A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 7 part 3

The two went for the hounds. Fei simply watched the daemon. He already saw the vision of victory. The daemon had a core somewhere in its body, destroying that would defeat it.

It’s said humanoid types have the core in the chest, so stabbing there would be Fei’s win.

But he wouldn’t have time to stab at this rate. He’d just get beaten down.


The choice he made was to approach. He simply charged straight ahead. He transferred the sword from his broken right hand to his left.

And as Fei closed in, the daemon timed its attack, once again swinging its fist down in a big arc to strike Fei like before.

It was putting its full weight and momentum behind the blow, swinging its left arm at him even harder than earlier.

But what met it wasn’t Fei’s sword, but…his broken right arm intentionally taking the blow head on.

Normally, taking such a strike full on would at least break the arm, if not get blown back and die. Nothing strange about that. But Fei had wrapped the right half of his body in star magic. The enhanced right half of his body allowed him to escape death. However, he couldn’t nullify the full impact and was still blown back like before.

He tumbled along the ground again.

Blown back just like before…but this wasn’t Fei’s loss.

Fei’s sword had pierced through the daemon’s heart. As he was guarding the fist, right before being blown away, Fei had stabbed it.

No guard battle doctrine – this was the best, optimal answer he could have given for this fight.

And with it, he landed a one-hit fatal blow on the daemon’s core, killing it. Like ash, the daemon faded away.

“Huh, no way, it’s over already!?”

“Boku-sama will finish ours off too!”

As the two started cutting down the hounds, Fei who had finished off the daemon also joined in. With a broken arm, Fei continued fighting expressionlessly…

And somehow, the three of them survived. On the road back to town after the fight ended, Ese asked Fei.

“Got a few things I wanna ask…”


“One thing, when that daemon showed up, ya didn’t seem very surprised or anythin’…”

“Hmph, irregular occurrences happening is only natural.”

“Then…how’d ya beat it? I dunno how ya did it…”

“It was left handed.”


“When it attacked, it always attacked from the left side first. So I gathered all the star magic on my right side and took one hit. Then before I got blown back, I returned one hit. That’s all.”

“But, it coulda been right handed too right?”

“My intuition is never wrong.”

“Gross… If you were wrong, what would ya have done huh!? By far the craziest of the new knight recruits this term…yer seriously messed up…”

In other words, gambling. He might have died if he made one wrong step. Yet laughing, he fought relying on that. Ese wasn’t wrong to judge the unfazed Fei as a madman.

Originally, Fei wasn’t good at manipulating star magic. He couldn’t do intricate things. So he took the simple measure of gathering it on the right beforehand. Unable to rapidly enhance specific areas, Fei had no choice but to predict and “place” the star magic there ahead of time.

Against an attack coming from the exact opposite side of the star magic he had placed ahead, and on top of that trying to directly take the daemon’s attack…it was madness. Betting his life on insanity.

(This guy’s seriously crazy.)

(As boku-sama sees it, he’s a madman.)

Ese and Kamase both felt the same – this eccentric classmate walking before their eyes was insanely dangerous. This guy was unmistakably warped.

But they also felt somewhat saved by him.

In the game story, the two of them died. But the three who were mocked as just annoying characters had somehow survived. Though Ese and Kamase were terrified by Fei’s madness, they also naturally developed an affinity for him.

(Maybe we can get along well with Fei.)

Insane and frightening, but maybe, somehow.


“Feiyyy! What happened to your arm!? Don’t overdo it stupid!”


scene transition


After everything ended and they returned to the capital, Yururu worriedly scolded Fei and her chest pressed against him. Seeing that, the two felt this guy was the worst.

(No way we can get along with him.)


Hmm, a new mission huh. The members seem kinda weird though. The narrow eyed guy and arrogant dude, with the half-hearted seeming veteran knight… hmm. These guys must be mob characters. From the perspective of the protagonist that is me, they’re probably characters I won’t interact with much.

But what is this feeling…

This indescribable sense of fit, like…maybe this was originally where I belonged?

No, there’s no way the protagonist that is me would be with guys like this Ese with his Kansai dialect and some guy who just acts all high and mighty, and one saying stuff like De-yansu.

I must be mistaken.

Weeell, walking coolly and silently, we arrived at the town. As expected, these mob guy don’t work at all. Well I properly work so it’s fine.

Because I’m the socially conscious protagonist.

Haa, it’s already dusk and we’ve got nothing. As the protagonist I should have events and such prepared but…having no events this time is boring.

Just as I was thinking that – oh? Something came out.

The Daemon? First time seeing it! I’ve wanted to fight one for a while. No matter how you look at it, something called a calamitous demon seems like it’ll be the last boss right? It’s natural for the protagonist to want to fight something like the derivative life form of that.

