Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 36

Mob #36: “Of course. It’s to create my remote-controlled humanoid body.”

The day after witnessing the Hero kun’s recovery moment,
I had a fulfilling day. After having breakfast and running the washing machine,
I started by cleaning my room and taking out the trash.
By the time that was done, the laundry was finished, so I folded it and put it away.
Once the grocery shopping for the day was done, the rest of the day was dedicated to watching anime,
catching up on movies like the “Demon Slayer” theatrical version, and series like “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “The Pharmacist’s Murmurs.”
However, I knew that a gloomy half-day would follow this perfect day.
While it’s great that the ship is coming back, I had to take it to the guild’s docking area.
Normally, it wouldn’t be a concern, but just the absence of Mr. Roans made me surprisingly anxious.
In the worst-case scenario (Mr. Roans retiring or being dismissed), Mr. Zeistole is reliable for work, so asking him at the reception should be fine.
There might be various drawbacks, though.
There are other male receptionists, but they are few, mostly handsome, and usually surrounded by female mercenaries, making them hard to approach.
Well, if it’s just parking the ship at the docking area, I can talk to the person in charge and go through the procedure.

The next day,
I went to pick up my ship at the Dorg Maintenance Factory.
“Hey there.”
“Hey, it’s done. The payment is as usual.”
Mr. Dorg, or “Oyassan,” replied while working on some repairs.
“Alright, I’ll handle the payment.”
Instead of Mr. Dorg, his wife assisted me.
Despite being called “Dwarf” by neighbors and mechanic friends due to his small, muscular, and slightly chubby appearance with a bearded face, Mr. Dorg, or “Oyassan,” was undoubtedly a handsome person, especially now in his aging years.
Even when he was younger, he must have been quite popular.
Rumor has it that his wife was the one who initiated the relationship.
And while making the payment,
“Oh, by the way, it seems the manufacturer of that engine has stopped production. So, if the repair parts stock runs out, consider replacing it.”
Oyassan dropped quite a bomb.
“Eh!? That manufacturer was doing their best… Well, I can’t make my own engine, so I guess I have no choice.”
“Do your best not to break it then.”
My ship, the Patchwork, originally consisted of used parts bought from this shop. I replaced and patched various parts for reinforcement.
However, the engine is something I can’t mess with, so I need to use genuine parts.
If something were to break, as the old man suggested, I’d have to replace it.
We have to be more and more careful from now on.

Taking the ship from the old man’s place, I headed straight to the mercenary guild’s docking area.
“This is ECI-M-987072, John-Uzoss here. Requesting permission to land.”
“This is the Itz branch control tower of the Mercenary Guild. Permission granted. Land at J-910.”
Following the instructions, as I landed, a staff member on the ground approached.
“Well, thanks a lot. The difference in skill really shows.”
“No, no. I’m just a perennial knight class.”
Denying the staff member’s compliment gently.
“Rank doesn’t matter.”
The staff member shook his head and began speaking seriously.
“We, the staff, decide the parking positions based on factors like the number of ships, convenience, and ease of takeoff and landing. Those with real skills understand this well. They park exactly where instructed, and the way they park is clean. But those without skills, although they park where instructed, their parking is messy. And those who think highly of themselves don’t park where instructed. They want to park in their favorite number or a lucky number. The Black Devil, our ace, the Winged Helmet, and the Female Leopard, those medium-sized spaceships, all perfectly park where instructed, and the way they park is neat.”
It seems like there are various difficulties.
“Well, why don’t you spread the word about it?”
If the word gets out, those claiming to be skilled will compete to follow instructions and park neatly.
But the staff shook their heads again.
“This is the arbitrary standard of us facility management staff. If we know where the rumors started… we won’t listen to those kinds of people.”
The staff smiled sadly.
Perhaps they had spread rumors before, but had been ignored for the reasons mentioned earlier.


To exit the mercenary guild’s facilities from the boat parking area, you inevitably have to pass through the guild building.
If no one bothers you, it’s actually quite easy.
But that wasn’t the case.
Suddenly, a call rang out from my wristband-type terminal.
I quickly moved to a secluded bench and sat down to take the call.
By the way, the caller was Rossweisse.
Well, at least she wasn’t human.
“Hello? Is something wrong?”
[It’s been a while, Captain Uzoss. I have a favor to ask today.]
“I have a bad feeling about this, so I’ll pass.”
Rossweisse san’s request was undoubtedly not a good one.
[Why? I haven’t said anything yet.]
“I just have a bad feeling.”
[Anyway, please listen to me!]
“Fine, fine…”
Even if I set it to reject calls, she’d probably keep calling, so it would be quicker to just listen to what she had to say.
[Actually, I want to order an android. Do you know a good shop?]
“I’m not familiar with androids, so I don’t know any major ones. But if you want, you could easily find out, right?”
[Then, could you tell me someone who knows about lesser-known places?]
Unfortunately, I’m really not familiar with androids.
And since I’m not her partner, it would only be awkward for me to be consulted about that.
“Shouldn’t you ask your partner about that?”
“He was studying for the promotion exam now.”
“Didn’t he reject the unconditional promotion to the bishop class?”
“Because special treatment involving exams can lead to trouble, so he wants to take it properly.”
Indeed. Lambert Riaglazz, known as Ikiri-kun, quickly became a knight class from various achievements and was immediately offered a promotion to the bishop class without an exam.
But he declined it, saying he wanted to take the exam properly and get promoted, which has become quite a famous story.
I was slightly impressed that he was unexpectedly serious.
“Anyway, what are you going to use the android for?”
“Of course, to create my remote-controlled humanoid body.”
I had vaguely understood since the question came, but when it was clearly stated, my anxiety increased.
It might be possible to make something amazing if it was made with ancient technology, but that would probably be impossible.
“In any case, I won’t be of any help in that area. I think you should check medical equipment-related sites. Androids are quite commonly used in medical settings, so there should be a lot of information there. Also, you could try asking on android fetish sites.”
“Is that so? Then I’ll check those out. Thank you for your advice. Goodbye for now.”
With that, Rossweisse ended the communication.
I could only hope that Rossweisse’s plan would not come to fruition as soon as possible, every minute and every second counted.
Once that body was completed, if I were to be approached and spoken to affectionately, it would lead to my downfall.

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