lord Reed.”

With an fearless smile, she slowly lifted her skirt. Strapped to her legs were dagger holsters or something, visibly equipped with several ominous weapons.


*** scene transition




She proceeded to show me numerous concealed arms distributed throughout her maid uniform. Rather than show though, were those sorts of armaments okay to reveal? Having witnessed so much weaponry, only dry laughter escaped me now.

“Ahaha….I get it, that’s enough thanks. Thank you.”

Oh, …… Is that okay? “

For some reason displeased when I made her stop the impromptu armory tour…could showing off secret weapons secretly be her hobby? I had assumed blades were the knights’ main expertise though so her proficiency piqued my interest enough to ask:

“Why do you carry so many hidden weapons anyway Diana? Do knights normally use stuff like that?”

“Lord Reed. The human body differs across sexes. Due to physique as well, women would be overwhelmed fighting men directly in many cases. So tools like these can serve as one option one to compensate when needed. To join the knights, I utilized every method imaginable.”

So Diana’s pure maiden impression actually concealed a versatile assassin-type able to expertly handle all kinds of armaments. Sensing the depths of terror from her harmless smile, I broke out in cold sweat. But her relationship with that guy still mildly interests me.

“You worked so hard for …… Is it for Rubens after all? “

“W-well…I suppose so. Or rather, more than for his sake, those were my own efforts for myself…”

Ooh, her face reddened as she fidgeted bashfully. Seeing her reactions, I kept smirking amusedly. Noticing my gaze, she suddenly cleared her throat.

“A-anyway, while we’re visiting Renalute, I shall be assuming the role of Lord Reed’s personal maid. Again, pleased to officially make your acquaintance.”

“Yeah, likewise.”

I smiled back at her. Afterwards, Diana expressed thanks regarding Reubens – she had always wanted to thank me for spurring him into action.

“When you first labeled Reubens an idiot, I reacted extremely out of turn, letting emotions override propriety. I later heard you had conveyed the deeper meaning behind my words to provide him insight. You have my deepest thanks.”

“Nah, I didn’t really do anything. It’s thanks to everything between you two up to now that Reubens himself took that step forward, I think.”

Unable to claim advising their relationship too closely from the beginning, I somehow fumbled my way through an innocuous reply. Apparently conveying gratitude took precedence over serving as my guard maid in Diana’s mind. We chatted lightly about Reubens himself for a short while before she bid me “Please rest well today” and withdrew from the room.

Left alone now, the earlier conversation had helped settle my nausea remarkably. But feeling not completely better yet, I opted to sleep as originally planned. Just then, another knock sounded at the door.

I wonder who it is this time? Answering, the visitor said “Pardon my intrusion” – Chris had arrived in the room. She gazed at me anxiously.

“Uh, what’s the matter?”

“Well, I heard you were badly carsick from the repeated carriage travel these days so I thought to offer these…”

She presented some candy drops. Apparently blended from a variety of herbs, she always carried them to treat nausea symptoms during long journeys.

“I similarly suffered terribly from motion sickness before. Would you care to try some…?”

“I appreciate it. I’ll gladly take them.”

I accepted Chris’s candy drops, promptly popping one into my mouth. What assaulted me next was an intensely sour stimulation somewhat reminiscent of acid.


The unexpected taste involuntarily seized my lips and eyes.

“Lord Reed! Are you alright? If the flavor disagreeable, please spit it out here!”

“Mmm mmmph!!”

I want to tell her I’m fine but can’t open my mouth. Chris offered her palm but I clasped her hand signalling my well-being with shaken head gestures. Shortly after, the sourness eased, giving way to a robust sweetness. With the shift, they became rather tasty.

Somehow this recalls candy from my past life memories too. There was a type of extreme gum with a severe initial kick that later mellowed I think. As I rolled the candy drop around my mouth, I momentarily reminisced.

Glancing at Chris’s face, she still appeared worried so with my mouth finally functional again, I spoke.

“What mysterious flavored drops. Beginning extremely sour then transitioning sweet, it’s almost addictive.”

“They suited your palate? Thank goodness…”

Chris sighed in relief, stroking her chest. These candies are great though. Aside from the tantalizing sour to sweet change-up, that acid shock weirdly refreshed and invigorated me. Turning my eyes to Chris, I smiled.

“If it’s okay, could I keep these drops?”

“Of course, that’s why I brought them.”

Seeing my delight at her gift, she beamed back. After that, I purchased Chris’s entire surplus candy stock minus her personal traveling supply. She initially insisted I could have them gratis but I declined, requesting she deduct the cost from the funds I had entrusted with her.

Looking somewhat crestfallen, she nodded and forced a smile with a soft “Understood.”

We then lightly confirmed and chatted about movements inside Renalute itself. Having covered the essential topics, Chris said “Please relax fully today” and left my quarters.

Finally alone in the room, I stared at the drops brimming with anticipation and murmured aloud.

“With just these candies, the carriage ordeal should be conquerable!!”

Allaying my worries about tomorrow’s travel nausea with sweet visions of candy, I slept soundly that night.

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