Ooh, the visuals really are elaborate huh. Everyone else can run, this is the protagonist’s event. Definitely beating this thing is this scene’s event right. It’s to let me gain experience points.

Alright, I’ll take it down!

While fighting, I thought, this humanoid daemon is preeetty strong… But there’s no way the protagonist that is me can lose! I should definitely be able to beat it!

Haah! At that moment, a shock ran through me as the protagonist! As I wondered how to defeat it, I suddenly flashbacked to something.

[That is…um, in combat, knowing your opponent well is very important…that sort of feeling…yes, like that…]

Master Yururu! I thought for a second that might’ve been her asking me out as a girl she’s interested in, but this was foreshadowing for the fight! As expected, nice assist Master!

It’s common for the protagonist to recall and make use of the master’s teachings mid-battle and awaken right?

She must have been laying the groundwork for this fight back then.

Come to think of it, while fighting I thought…this guy seems left-handed right? Attacking only from the left so far, woah Master Yururu! I thought for a sec that might’ve been love advice but it was needless worry huh.

Alright, shall I finish it off then? Some hounds came out but that just helps draw out the protagonist’s active role more actually.

Unreasonableness like this is a spice that further highlights the protagonist’s role, after all. Protagonists I admired from manga and novels I read in my past life were often subjected to unreasonable treatment.

Just when I was thinking that, reinforcements came. It was those guys who ran away, Ese with the Kansai dialect and the one saying Boku-sama stuff.

Huh? They didn’t run? Saying they’ll cooperate but could it be my presence moved their hearts?

Hmm, I see. Maybe they’re…the friendship-effort-victory…protagonist type…? And I’m?

New protagonist suspicions arise, but defeat it first! Master will be proud if I beat it with her advice!

I can’t manipulate star magic well, but gathering it on the right I can do. Stabbing the core in the heart with my sword, my win!

As expected, the Master’s advice was helpful. Master Yururu really is a great teacher!

I might have died if I messed up even one step, but well, there’s no way my intuition is wrong. Because I’m the protagonist!

Hm? What’s with the sudden questions?

“One thing, when that daemon showed up, ya didn’t seem very surprised or anythin’…”

The hell you talking about. I’m the protagonist got it?

I know irregular things are always happening. Like, it’s common for the protagonist to be told “It’s just a novice mission” but think [This turned into a S-rank mission huh].

As the socially conscious protagonist, I’m always vigilant you know.

“But, it coulda been right handed too right?”

No way, because I’m the protagonist. There’s no way I’m wrong. It was left handed.

My protagonist point of view told me that. That’s all there is to it.

Noir felt an incomprehensible something from the existence known as Fei. She thought to have Sargento investigate, but he was currently looking into Arthur. So she, who happened to have time, secretly observed the irregularity Fei herself.

To somehow ascertain just what kind of existence this Fei – who was in the special unit, fanatically trains, abnormal, and would bet his life for his master – himself was.

Noir, a small girl, watched from afar as Fei battled the daemon.

(You gotta be kidding…the madness is contagious…)

She intended to immediately assist if anything happened. She wouldn’t originally be here in the game since she didn’t suspect Fei. But having marked Fei, she was there.

In other words, Fei and the others would have survived either way.

(He breathed life into guys who were only thinking of running away just before. With nothing but showing his back…he made them stake their lives too…? What kind of joke is that. Foolishness. Well, I’ve heard there’s a man in the free city who can encourage allies but…there’s no way normal people can do that right?)

(He’s just a new holy knight recruit right?)

(What does he think his own life is? Why does he so easily put his life on the line!? Isn’t he afraid of death!?)

(So that’s why Galestia’s daughter has fallen for him? That sort of feeling, unafraid of death, just steadily walking the path of conquest…the same as Gawain…a fool who threw away everything except the desire to grow stronger…)

She had nearly been killed by Gawain once before. Was that why? She sensed a trace of that air about Fei.

(But he might be lower quality than Gawain…that infectious power to impose his will on others…is it too soon to label him dangerous…? I’m not free either, there are other things I must do…for now the only one I can mobilize is Sargento…once Arthur is finished, I’ll have him monitor Fei without rest…)

(And Fei’s past and such, I’ll have to review it again…for now the only one I can mobilize is…Sargento. Alright, I’ll leave it all to him.)

Saying so, she blended into the darkness. However, no matter how much of his past she looked into, she wouldn’t be able to grasp Fei’s true nature. She couldn’t know that he mistakenly believes himself the protagonist and acts on everything based in madness.

And meanwhile, at that time, True…was already trying to quit being a holy knight.

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